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Mistreatment Of Innocent Muslims Is Partially Responsible For Canadian Youth Being Radicalized

Government fear mongering always generates a witch hunt and witch hunts always lead to an innocent group of Canadian citizens being singled out for intimidation, vandalism, and violence, because they share the same religion, culture, language, or ethnicity as those the government has targeted in its propaganda and rhetoric. Continue reading

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What Are The Great Values That Canadian Politicians Rave About?

In Canada we have cowardly politicians the likes of Rona Ambrose and Brad Wall hiding among our brave politicians. These cowards are too afraid for their own safety after Paris to do the right thing, or secretly think that the risk is too great to Canada’s security/safety to help save some Muslim refugees. This type of cowardice is infectious and is spreading like cancer attacking more and more political leaders across Canada as the original cowards leap at every opportunity which presents itself to stoke the fires of uncertainty and fear among Canadians. Continue reading

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What Will It Take To Stop The Senseless Deaths Of So Many Innocent People And End The Terrorist Attacks By Both Sides?

Where I stand and what I believe can be found I’m the words and thoughts of Diane Foley the mother of journalist James Foley who was beheaded by “Jihadi John,” in 2014 in Syria. I think that peace will come when more people and government leaders begin to think like her and her son. Continue reading

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What Could Environment And Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna Have Been Thinking About?

If all levels of government are willing to allow the dumping of 8 billion liters of untreated waste into our river to fix failing infrastructure, what will be the next problem that cannot be solved without allowing for pollution, or the decimation of the environment. Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet Not Quite Representative Of All Canadians

I guess that certain things take longer to change than others and some old habits are hard to break. I do not know what the criteria was for each portfolio, but I would have to assume if the vetting process was done fairly that there was not one of the 2 obvious minorities left out of this cabinet that had what it took to head up any of the ministries. Continue reading

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