Please Mr. President Build That Wall And Set Canada Free

I think that all Canadians should pray to whatever entity in which they believe, that the United States of America builds a wall separating Canada from itself.  My hope would be that if the United States of America did so, it would force future Canadian governments to realize, that Canada needs to start acting like a sovereign nation.

Given the violent state of the world, and the violent role that the Canadian government seems determined to force our military to play in it, I would suggest that both Canada’s military personnel and available equipment has been reduced in numbers, so as to put Canada, and Canadians, at risk from attacks, both foreign and domestic. Consecutive Canadian governments having failed to provide our military with the most up to date equipment, have put our military personnel in unnecessary danger, and put Canada in a position of being unable:

  • to defend its borders, way of life, and values, against any nation which would threaten these things;
  • to assist our allies in more than a symbolic way militarily when called upon to fulfil its role as an ally. Like sending six outdated, refitted, CF-18 fighter jets to support the fight against ISIL.

I believe that the United States of America:

  • has never been a friend to Canada;
  • has no respect for the sovereignty of other nations;
  • seeks to impose its will on the world through military might;
  • holds itself above, and out of reach of international law, international treaties, and does not recognize the authority of the International Court to judge it;
  • considers itself the only true super power in the world, seeing all other nations as expendable and exploitable;
  • is not capable of  nation to nation friendship.

When Canada is insulted, taken advantage of, and threatened by the government of the USA, the Canadian government no longer defends itself, but instead, proclaims to its citizenry, the media, and the world, how the USA is our friend and hero; just like in the cartoon relationship between Spike and Chester:  Canada being Chester and the USA, being Spike.  Bullied, intimidated, and pro-American brain washed, Canada in my opinion became more like and abused spouse, rather than an equal partner in a nation to nation relationship.  It is my belief that friendship between people and nations can only be achieved when there is mutual respect shared between them.

Most Canadians have no problem understanding that the fear utilized by a bully will never flourish into a healthy friendship, so why does the Canadian government not get it?  I acknowledge that over a long period of time both parties may grow so accustomed to the abuse, that they may even accept it as being normal; but anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that this type of relationship is just not healthy.

When I think about Canada and the USA being neighbours, and what that has meant in terms of Canada’s sovereignty, pride and future, things like psychological warfare, invasion, and terrorism, come to my mind.

When the press, the Canadian government, and other Canadians refer to the Americans as friends, allies, and Canada’s best and biggest trading partner, I realize how effective the USA’s propaganda and psychological war efforts have been, the effect being a total pro-American brainwashing, resulting in a bloodless takeover of Canada.

Was the Soft Wood Lumber issue a simple misunderstanding between the Canadian government and the government of the USA? Was it a simple misunderstanding in law between our two nations that needed clarification in the independent International Court? I think not.  It could have been, and should have been, but that would have required from the USA a respect for:

  • Canada;
  • the International Court before which the case was brought by both countries for a decision;
  • the rules and laws that govern the international treaties and trade deals of which it is a part of, and signature member of;
  • the fact, that despite its great military power, that it is bound and obligated to accept and  comply with all decisions arbitrated and judgements rendered by the International Court, whether for, or against them.

The USA’s refusal to do as the International Court ordered it to do in the Softwood Lumber Case, proved to me that the USA:

  • had no respect for any of the aforementioned;
  • was no friend to Canada;
  • was an out of control bully and rogue nation.

Most Canadians know that:

  • the bombing runs are having little to no effect in stopping ISIS;
  • Canada’s six out of date fighter jets were a token gesture of support for the USA led coalition bombing in Syria;
  • Canada could do other things to help fight ISIS’s influence in the area, like training troops and humanitarian work.

Despite this universal knowledge, the only questions being asked by the Canadian news media are:

  • what will the reactions be in the USA, and what consequences will Canada have to face from the USA for our doing one thing or another;
  • how will this affect Canada’s relationship with the USA in other areas. In other words, how will the USA choose to punish the present Canadian government for doing what it thinks is best for Canada, without asking for permission to do so from the USA, first?

What would appear to be Canada’s inability, or unwillingness to act on any major political file without USA  approval, and its seemingly low self-esteem, in my opinion, has cost Canada any serious claim that it is a sovereign nation. We still elect governments, but who is running them? Is our sovereignty protected by our military, like it once was? I think not. I think that we rely on international laws to protect our sovereignty.

Trade disputes, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, are all examples of areas the USA refuses to allow itself to be held accountable to the international community, and the World Court; so it would seem that our sovereignty, in reality, depends on how long the USA wishes the world to see it that way.

That the Canadian government is actually in control of its own self-defense, economy, environment, and immigration files, are well-crafted illusions. Ordinary Canadians and the Canadian government should be ashamed to have given up this nation’s hard-won sovereignty, without a single shot having to be fired by our neighbor to the south. How our ancestors must be rolling in their graves to know that the sovereign Canada that they had fought, bled and died for, was lost to the USA, in a bloodless coup.

I believe that Canada’s ‘friendship and partnership’ with the USA, has not made Canada, more respected, trusted, or more economically sound.  What Canada appears to have become, is a nation:

  • more intolerant to others, who are different then it’s majority population, culturally, religiously, and ethnically;
  • willing to violate international laws of nation sovereignty, that it is  not only a signatory to, but is also dependant on, for its own sovereignty;
  • unwilling to provide emergency aid internationally, without getting something back in return;
  • which seeks military solutions, where once it chose to seek negotiated settlements through diplomatic avenues;
  • which puts making money ahead of the welfare of the majority of its own people;
  • without a conscience, without a moral compass and without a sense of national pride.

I believe that Canada has lost it’s identity, and now is little more than a puppet dancing to the tune of its masters in Washington.

When I take into consideration that Canada has gone from being one of the world’s most respected, trusted, and loved countries, to being:

  • hated;
  • called a USA puppet;
  • targeted by terrorists for violent acts, both abroad and on its own soil I do not feel safer, loved, or enriched.

Add to that the fact that Canada has become totally dependant politically, economically, and militarily, on the USA, and  I am prepared to say, Please Mr. President, build that wall and set Canada free!



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  1. I see what you are saying. Jesus in us sets us free setting others free. The real loser is he that refuses to have Jesus in them. They will hold people in bondage using fear.

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