Mistreatment Of Innocent Muslims Is Partially Responsible For Canadian Youth Being Radicalized

It is not hard for me to understand why young Canadian men and women have become so disenchanted with their lives in Canada that they become targets for radicalization by Islamic Jihadi extremist groups. I fail to understand what value Canada thinks it gets in this day and age with the continued practice of creating revisionist history and pretending that it is the lies of the Muslim extremist only that are attracting our young Canadian young men and women and not the Canadian governments and extremist anti-Muslim, Canadians disgusting and deplorable treatment of them that is driving them into the hands of terrorists groups like ISIL.

I think that it is a change in behavior that has to happen from within Canada’s borders in the way the Canadian government and the average Canadian thinks and treats its Muslim members of its community if we are going to stop the radicalization of our Muslim youth by terrorists groups like ISIL I believe that the number of radicalized Muslim youth will continue to grow as long as the Canadian government and the average Canadian thinks that if they just close their eyes and stick their heads in the sand and keep ignoring the fact that it the attitudes and actions of countries like Canada that has changed to become intolerant, violent and non accepting of Muslims. It was in places like Canada that a Muslim could live in peace, practice their religion freely, travel freely and be treated under the law equally up until 911. After the events of 911 it was the countries like Canada who crumbled under the USA’s pressure to help them punish all Muslims throughout the entire world for the death of 3000 Americans on American soil.  To this end Stephen Harper in my opinion decided that being a good ally to the USA meant punishing all Muslims and that included Canadian Muslims as well, because to him all Muslims were a potential threat.  I would ask you to put yourself in the mind of a Muslim  child old enough to understand that,

  1. You live in a community in which  you are neither accepted, or welcomed as a member of the community, because you are different, in fact most people secretly and not so secretly wish that you lived somewhere else.
  2. You live in  a country where there is absolutely never a time that you can consider yourself safe from religious persecution, acts of violence and other racist forms of oppression and the driving force behind all of this is the government at every level.
  3. You are  not even safe when you are in the privacy of your own home, because even the local police turn a blind eye to your persecution and work for a government that things all of your kind are either guilty of a crime yet not discovered, waiting to commit a crime, or are the cause of your own persecution, because you resist integration into your community by remaining different.
  4. Your chosen place of worship is constantly being defiled by vandals who hate you and the religion you practice so much that they paint hateful demeaning graffiti  on the walls of your most holy and revered of places.
  5. Your chosen place of worship was burned down to the ground by arsonists.
  6. Coming out of you classes to find that your mother had been beaten up, spit on, or harassed all day by fellow citizens on the street.
  7. Nothing will ever be done to catch the perpetrators of these hate crimes, because the priority for law enforcement is to make sure that you and your kind do not commit any crimes such as these or worse and to take every opportunity to uncover, or discover anything about you that could be used to either imprison you or deport you from the country and that the government does not even consider the crimes being committed against you acts of terror/terrorism.

I am not talking about Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan from whence these poor refugees fled dragging their children in tow in the hope that their was still enough humanity in the world that they might find, understanding, compassion, empathy and shelter from the persecution and oppression that they had been force to suffer, but I am ashamed and sad to admit that I am speaking of Canada.  Is it the fault of the world’s poorest, suffering, and most desperate of people seek the safe harbour in countries such as Canada who say that they offer to refugees what is written on the Statue of Liberty that United States of America hypocritically leaves standing in an American harbor as though they still follow and believe in the inscription on it, that reads:

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name, Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command, the air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.  “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she, with silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” 

What a sense of betrayal it must be to Canadian Muslims to realise with the exception of bombs and missiles killing them quickly, immigration to  Canada changes nothing in terms how they will be treated as human beings. When they find out that in real terms Canada only offers them long slow death filled with  persecution, oppression and all of the other things that caused them to flee their country of origin in the 1st place. Now tell me again that you still cannot understand why Muslim young men and women make easy targets for Jihadi terrorists to recruit.

I will not ever and do not now condone mass murder for any reason, by anyone,  but having said that, I think it is obvious why young Islamic girls and boys would want to run of and fight for ISIS, or some extremist Islamic Jihadi terrorist group and they can be found in both the Canadian government’s and the non-Muslim Canadian’s treatment of their Muslim citizens and neighbors.  I believe  that the Muslim community across Canada were of being a potential threat  for the last 4 years of the Harper government. This caused the Muslim community across Canada to face what I think  of as an unprecedented amount of  government  propaganda that asked all other Canadians not to trust their Muslim neighbors, especially new arrivals and wishing to immigrate to Canada and in doing so created an environment of isolation, fear anger resentment and a deep sense of not belonging.  Being told that you belong, are loved by any entity is a strong pull for any child being abused by his/her country and countryman since birth, it must take incredible inner strength to be able to resist the promise of  acceptance for being just you and the offer to help save others just like you from those who persecute you and them right now.

Government fear mongering  always generates a witch hunt and witch hunts always lead to an innocent group of Canadian citizens being singled out  for  intimidation, vandalism, and violence, because they share the same religion, culture, language, or ethnicity as those the government has targeted in its propaganda and rhetoric.  The problems with witch hunts are

  1. That normally tolerant, decent law-abiding Canadians, become so afraid that  they begin to  see nothing wrong with the intimidation, vandalism, and violence that others are inflicting on the innocent and even if they say it is wrong publicly begin to justify it privately, adopting the attitude that perhaps those being persecuted would be better off in a country more suitable to their type; after all we have to consider the security of real Canadians 1st, right?
  2. It provides an excuse for the racists within Canada to do what they do best and that is to use tactics like  intimidation, vandalism, and violence to seek racial, cultural and ethnic purity within the borders of Canada.  These home-grown Islamophobic terrorists feel they are doing what the Harper government could not get done Harper by the mere passing of laws.
  3. Do nothing to address the real threat of home-grown terrorist activity that is found in Jihadi doctrines and adopted and carried out in reality by Canadian radicalized youth, and by the Canadian government’s radicalization of Canada’s  racist real Canadians into home-grown Islamophobic terrorists.
  4. They allow the government of Canada to get away with  passing laws that target groups such as Muslims that are clearly non constitutional and go against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and single out Muslims for treatment under the laws of Canada that no Canadian would not want to happen to them.

Remember Canadians are a people who stood by and allowed their government to pass laws that,

  1. Encouraged all Canadians to spy on their Muslim neighbors and report all suspicious looking behavior whether it can be verified as a threat n matter how insignificant.
  2. Encouraged parents to turn in their children and accuse them of radicalization for practicing their religion too strongly like going to the mosque too often, or trying to find out too much about Islamic Jihadi terrorists activity, or the motivations behind the actions. I think Hitler did the same thing with his Youth organization turning children against their own parents in order to achieve good little Nazi status. Is this a road Canada and Canadians really want to go down?
  3. Have Muslims in Canada every minute of everyday  faced with the very real possibility of being arrested, because a neighbor for instance thought they were acting, “suspicious” and reported them to the police, who in turn charge them under Canada’s new security act with the crime of, “could become a terrorist threat in the future” held and tried without the due process of law afforded all other Canadians and finally jailed or deported all in secret, never having had the opportunity to face their accuser, or have even the presiding judge seeing all of the evidence against them to determine its credibility.

It is the government of Canada and non-Muslim Canadians who have betrayed their fellow Canadians, because it is they who decided to change laws and punish their fellow citizens, because they were practicing Muslims and the only Muslims that they could get their hands on and unfortunately guilt and innocence had little to do with the changes.  ISIS and the other groups of that ilk had scored a major victory from that moment on. No amount of killing on their part could win the victory and the converts as the persecution, oppression and violence that Canadian Muslims have had to endure at the hands of other Canadians.

I stand with innocent men, women and children everywhere in the world against religious, ethnic, cultural, linguistic persecution and oppression even when it is found in countries  like the USA and Canada. I support people like Kameelah Rasheed an artist, educator, Stanford University graduate, Fulbright scholar and contributing editor at The New Inquiry, who having passed through regular security checks at Newark Liberty International Airport on her way to a holiday in Istanbul, was called for further questioning by customs officers. After they allowed her to board her flight she was forced off the plane by the FBI before takeoff and interrogated again.

In an interview Kameelah Rasheed said, “It was an attempt to humiliate and ostracize me.” “I think this happened because I’m Muslim, because I’m travelling to Istanbul, because they have power with no checks and balances, because security means violating people’s rights, because there’s a general lack [of understanding of] what safety means, because people don’t understand basic geopolitical situations.” “I was the only visibly Muslim person,” said the New York resident, who wears a headscarf. “I don’t think there is a resurgence of Islamophobia after the Paris attacks. I think it never went away. It’s becoming more legitimized.


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3 Responses to Mistreatment Of Innocent Muslims Is Partially Responsible For Canadian Youth Being Radicalized

  1. Radical Muslims are like steam. The ones called moderates are like water. They are both the same. The once like steam become agitated when truth is spoken getting hot under the collar when it is proven that they obey a fear giver named Satan refusing to say fear not. God calls for the death of people who do not obey seek peace ensuing it breaking love whoever as yourself and breaking love works no ill to their neighbour with a stiff neck refusing to repent. Islam gives death for not being connected to a name. Pretty shallow isn’t it? The Devil kills through a person for not being a name. How is Allah God?


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    • archemdis says:

      Why ask questions you obviously have answered all on your own? Allah apparently cannot be God, nor can any other entity, because you have taken that title and all of the religious authority that goes with it, for yourself. I do not find any calm, cool and collective in your response. Nor do I sense any kind of balance struck, or willingness to accept non-Muslim responsibility for what is going on in the world today with Muslims and the rest of the world. Yep you must be the vengeful God, or one of his / her minions, because all I am hearing from you is racist, religious, anti-Islamic rhetoric of which I spoke. You are still seeking to lay blame on one side for everything and ignore the faults and absolve the other of all guilt. Read your bible again and try not to ignore what you find in there about God telling his chosen people to do when they come upon those who do not believe as they do and how to use violence and war to drive them out of their lands and into the sea this time. Then perhaps we shall talk again of both religions teaching of violence. Understand this Sir, I blocked you once before from my site, because you had only hate to share and had hoped that you had grown a bit and become more tolerant, but I see this is not the case and you are still spouting the same old racist sentiments that got you blocked the last time. From this point on your replies will go directly to spam. Be well and try again after another year has passed.


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