I Wonder Sometimes…

I wonder sometimes if Canadians are really as trusting and as gullible as we appear to be, or if it is just a mask we wear in order to appear helpless; hoping that it absolves us from any guilt, or responsibility for the pain and suffering our leaders inflict on others through their policies, laws and action both domestically and internationally?  Have we become a people of well-meaning, hopelessly inadequate, ineffective gestures of good will, that do little if nothing in terms of solving our domestic problems and helping others in need internationally to resolve theirs as Julia Hartley-Brewer suggests in an article she wrote?

If Canadians are not as Julia Hartley-Brewer suggests, nor like  I suggest in my comments, then why would:

  • Canada’s defence critic, James Bezan think that after the Conservative Party’s  F-35 jet fighter procurement fiasco, that left Canadian pilots flying outdated, refitted  CF-18 fighter jets on bombing runs over Syria, that to feel that he was in a position to demand that the governing Liberal Party of Canada, continue to put the safety of Canadian young men and women unnecessarily at risk as his party chose to do when they were in power and vowed to continue doing if re-elected?
  • Rona Ambrose the new interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada think that Canadians would believe that Stephen Harper was no longer running the party from behind closed doors and that she was merely his spokesperson, as long as she allowed him to remain in the Conservative caucus?
  • Premier of Quebec, premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, guilty of doing nothing to ensure that Muslim women dressed in their religious attire are safe to go out in public in Quebec  and  happens also to be one of  Canada’s leaders trying to deprive Muslim women of their religious freedom in Quebec and throughout Canada, think that joining a group of residents in the Lac-Saint-Jean region to sponsor a family from Syria, would fool Canadians into thinking he was  not Islamophobic?
  • Denis Coderre make plans to cover 125 metres of the Ville Marie Expressway to create a park at the cost of $140 million, believing Montreal residents would believe that spending the money on a park was better than spending it on Improving the plight of their most challenged citizens, eg. helping to feed, clothe and provide shelter for this city’s homeless people who live and die on the street?
  • Catherine McKenna, think that she would be seen by environmental activists as taking environmental issues seriously when within days of her appointment to the position of Minister of Environment and Climate Change she not only gave the okay to Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre,  to dump 8 billion litres untreated raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River, that could not be done legally otherwise, but did it while attending a conference addressing environmental and climate change issues in Paris?
  •  People who not long ago were refugees themselves, or have family members who were not only speak out negatively about the plan to bring 25,00 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of February 2016, but also say things like,  “the risk is too great to Canadian security,” “how do we know who we are letting in, refugee, or terrorist?” “We cannot find jobs, how will we be able to find work now with 25,000 new people after the same jobs?”
  • Justin Trudeau think that Canadians will not realise that the Syrian refugee crisis is no more worthy of Canada’s immediate attention and that the Syrian refugees are no more desperately in need of a safe country to live in then that those trying to escape the same type of horror and bloodshed in, Darfur, Eritrea, Libya, Yemen, Mali, or the Democratic Republic of Congo?
  • Justin Trudeau not even try to hide the fact he is using the Syrian refugee crisis as though it were one gigantic photo opt; taking a page out of the Denis Coderre political guide of political opportunism; rushing to airports, handing out clothing and posing for pictures, instead of letting officials do their job?
  • Canadians not have found a way to force the government to enact a legal process by which a government who has lied in its platform to get itself elected, broken the laws of Canada, or has lost the confidence of the majority of Canadians could be removed from power, or forced to call and election in a time predetermined in the process?

I think that if Canadians answer the above questions honestly, most people will find  that:

  1. as I suggested, Canadians are not really as trusting and as gullible as we appear to be, but  helplessness has become the mask worn in order to absolve ourselves of any guilt, or responsibility for the pain and suffering that our leaders inflict on others through their policies, laws and actions, both domestically and internationally;
  2. Canadians unfortunately have become a people who believe that well-meaning, hopelessly inadequate, ineffective gestures of good will, are enough when it comes to solving our domestic problems and helping others in need internationally to resolve theirs, as Julia Hartley-Brewer suggests.



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