Quebec Inability To Keep It’s Children Safe From Child Abusers Nothing New And No Surprise To Me

Nothing surprises me any more when it comes to the province of Quebec being unable to protect its children from getting sexually abused by adults for a number of reasons, which include: (1) my personal experience as a parent trying to get help from the police, (2) reading the about the life and criminal history of James Medley, and (3) the honouring of Rene Angelil, with a state funeral, paid for with tax payer dollars.

(1) My personal experience with how Quebec law encourages and creates a safe environment for  pedophiles and child predators began when I tried to have the Montreal Police intervene, and stop a twenty-one year-old man from engaging in sexual relations with my fourteen-year-old daughter. I was told that he was breaking no law in Quebec, consensual sex between a fourteen-year-girl and an adult should be discouraged, but was definitely legal in Quebec.

That five teenage girls who were in Youth Protection in Laval went missing from a group home in Quebec, is  not a first.  This kind of crap has being going on for a very long time in Quebec.

I believe that Quebec is guilty of:

  • moving too slowly when it comes to bringing pedophiles, child predators, and child abusers to justice;
  • not going after priests, coaches, talent agents, who are child abusers;
  • being too lenient with the penalties given to those who are caught preying on children, abusing children sexually and hurting them;
  • turning a blind eye to the predatory behaviour of some of its more famous child predators;
  • encouraging and enabling pedophiles, child predators and child abusers by  refusing to change the laws that make it legal for consensual sex between fourteen-year-old girls and adult men.

It is illegal in Quebec:

  • to sell cigarettes and alcohol to a fourteen-year-old child;
  • to gamble, or vote, at the age of fourteen;
  • for a child to quit school and go to work at the age of fourteen;
  • for a fourteen-year-old to vote.

But a fourteen-year-old is considered old enough to have consensual sex with adults.

(2) To understand how this can happen in Quebec, one only has to look at the criminal history of James Medley. At how easy it was for James Medley:

  •  a career criminal, known to the police and the Quebec Justice System, to  get parental custody of a troubled teenage girl, who was not even his child;
  • to lure teen girls away from Youth Protection group homes, kidnap, rape, forcibly detain, and force them into prostitution.

The case of James Medley is one example of just how slow the justice system acts, and just how easy it has always been to lure, and abduct a teenage girl residing in a group home, supposedly in Youth Protection.

Paul Cherry’s chronicling of the life of James Medley, in an article he published online in the Montreal Gazette, on September 15, 2015,  I thought exposed at least one way that the Quebec Justice System, and Youth Protection fail our troubled kids.  For the purpose of this post,  I used Paul Cherry’s chronicling of James Medley’s criminal record from 1977-1996.


  • 1977-1982,  nineteen year old James Medley, is jailed for a string of breakins and armed robberies;
  • 1984-1986,  jailed for threatening his ex-girlfriend with an axe, and committing more breakins;
  • 1986, a judge allows a sixteen-year-old from Shawbridge to move into Medley’s apartment;
  • 1988, the teenage girl living with Medley had a daughter. The mother moved out five years later, leaving him to raise the girl;
  • 1992, Medley and his girlfriend were granted custody of a fourteen-year-old girl, over the objections of her social worker.  This fourteen-year-old girl later became his victim;
  • 1993, Medley sentenced to four months for assaulting his brother and a friend, but was released in just fifteen days after promising police that he would get local youth to give up their guns. His real motive for wanting to get out of jail early is to find and recapture a sixteen-year-old girl he had tortured, raped and forced into prostitution the previous year, who had fled his apartment;
  • 1994, the girl Medley had custody of is put under Youth Protection. While in Medley’s custody, she had been forced to make a sex video;
  • May, 1995, Medley is sentenced to forty-five weekends for selling drugs to an undercover cop;
  • October, 1995, Medley meets Tracey Gonzales.  Between November 1995 and September 1996, Gonzales helps Medley spot and lure potential girls she lived with in Youth Protection Centres to his apartment;
  • July, 1996, Medley and Gonzales beat and raped a sixteen-year-od girl. About five weeks later, Christina Sherry another of Medley’s co-accused lured the girl back to the apartment, where she is held prisoner for sixteen days;
  • September, 1996, police find girl in Medley’s apartment, arrest, and then release, Medley, Gonzales and Sherry;
  • October, 1996, police finding two more victims, arrested Medley, Gonzales and Sherry with more than thirty counts of sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, and living off  the avails of prostitution.

The response by the government in both the aforementioned Laval case, and that of Medley, have been the same, in that then and now, the government of Quebec acknowledges how easy it is, to lure girls away from the Youth Protection System due to what itself calls, ‘weaknesses in the system’ created by the laws governing the treatment of girls residing in Youth Protection group homes. They are also quick to say that they have no intention of changing the laws at this time.

(3) I believe that Celine Dion’s late husband, Rene Angelil’s actions prior to her becoming an adult, in any other circumstance would be considered predatory at best. The fact that the Quebec government saw fit to give this man a state funeral despite this, I believe told would be child abusers that it was okay to prey on young girls as long as their success brings fame to Quebec. That Celine and Rene’s  relationship turned out to be a great love story is of little consequence. Rene Angelil, controlled who Celine saw and everything that she did; how could it have turned out any differently?

Celine admitted in an  interview HuffPost Canada Music / By Jason MacNeil / Posted: 09/12/2013, that:

her mother was not happy with her relationship with Rene Angelil, saying, “It was very difficult for her,” Dion said regarding her mom, now 86. “When I told her I had some really strong feelings for Rene she tried everything to kill him and make me snap out of it. I was very frustrated and mad at first, but she tried to make me understand that this man, had tried marriage twice before, he had three children, he was not responsible.

She said, ‘You’re my daughter, you’re my baby and I want the perfect Prince Charming for you.’ And then it was so strong, that my whole family was in love with him and she had no choice.”

“If my first son RC came [to me] with this lady who has kids and she’s forty-five and she thinks she knows best, [I’d be] like, ‘Take your hand off of my son.'”  

So, if Celine Dion’s mother knew that the relationship was inappropriate and Celine knows that these types of relationships are inappropriate, how come the government of Quebec did not think so?

How could the Quebec government have felt the need to honour a person such as Rene Angelil, with a state funeral, paid for with tax payer dollars.

It is my belief that in doing so, Quebec has said two things to all who would abuse and prey on children:

  1. if you intend to take unfair advantage of children in Quebec, please make sure that they fall in love with you, and that they remain in love with you forever;
  2. make sure that there  is a greater value in honoring you, than in your prosecution.

Was the province of Quebec so thirsty for international attention, that it overlooked, turned a blind eye, and even rewarded a child predator?  I think that Quebec Politicians giving Rene Angelil a state funeral answered that question.

Unfortunately,  little girls who go missing in Quebec and across Canada stay missing, or turn up dead. missing children fall into a category of people, that all levels of government like to talk about saving, but do little, or nothing to  save.  Talk is cheap when it comes to saving children from those who are intent on using them and hurting them. If you do not believe me, ask the people of our First Nations. They have been trying to get all levels of government and law enforcement to act on the over two thousand unsolved cases of missing, or murdered aboriginal girls and women, for decades, with only empty promises, or outright refusals to act to show for their efforts.





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