Justin Trudeau Was Ready To Offer Hope Instead Of Fear, Gloom And Despair

We Are BackElections are the only mechanism which Canadians can utilise to decide which political party gets to govern them and I think that Canada’s 2015 federal election result said a whole lot. Taking into consideration the strength of the  mandate given to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada I believe one can only conclude that Canadian voters were ready for a change and that Canadians felt that  Justin Trudeau the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada  and the next prime minister of this great country was the best person to accomplish that change.  I think that the citizenry of this country took up the challenge in this election and showed all political parties that it is ultimately they (the voters) who hold the power of who gets to govern them in a democracy. I think that it was re-established that it is the electorate’s view  and desires for how the country should be run that is important and how well those governing at any given time listen, interpret and prioritize those desires and needs of the electorate is what will ultimately prove a political party’s or politician’s success or undoing in politics.

I was happy with the result of the election, because,

  • Canadians from all political stripes, gender and race came together to end the political farce that was trying to pass itself off as a democratic government.
  • Canadians despite religious, linguistic, cultural differences  decided to stop letting  the Harper government lead them down the path of fear in order to use that fear to  pit one Canadian against another in order to hold on to power as they have done for at least the past 4 years, deciding instead to get rid of the government and return to real Canadian values of tolerance for all and equality for all.
  • Canadians despite where they thought they fit and in what capacity in Canada, were able to put aside their differences and vote out of power what proved to me to be a  cruel, ruthless, cynical, petty 3rd world dictatorship devoid of compassion, or empathy for its citizens, or the other citizens of the world.

I believe that to this government, we their citizens became little more than assets, or liabilities on some grandiose balance sheet. We were referred to as taxpayers and our only value, or worth was measured by how much revenue we could bring to the government’s coffers.  Under the direction of Stephen Harper our foreign policy became cruel and racist, devoid of empathy, compassion and humanity. Countries of the world who had nothing to offer that Canada wanted, simply were not helped in their hour of need.  I think that it was this government’s continued ugly, deplorable, racist mistreating and mishandling  of  refugees seeking to find shelter in Canada that made Canadians begin to think seriously of  a change in the way they were being governed. A change that would see their government return to Canadian values found within our Canadian Constitution and our Canadian Charter of Rights. A return to a government that not only acknowledges the democratic process, but that utilizes  the democratic principles that are the corner stones of this great country called Canada and all who would refer to themselves as democratically governed.

In my opinion Stephen Harper lost the election because his vision of what Canada ultimately had to become to be great was what it had never been before such as,

  • A country governed by one leader, whose word and every decision was final, allowing for no debate, intolerant of any criticism and an arrogance that elevated him above the poor people that his bad decisions created each and everyday.
  • A country that had to engage the in war as its only form of diplomacy and solving of international problems between sovereign nations, taking sides in every dispute, giving up its role as a trusted and respected peace keeper.
  • A country that could only help to create refugees, but had to become cold and unfeeling enough to be able to turn its back on the hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children who were being slaughtered, children who were being killed on beaches, in hospitals and United Nations declared and internationally recognised  safe places for civilians, by one of our allies.  We had become a country governed by a leader who was able to justify his foreign policy even as 2-year-old  baby washed up on a shore as his family fled the horrors that we as a nation were helping to create, because politically he was doing everything he could from behind close doors to deny them and all like them (Muslims) access to Canada.
  • A country that sent our men and women to war risking life and limb for their country only to return and find out that their government was willing to spend more money fighting them in the court system to deny them the support they needed to return to normal life when they could no longer serve, because they were now suffering from PTSD, loss of limbs, or their families faced to live with the loss of a husband, wife, mother or father. A country whose government chose to close veteran’s hospitals, veteran’s affairs offices and refused to talk to veterans wishing to meet with them.
  • A country that took away its citizens right to collective bargaining by declaring everything an essential service which gave them  the right to legislate workers back to work giving the employer a great advantage over the employee by reducing the need for the employer to come to a negotiated settlement.

I could go on and on, but I think that you got the point that this government led by Stephen (The Muzzler) Harper has over the years become unapproachable and unaccountable to its citizenry and in so doing became out of touch with its citizenry, with neither of the two respecting, or very trusting of the other.  I think the Stephen Harper summed it up correctly when he accepted the loss of the election as his fault, because he ran the government as a dictator and therefore every bad decision that his government took which resulted in the anything but Conservative campaign which led to a crushing defeat for his party on election night was on his head.

Thomas Mulcair in my opinion should have never,

  • Taken the advice of  Stephen Harper’s campaign strategist when they called to advise his campaign advisors to stop attacking Stephen Harper and start concentrating on Justin Trudeau or both the Conservative Party and NDP were going to lose the election badly.  Taking Conservative advice in my opinion proved the undoing for Thomas Mulcair, because it made Mulcair seem as cynical, disrespectful and as un-parliamentarian as Stephen Harper.  Canadians were looking for a change in Ottawa and not just in party, but in attitude. Canadians were looking for a change in the way things were being done, how politicians were interacting with each other and their seeming inability to work across party lines for the good of Canadians and I think that Mulcair’s decision to attack Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party about things his father did or the Liberal Party did over 20 years ago proved that he was a win at any cost politician no different from that of Stephen Harper, who the majority of Canadians were trying anything to get rid of.
  • Should have explained his policies and how he was going to accomplish them instead of answering questions with a sarcastic, nothing revealed answer such as he gave when asked how he intended to pay for the Lost and Murdered Aboriginal Women’s Inquiry, he promised First Nations by asking the question rather than answering the question saying I thought rather smugly, “Can we afford not to?”
  • I thought that his attack on Justin Trudeau about his father’s usage of the war measures act was not warranted and left me wondering what exactly he would do if terrorists such as the FLQ were killing off  and kidnapping politicians and ambassadors to this country.
  •  I think that he should have tried to capture the decent, tolerant vote in Quebec, rather than trying to court the sovereignty vote.  The PQ had just lost an election in their own province, because of their racist views put forward in the Quebec Charter of Values, that proved that outside of  its  most fanatical and radical members most Quebecers could not throw their support behind.  That he brought up the whole ugly mess of what is the magical number for Quebec separation at a time in Quebec when most Quebecers have lost their desire to even consider leaving Canada and would like to rather concentrate on things of import to them like being able, find jobs that pay their bills and still leave some money left to put away for a rainy day, I think turned off many voters not only in Quebec, but across Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s, “Sunny Ways”,  I can only hope prove themselves more than just empty words. I truly hope that his promises of a more caring, transparent, inclusive, government are true, because this is not only what Canadians want and deserve, but is what they need to feel they can once again be proud and trusting of their country and their government both domestically and internationally.  The thing is, Justin Trudeau he has to do to begin to make things feel better about themselves and the country that they live in, because when it came to transparency, honesty, compassion, empathy, economics Stephen Harper and his strong, stable, majority conservative government were weighed and measured and found to be lacking.  It matters of religion, culture, health and education, Stephen Harper and his strong, stable, majority conservative government were weighed and measured and found to be lacking. In matters of war, peace keeping, immigration, humanitarian efforts and environmental issues, Stephen Harper and his strong, stable, majority conservative government were weighed and measured and found to be lacking.  Any attempt by Justin Trudeau to undo the damage that Stephen Harper and his strong, stable, majority conservative government has done would be seen by Canadians as better and be a promise fulfilled.

The political news media, I must confess that watching political journalists and pundits, like Rosie Barton and her  group of cynical know it all’s eating crow, while trying to disengage the feet stuck in their mouths, as egg continuously drips down their faces, made me and continues to make me feel good.  I say this because either they proved that they either had no clue what they were talking about during the election campaign about how Canadians were feeling and were positioned to vote, even though they pretended to, or they did know and let their personal feelings about Justin Trudeau color what they said on the show, willfully choosing to mislead Canadians to satisfy their own personal agendas.  What really gets to me though is that they are still trying to dirty his image, diminish his agenda and undermine the popularity of Justin Trudeau in a way that is new and disturbing.  Even as they and others like them on the CBC witness it for themselves the power in a positive message, shows like Power And Politics continue to have guests and hosts that prefer to spin fear instead of hope.  It would seem that they  are just not ready (to borrow a phrase) to understand that the change that Canadians wanted to see and voted for was a leader that offered a vision of hope. A hope that things could and would get better in all ways. This vision and promise of a brighter future was and is the difference between Justin Trudeau message and the message of Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and those covering political news and that in a nutshell is why he won and won big.

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