What Could Environment And Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna Have Been Thinking About?

I must say that I was shocked and disappointed that Canada’s environment and climate change minister, Catherine McKenna would wait until she was in Paris participating in climate change talks to grant Montreal permission to pollute one of Quebec’s and Canada’s most important rivers. The Saint Lawrence River supports millions of Canadians as well as a great variety of wildlife and who is to say what can be considered suitable environmental impact and just what the hell does that statement mean? I do not think by anyone’s stretch of imagination that it could be deemed a good idea for a government who promised in their campaign to be different and put the environment first, to be the government that granted the final permit required by law to Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre making it possible for the city of Montreal to resume its plan to dump 8 billion liters of untreated sewage into the Saint Lawrence River. That the Trudeau government chose to reverse the decision not to allow the dumping of the 8 billion liters of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence which the defeated Harper government (Often considered soft on environmental issues) had taken during the election campaign in their first 100 days as the new government, to me speaks volumes about them not having any real ideas on how to do more than talk about the need for change and how to get they are going to get there as far as environmental issues are concerned.

I understand what motivation the other 2 government leaders had, because their lack of imagination and failure to do what was necessary earlier to improve Montreal’s failing infrastructure and develop a way to deal with problem of waste management that does not require the untreated sewage to eventually be dumped into the river is partially the cause of todays problem. What is not clear to me however is how this government who campaigned on a new day for the environment can ever think that Canadians will take their environmental promises seriously after the decision to allow Montreal to dump 8 billion liters of untreated sewage into the Saint Lawrence River.

Well I got the feeling that Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre was little more than do anything for headlines piece of crap early on in his mandate when,

  1. He attempted to turn Montreal back into a city where a person with money to spend could drink, gamble and enjoy everything Montreal’s night life used to be into the wee hours of the morning.
  2. When he started to show up at fires looking to get a photo opportunity with firemen trying to do their jobs.
  3. When he brought along the news media to show him with a jack-hammer breaking up the cement poured by workers for the post office

So it didn’t surprise me that this buffoon got on television and acted like there was no other solution to the problem, but to dump 8 billion liters of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River.  That he went on to justify the city’s lack of planning for this problem like it just came up this year were bad enough, but when he got angry instead of explaining why there is such a build up of untreated sewage in the first place and what the city was going to do to see that this never happened again, only highlighted for mew what a true moron this guy was when he got elected and what a total idiot.  Imagine a mayor who claims to be trying to get all cars more green in the city having no problem with dumping 8 billion liters of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River as he points out to anyone who will listen that this is not the first time that this sort of thing has happened to the river  and  that it was no big deal because the river runs fast and environmental impact will be minimal.

The only good thing about Philippe Couillard is that he is the same as  every other premier of Quebec and nothing he does or says surprises anyone any more. To that end he will do the opposite of anything that comes out of Ottawa, so that he can prove to Quebecers that no one is dictating to Quebec what it should be doing, no matter how much sense it makes, how great it could be for Quebec, or how much Quebec stands to lose by going against Ottawa.  After the Quebec government signed off on the plan to dump 8 billion liters of untreated raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa denied the permit required for Montreal to start the dumping, Phillip Couillard took the standard approach to these type of Quebec vs. Ottawa problems siting in this case that it was in essence not up to Ottawa to tell Quebec when and how often it could pollute its environment.  Imagine this from a premier who stood against the Harper government and joined with several other provincial premiers to come up with their own emission targets to help fight climate change. I say what a hypocrite.

 Now we come to this governments first failing grade and its first broken promise.  This government promised to do what was environmentally right on all levels. In my opinion the granting  of the permit to allow for this type of dumping while sitting in an environmental conference is just so telling of what is to come and what can be expected of this government in terms of saving the environment.  What good is saving the air that we breath if we pollute all of the water? What could  Canada’s environment and climate change minister, Catherine McKenna have been thinking about when she, approved Montreal’s plan to dump 8 billion liters of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River,

  1.  Which is home to endangered beluga whales.
  2. Provides drinking water to many Canadians.
  3. For which Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre received a petition with 90,000 signatures last month opposing the discharge.

Once again Ottawa submits to Quebec’s tantrum as Catherine McKenna allows Canada’s spoiled brat of a province to get its way with the minister saying in essence that she and her government were taking a fact base approach when saying to Montreal go ahead and pollute the river under certain conditions, because a controlled watched polluting is better than an accidental one. Start today if you want but these strict new  conditions for monitoring  and minimizing the environmental impact of the dump must be met, (wink, wink).  The ministers conditions included:

  • Montreal can proceed with the dump under these conditions up until Dec. 5, 2015.
  • Improvements to the city’s emergency management plan for the dump.
  • Improved visual surveillance of the discharge plume.
  • A more comprehensive cleanup plan for affected areas.
  • Monitoring of the discharge’s impact on the river’s ecosystem before, during and after the discharge.
  • A comprehensive review of the process leading up to the city’s decision to dump the raw sewage.

Consider this: If  all levels of government are willing to allow the dumping of 8 billion liters of untreated waste into our river to fix failing infrastructure, what will be the next problem that cannot be solved without allowing for pollution, or the decimation of the environment.  How many cities are there in Canada with failing infrastructure and how many lives both animal and human have to be put at risk before there is a plan that makes sense to not only get rid of snow, but treat raw sewage?  In this great plan of the city there is no promise to do better in the future from the mayor and no demand by the province or the federal government for the city to find another way to dispose of such untreated waste in the future.  Justin Trudeau sure proved that his government is going to do things different, but I think that in this case different was not what was best for Quebec, or Canada.

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