The War That Needs To Be Fought Is Not The War On Terror

I believe that the real war that the 99% of the world’s population needs to band together to fight, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or culture, is not the so-called war on terror, but should be against the 1% of the world’s richest and most powerful individuals who have taken over our governments in an attempt to take back from the 99% the right to choose their own destiny and the dignity to determine their own path in life. I believe that the right to self determination is what the bondsmen of Christian Europe fought and died for hundreds of years ago and what Muslims all over the world are fighting and dying for today.

 The revolutionary war that I am talking about has nothing to do with what is now being called the war on terror featuring USA and its coalition of willing nations vs. ISIS, al Qaida, Boko Haram and their coalition of Islamic fundamentalists, although both of these factions have no problem with using terrorism to take away the 99%s’ right to self-determination.  In my eyes both factions are the problem and neither the solution and that makes them both the enemy of the 99%.

When we the 99% of the worlds’ population no matter how hard we work are struggling to feed, clothe, educate and provide adequate shelter for ourselves and our families while the government taxes us more and more and offers us less and less for us and gives more tax breaks to big business, I say it is time to end the this corrupt practice, this return to serfdom and just stop working.  If we do not work they cannot,

  1. Tax us for the things that they do not do anyway, maintain infrastructure,  ensuring that there are jobs to work and that no child goes hungry, has safe drinking water and has the opportunity to go to school and be the best that they can be.
  2. Use our tax dollars finance the killing of others in foreign lands to secure trade deals for the rich 1%.
  3. Use our tax dollars to build parks walkways and arenas, while your family, friends and neighbors are being force to live in 3rd world conditions, or work 3 jobs so that they do not end up living on the street, where they all too often end up starving to death or freezing to death alone and forgotten, because politicians claim that there is no money for food banks, low-income housing and shelters for the homeless.

The war on terrorism as it is known now is in my opinion nothing more than another example of how little the worlds’  wealthiest and most powerful people (1% of the worlds’ population) values the lives of the 99% of the worlds’ population.  No matter what organised religion you choose all religions at the end of the day seek either to control all of mankind, or readily allows itself to be used as the justification, or the most used tool in the toolkit, that the 1% of individual countries use to wage war on other nations casually spilling the blood of each others 99%.  Tragically the 1% still view the 99% as justifiable collateral damage and when the call to war cannot be issued by organised religion itself, the hierarchy of organised religion gladly offers itself as rallying point for those with the power to send the young men and women of the 99% to kill and die for.  The 1% continue to use,

  1. The ancient fear of having ones’ immortal soul being cast into hell for not believing as the church teaches that the suffering of the 99% of the world’s population is God’s will and the price to be paid for a better life in the next serving God in heaven.
  2. The use the 99% fear of that which is different and unknown to them to divide all of the 99% from  remembering what our ancestors fought and died for so many years ago.

 The war on terror is not fueled by some humanitarian need of the 1% of the worlds’ wealthiest and most powerful people to get justice for the 99% of Muslim’s it exists because,

  1. War is big business and as long as the 1%  on all sides can see a profit to be made in the deaths of the 99% the war on terror will continue.
  2. War makes for a great distraction and provides a great chance to dump the woes of a governments failings and bad economic and fiscal management on the enemy.
  3. War gives the 99% a sense of misguided patriotism that keeps us from remembering and thus keep from being able to see that the hierarchy of all religious orders and the worlds’ most rich and powerful people (the 1%), be they nobility or business persons, have always been in bed together when it comes to putting fear in the hearts, minds and souls of the 99% of the world’s population, in order to keep them toiling for both church and master for very little recompense, or in some cases for nothing at all.
  4. War has a way making the 99%  that it is the 1% of the world’ wealthiest and most powerful people on this planet that are the real enemy to all outside of their circle; the enemy that needs to flushed out, their corrupt practices exposed and their evil ways done away with, in order that the world can become a place where all have the right to choose their own destiny and the dignity to determine their own path in life.

When the 99% (bonded men) across Europe rose up and said no more to the church seeking an end to the notion that everyone was born into a certain social station according to God’s will and as such that order of things could not be altered, but had to be endured, I think that they put their hopes and trust in the idea those who fought alongside them and formed a government of the people and by the people would not give in to temptation and in the end fall prey to corruption and seek to bond them into service again, but as is evident in today’s world they were so wrong.  The church is still talking the same hypocritical fire and brimstone rhetoric working now on behalf of a government who works almost entirely for the 1% to once again to ensure that the 99% of the world’s population is content to suffer in this lifetime for the promise of a better next life.  The notion that the common man cannot hope to talk to God for himself and still is needing of a person such as a priest in the Catholic religion to intercede for him is still going strong and the hierarchy of the church are still allowing for the corruption found in it by covering up things like the buggery of young boys.  I am certain that the ancestors of the 99% must be turning in their graves as they see that their ancestors have once again allowed the threat of excommunication to allow the members of organised religion to get away for those who would dare to make public what they have experienced at the hands of their religious leaders or have knowledge of such offenses.  In some of these cases it has been proven that instead of punishment and removal from service the guilty priests have been transferred to another parish, where they not only continue to abuse children, but have been known to rise to high stations within the church.

When our ancestors of serfdom (the 99%) cast out the nobility in favour of elected government, I doubt that they thought that they were just exchanging one corrupt master for another, as is evident in today’s world.  Governments were supposed to have been created to replace those 2 corrupt and most vile institutions of the 1% ensure that  common men and women would have a voice, and some control in their own destiny,  but instead politicians decided to betray those who had given them their new-found power and decided to use that power to become the new masters of the common man, claiming they received the right to do so not from God,  but instead claimed they received their power to bond the common man from the people themselves by virtue of the electoral process.  These greedy politicians could not resist the temptation to be the new master got into bed with the wealthy business owners/ nobility and the church.

I will reiterate, I believe that the real war that the common man all over the world need to unite and fight together regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture should be the war against the 1% of the world’s richest individuals who have taken over our governments and seek to take back from the 99% the right to choose their own destiny and the dignity to determine their own path in life that their ancestors fought so hard to gain for them so long ago.

Consider what the future holds for your children and why and then consider what war really needs to be fought and who the enemy of the 99% really are?

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