Rona Ambrose, Just Another Wise-Cracking, Mud-Slinging, Disingenuous Politician

It is my opinion, that Rona Ambrose, is yet another Member of Parliament, who wanted to do good for Canadians, but allowed her party leader’s,(in this case Stephen Harper’s) politics to change her into just another wise-cracking, mud-slinging, disingenuous politician, at best, and a puppet on a string dancing to her masters tune, at the worst.

Prior to her work in federal politics, Rona Ambrose sought to use her education  and energy to work for the betterment of all Canadians.  Especially when it came to women. Rona Ambrose’s community service included involvement with organizations working to end violence against women; including the Status of Women Action Group, the Victoria Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre, and the Edmonton Women’s Shelter.

The Status of Women Action Group, distanced themselves from Rona Ambrose, as she abandoned the women’s right to choose movement and made the values and positions of her party, her own, and started to support, the pro-life movement.

Rona Ambrose once said, “Working women want to make their own choices, we don’t need old white guys telling us what to do,” in reference to the Liberal national child care plan. I found it sad, that Rona Ambrose, who once fought for the right of women to make their own choices, succumbed to the pressure of politics, and allowed herself to be used as a tool to deny women the freedom of choice when it came to the abortion issue.

I believe, that Rona Ambrose has used her numerous cabinet appointments to hammer out the party line rather than work for what she believed in.

The fact that Rona Ambrose, held six ministerial positions during Stephen Harper’s reign, is in my mind a testament of all the chances she had to really make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians, but instead, willingly played the sarcastic, caustic and non-empathetic bearer of her party’s rhetoric.

Rona Ambrose has a bachelor of arts from the University of Victoria and a master of arts degree in political science from the University of Alberta.  She is a former communication consultant and public policy consultant for the Alberta government. She served as the Conservatives’ Intergovernmental Affairs critic when the party was in opposition during her first term.  Rona Ambrose, in my opinion became a political whore; selling out Canadians for her personal gain and the promise of higher political office.

Rona Ambrose has been Canada’s:

  • Minister of Health ;
  • vice-chair of the Treasury Board cabinet committee;
  • Minister of the Environment;
  • Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs;
  • Minister of Western Economic Diversification;
  • President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada;
  • Minister of Labour;
  • Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada;
  • Minister for Status of Women.

Can you name one positive thing that she will be remembered for having accomplished after holding all of the aforementioned ministerial positions within the Canadian government? All I can remember is cynical, sarcastic barbs, and off the cuff statements based on ideology rather than on scientific fact.

On May 11, 2006, before the House of Commons, Minister of the Environment, Rona Ambrose, said:

  • “We would have to pull every truck and car off the street, shut down every train and ground every plane to reach the Kyoto target negotiated by the Liberals;
  • “Or we could shut all the lights off in Canada tomorrow, but that still wouldn’t be enough  to reach our Kyoto target; we’d have to shut off all the lights, shut down the entire agriculture industry;
  • “Or instead we could shut down every individual Canadian household, not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times over to meet the Kyoto target the Liberals negotiated for Canada;
  • “Or, we could do what the Liberals thought was the answer faced with the realization that the target they negotiated meant shutting down Canada’s economy, and spend money overseas buying international credits.

On September 26, 2012, as Minister responsible for the Status of Women, Rona Ambrose:

  • voted in favour of Motion 312, a motion by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, that would have directed a Commons committee to revisit the section of the Criminal Code defining at what point human life begins. This was seen as an attempt to re-open debate on abortion laws. Ambrose responded to her critics, stating her concern of discrimination against girls that is made possible by sex-selection abortion.

On June 11, 2015, as Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose states:

  • that she is outraged, that (in a unanimous decision) the Supreme Court of Canada expanded the definition of what constituted medical marijuana, to include oils, teas, brownies, etc. from its previous limitation to dried leaves, saying, “Marijuana has never gone through the regulatory approval process at Health Canada, which requires rigorous safety reviews and clinical trials with scientific evidence”.  When asked why the testing has not been done when people are taking medical marijuana every day, Rona Ambrose said, “It is not my job as Minister. If there is clinical evidence and a company decided… to submit it to the regulatory approval process, it would be looked at. That has never happened.”

Rona Ambrose is now the interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. It is quickly becoming apparent that she has put aside her promise to lead her party into  a new era of positive change, and become a party that Canadians can relate to and hopefully vote back into power.   I have decided after listening to her attacks on Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, which Rona Ambrose has chosen to ignore, that it was Canadians, along with the people of the First nations:

  • who voted her Conservative Party of Canada out of office in the last federal election, despite the very unfair,  ‘Fair Elections Act’;
  • who gave the Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada a majority government;
  • who said with their ballot that after ten years of gloom and doom, divisive politics and fear mongering, and zero transparency, that enough was enough and embraced Justin Trudeau’s message of hope, return to Canadian values, and transparent government.
  • who voted not only for a change in the governing party, but also for a change in the way the federal government conducted itself, worked with others, and consulted all stake holders in its decision making process;
  • realized that it was the Conservative Government of Canada’s decision to bet Canada’s economic future almost entirely on the profits it hoped to generate from oil sales, that were responsible for the poor state of the Canadian economy;
  • it was her government’s refusal to consult with First Nations and its’ instance that the paternalistic approach to dealing with First nations remained in place, that was (a) partially responsible for the lack of improvement in all of the problems facing First Nations People today, such as: the Lack of fresh drinking water, substandard housing…(b) responsible for the lack of improvement in the wellness of First Nations communities, which are still rated as communities having the highest suicide rate, drug and alcohol addiction rate, dropout rate, incarceration rate, and unsolved cases of  missing and murdered women and girls, (c) inability to get consensus on how to share in the profits that could be generated by developing and bringing to market natural resources found on, in an under, First Nation land. (d) The billions of dollars wasted on court cases designed to force First Nations to give up what was rightfully theirs by treaty.

After ten years of Conservative rule, five of which were in a majority government status, Canadians simply grew tired of the Conservative Party’s arrogance.  I, also think that Canadians understood full well that Justin Trudeau, was far from perfect, but that they viewed his imperfections, as making him, more like them; a relief form the I know what is best, no need to consult, one man show of Stephen Harper.

Rona Ambrose said in an interview, “We talked about tone being substantive, and not petty, and I said tone was important, to be strong, but not angry.” “Tone is also about respect, and it’s about how you treat one another in caucus, outside of caucus, and also how you treat other people in the House. If you want tone to change, it starts with respect.”

Has Rona Ambrose forgotten how to be respectful, civil and courteous, or is she another wise-cracking, mud-slinging, disingenuous politician, at best, and a puppet on a string dancing to her masters tune, at the worst?

I have wondered, just who chose Rona Ambrose for interim leader? Was Rona Ambrose’s being given the nod, the price Stephen Harper demanded for his absence from Parliament Hill, unless he is required to vote?

Jennifer Ditchburn, The Canadian Press, November 6, 2015 wrote, “The easy shorthand about the interim leader of the Conservative party is that she’s just another message-track Stephen Harper foot soldier sent in to take on charismatic, progressive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

I was hoping that Rona Ambrose could have brought the missing human touch back into the Conservative Party of Canada. That she would actually reach out to ordinary Canadians, others in opposition parties, and the governing Liberal Party, but that has just not proved to be the case. Instead what I see, is just another Stephen Harper empty headed dummy, sitting on the lap of a master ventriloquist, mouthing the words that express, ideologies, policies, values, and dreams of a Canada, that were never her own.


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