What Are The Great Values That Canadian Politicians Rave About?

What are the great Canadian values that Canadian prime ministers and Canadian politicians rave about at every opportunity to anyone that will listen? I fear for those 25,000 Muslims who think that they are coming  to a welcoming safe haven where they can work and raise their children without fear of persecution for the religion they practice, their ethnicity, or their culture, because it is a lie. The Canadian government and Canadian politicians cannot even guarantee that all of our citizens born here and who have immigrated here a long time ago can live anywhere in Canada safe from persecution from the religion they practice, their ethnicity, or their culture. In Canada there is a lack political will to protect the innocent minority citizenry from the racists and cowards that hide among the decent majority living within each provincial jurisdiction; each individual province having its own Charter of Rights which it insists out trumps the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Surely it cannot be that Canadian politicians could think to boast of  Canada’s great values and inclusiveness in any of the facts found below,

  1. Quebec’s mistreatment of its religious, linguistic and cultural minorities, that has been ongoing in Quebec for a long time now and ignored by the federal government.   I am happy that Justin Trudeau is going to keep his promise concerning the fleeing refugees by seeing to it that 25,000 of Syrian refugees are brought to Canada where they can start a new life, but in which province will he put them to achieve that promise of a new life without persecution, when in Quebec there are White French Quebecer’s assaulting and spitting in Islamic women’s faces, assaulting them on the public rapid transport system and not being tracked down and punished?  If the federal government of Canada cannot guarantee that their all Canadian citizens no matter the province they are residing in residing in a quality of life as guaranteed under the laws of Canada equally and without prejudice for all, how in hell will they be able to do it for the soon to arrive 25,000 refugees?
  2. Two brave Torontonian men beat up and robbed an Islamic woman picking up her son at his elementary school to school not far from where earlier in the week anti Muslim slogans were painted on a mosque wall and in the same province a mosque was set on fire, all without arrests? I wonder what that son will feel about his fellow citizens and if this will take him one step closer to the extremist radicalization that the government will conveniently forget, or omit when discussing or trying to figure out what turned this little boy into an angry young man willing to kill and be killed for ISIS, or some other terrorist organization? Just where is the  Trudeau government going to be able to resettle 25,000 Syrian men, women and children  refugees and offer them a life free from religious, racial and cultural persecution, when they cannot even protect the women of the Canadian Muslim community from the racist haters?

In Canada we have cowardly politicians the likes of Rona Ambrose and Brad Wall hiding among our brave politicians.  These cowards are too afraid for their own safety after Paris to do the right thing, or secretly think that the risk is too great to Canada’s security/safety to help save some Muslim refugees. This type of cowardice is infectious and is spreading like cancer attacking more and more political leaders across Canada as the original cowards leap at every opportunity which presents itself to stoke the fires of uncertainty and fear among Canadians.  These cowards see no problem of  conscience for Canadians and think that it is okay to  intentional strand 25,000 innocent men women and children, leaving them  to suffer and die under the brutal conditions of winter out in the open without shelter,  enough food, water, medical supplies, until we are sure that not one Islamic terrorist is hiding amongst them trying to get to Canada and do what was done in Paris to Canadians on Canadian soil.  They hope they can use the fear they try to instill to turn Canadians away from doing what is right and the permission of those who voted them into power to allow them to bail out of their provinces and municipalities prior commitment to take in their share of the 25,000 refugees that Canada has pledged to take in by the end of this year.   Let me list these cowards for all to see.

  1. Premier Brad Wall of  Saskatchewan  called on the federal government Monday to suspend a plan to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year’s end. The premier said, in a letter to the prime minister, “If even a small number of individuals who wish to do harm to our country are able to enter Canada as a result of a rushed refugee resettlement process, the results could be devastating.
  2. B.C. Premier Christy Clark and Toronto Mayor John Tory are also proudly displaying the yellow stripes running down their backs, painted their last week by ISIS, because of an unqualified rumor that one of the suicide bombers could have been attackers in last week’s Paris attack might have masqueraded as refugee to enter France. All of this is predicated on the fact that the passport really belonged to the guy who blew himself up and not some innocent refugee bystander.
  3. Quebec City’s Mayor Regis Labeaume said the government was acting hastily.
  4. B.C. Premier Christy Clark also noted Monday the federal government’s primary job is to ensure that security for Canadians comes first.
  5. Rona Ambrose interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and leader of the official opposition party said the new government must address concerns being expressed by Canadians. “After what happened in Paris, people are reacting to that,” she said. “I think the government should not dismiss that.” “The concern right now is people want to know if this can be done in a safe way. That doesn’t mean they’re intolerant people. It means they have a very clear question and a very clear desire to see what the plan is.”  Funny thing is that her party lost to the Liberals and what Canadians seemed to want and from every interview I hear is to bring those refugees to Canada. So I wonder who Rona is listening to? Perhaps her own cowardice like all of the others mentioned above.

As Canadians are being bombarded by the horrific pictures of what happened in Paris and  minute by minute updates of live witness accounts of what they witnessed and how they felt and are feeling and the tearful obituaries  of the family members of their fallen loved ones, I get the sense that the news media in Canada in particular the CBC has decided to get all they can out of the ratings that such graphic detailed airings can  get for them and I find it a bit much. I wonder with this type of saturation and the move by certain politicians to use both what happened in Paris and the plight of the refugees as a political football, what are these great Canadian values that our politicians boast about, because I see nothing to brag about as a Canadian about them.

What cowardly politicians like interim leader and official opposition leader Rona Ambrose will not tell you is that she is wallowing in her fear that  ISIS infiltrators might some how sneak into Canada via the refugee rescue attempt, because she knows and always knew that all of the rights her party took from you with their spying on Canadians laws, their changes to the immigration laws of Canada designed specifically to make it almost impossible for Muslims to immigrate here, the increases of police powers without oversight that was supposed to eliminate Jihadi terrorist organizations from being able to radicalizing our Canadian youth and all of the bombing that was supposed to degrade and destroy ISIL has not done a damn thing to actually male Canadians any safer throughout the world, or at home and all that our neighbors to the south can do is come up with a new name for the terrorist group the latest being DASH and all adults no that calling someone dirty little names does not win the battle or end a war.

I think what Canada can be proud of in terms of our values can be found not in those cowardly politicians, or those racist men who would attack a Muslim woman from behind and rob her in Ontario, or the racists in Quebec that would spit in Muslim women’s faces, or harass Muslim women on the bus while a bus load of passengers just stand by and watch, or the system of government that tolerates those actions with their silence and secretly encourages them by not actively seeking out and bring those anti Muslim home-grown terrorists to justice perpetrators using the same tenacity and tactics that they seek to use against home-grown extremist Jihadi terrorists committing or about to commit, or could commit or supporting in any way shape or form acts of terrorism at home or abroad, but in,

  1. The response of the majority of Canadians interviewed randomly on the streets of our cities who when asked the question, “Do you think that the prime minister should abandon his promise to bring 25,000 refugees into Canada by the end of this year” answered almost to a person, “No”   their reaction to the question even being asked ranging from concern that Canadian politicians would even suggest intentionally stranding 25,000 innocent men, women and children to die, to anger that those cowardly politicians would use them as an excuse to strand those 25,000 innocent people and try to hide their own cowardice by feigning concern for them, their constituents.
  2. In the efforts of those politicians to do all they can to see that the immigration and screening of the 25,000  refugee goes off without a hitch and does not compromise Canada’s security needlessly not so afraid of ISIL that they are ready to let innocent men, women and children die to save their own skins like,
  • Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil, who urged Quebecers to understand the “profile” of those the government will be bringing into the province saying, “They are people who are fleeing violence. They are people who are fleeing the exact same acts of terrorism that we saw in Paris,” Weil said Monday. “They are people who are very vulnerable, who are worried, who are searching for a haven of peace.
  • Eric Hoskins, Ontario’s health minister saying to reporters at Queen’s Park, “Attacks in Paris have not shaken Ontario’s resolve to settle 10,000 refugees by the end of 2016.” “Not at all and I don’t think it changes the publics resolve either, three-quarters of refugees are women and children.” “I believe that the security concerns are important ones . . . but at the same time I don’t want to underestimate the outpouring of support by Ontarians. I don’t believe that’s changed.”

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