What Will It Take To Stop The Senseless Deaths Of So Many Innocent People And End The Terrorist Attacks By Both Sides?

What is the French president talking about when he says the attack throughout Paris yesterday killing 160 people was a declaration of war by ISIS?  Was the president of France not aware that ISIS might already consider France at war with them because of the rhetoric already coming out of France about the war on terror? France’s ramping up of air strikes aimed and annihilating ISIS. This is what I mean when I say that western nations can give their involvement in a war any name they wish, but the minute their actions are the cause of one human death, be they civilian or soldier then a country such as France have in effect become a participant in  that war and are subject to retaliatory strikes wherever their self made enemy may seek to engage them, be it on a battler field of France’s choice or a battle field of their own choosing, using tactics that are in France’s favor or tactics that serve them the best.  The object of war is to kill and win by any means necessary.

There is no difference in what the people of France felt last night and will feel for a long time to come to that of what the sons, daughters wives, other family and friends of the  members of ISIS feel, other than it does not happen in France every day. The men, women and children who live where France’s bombs land over and over again maiming and killing thousands of people and destroying whole cities every day weep for their dead and look upon the devastation of their homes and nation and become angry and this vow to seek revenge and their version of justice, just like the people of France are doing right now.  Western nations use technology that allows them to bomb from jets miles up in the sky and from ships miles out to sea and ISIS uses car bombs and suicide bombers, but in the end the results are the same, because people die; some innocent and some not so innocent, but all live in terror of the next attack.

War is a dirty, ugly business and that is why it should be avoided at all costs. The countries of the west  like France need to wake up to the fact that they are already at war with ISIS. France  declared war on ISIS a long time ago when they acknowledged that France was joining the American led coalition as a participant in the war against terror. Is it logical, rational, or responsible for  France or any other coalition member to commit their country actively to the task of seeking out and destroying with bombs, military support and financial support another people in another nation and not comprehend that they whom they seek to destroy would in turn seek to retaliate in kind in the homeland of their self confessed enemy?

What will it take to stop the senseless deaths of so many innocent people and get all sides to stop all acts of  terrorism, whether it be carried out by Jihadi terrorists turning machine guns on  defenseless patrons attending  a rock concert in Paris and murdering them, or the members of the American led alliance of nations  murdering  hundreds of innocent civilians as they work, sleep and play as they engage in their in their hundreds of bombing missions, missile launches from miles out at sea, or their shelling of known medical facilities in their obsession to wipe out 1st the Taliban, 2ndly al-Qaeda  and now ISIS and what they call the radical Islamic threat.

I am no supporter of ISIS or any other terrorist group, but neither am I a fan, or supporter of what is being deemed as a the war against terror, because the war on terror as fought by the west is terroristic in its methodology.  What I mean by this is what could be more terrifying than to know that when you put your children to bed at night, or send them out to play that it could be the last time you see them, because they could be killed by a “Coalition” missile, bomb, or mortar and their deaths will be deemed as justifiable collateral damage.

I am no supporter of ISIS or any other terrorist group, but neither am I naïve enough to believe that all of the bombing,  assignations and attempted assignations of leaders that the west considers terrorist Islamic radicals is doing one bit of good for the people they are purporting to save, or furthering the end of terrorism.  In fact it would seem that the more bombs that are dropped and the more civilians that are killed the stronger ISIS becomes and the further their reach extends into the west, into our cities where Muslims are suffering at the hands of Christian majorities; suffering from state driven Islamophobia.

What will it take for the tactics of the west to change, because if it is the west that is supposed to represent freedom, peace, respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then perhaps I would suggest that it is the west that needs to take the lead when it comes to stopping the senseless killing by stopping their participation in it and thereby stop acting like those it is supposed to be so different from.  What will it take for the countries of the west to realise that the closing of their borders to Muslim refugees fleeing from the chaos of war in their countries for which the west is at least 50% responsible for creating and sustaining through their training of one side of the war, advising one side of the war, arming of one side of the war, financing one side of the war and by their direct  military actions in support of one side of the war that helps to create the environment of hopelessness needed to turn innocent victims of  the war on terror into the enemy of the west?

What will it take for the countries of the west to understand that in every attempt of theirs to put a regime in place in a Muslim country through backing  coupe des tats eventually sees soldiers of their coalition being fired upon by coalition weaponry by  those the coalition once called allies and freedom fighters? How many times does the west have to witness those they backed in an overthrow of a legitimate government become the well-trained, well armed and well-financed killing machine like the Taliban, al-Qaeda  and now ISIS, before it learns to stay out of the internal politics of other sovereign governments?

Peace just may come when the west stops,

  • Trying to manipulate who gets to govern in other sovereign nations such as Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
  • Pretending that what the destruction and terror that they are the cause of in places like  Syria are some how not shameful, cowardly  terrorist acts that often see innocent men, women and children driven from their homes, seriously injured and more often than should be killed.
  • Thinking that there are rules to war when all know that each side will fight with what weapons they have in order to win and both sides  will make up the rules as they go.  Was this not true when the USA dropped the atom bomb on innocent civilians, because Japan attack a USA military installation?
  • Pretending that war can still be fought only on other nations soil and any attempt to bring the war to them on their soil constitutes terrorism.
  • Pretending that preventing or making it extremely difficult  for the fleeing innocent refugees to immigrate to this country, tightening security, detaining certain people returning to Canada from abroad from Islamic countries and further isolating Muslims in predominately Christian countries will make countries of the west more secure from attacks from within. I think that such actions can only serve to give Muslims living within western cities like Paris something to identify with and eager to support.

I think that a big part of what is going on in the world today is the so-called “terror experts”; those balding old white guys who 1st give the advice to arm and financially support the heads of terrorists groups calling them freedom fighters when their cause is beneficial to the west’s agenda and then calling them terrorists for doing the same thing when they lose control of the puppet strings and those leaders turn their own guns against their once allies and backers.

Where I stand and what  I believe can be found within the words and thoughts of Diane Foley the mother of journalist James Foley who was beheaded by “Jihadi John,” in 2014 in Syria. I think that peace will come when more people and government leaders begin to think like her and her son. This is what she had to say,

  • “It saddens me that … we’re celebrating the killing of this deranged, pathetic young man. Had circumstances been different, Jim probably would have befriended him and tried to help him,” she said. “He wanted to know how we could figure out why — why — all this is happening.” Diane Foley asked the same question as I often have asked myself and that was, “Why is America willing to spend “precious resources” in the pursuit of revenge, yet none “to save our young Americans.” When asked by interviewer Brian Ross, “There was no sense of justice, then?” Diane Foley answered, “Justice? No. No, it’s just sad, and I think we have to be careful as an American media not to glorify this deranged young man. He’s a sad individual filled with hate for us. … That’s very sad to me.” “I hope our country can choose to lead in ways of peace and valuing young Americans who are trying to protect press freedom and our best ideals. That’s the part of America I’m proud of. I don’t like this bully part.”

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