NDP’s Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton Try To Turn Accidental Elbow Into An Intentional Assault

I have 2 daughters and two granddaughters and I have never raised my hand to any of them in a violent manner.  When my daughter’s grew into young women, started dating and brought the young men home to meet me I made it clear how it would go if I even thought my daughters were  being abused emotionally or physically in their company. When I did find out that at some point there was both emotional and physical abuse going on, let’s just say I put an end to it.  My point is that I hate it when men abuse women.

I also made sure that my daughters understood, that accusing someone of sexual assault, physical, or emotional abuse was serious business. I explained to them that such accusations lead to serious consequences and have the potential to do irreversible damage to the accused. I also explained that once they accused someone of abusing them they should have the person arrested, insist that the case be heard in court and think of themselves as survivors, not victims.

Parliamentarians need to stop trying to gain political points with women’s groups, by turning every misspoken word, every accidental bump at the water, every request for a date, and yes even an accidental elbow into a fight to end the abuse of women in the work place.

The moment the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton decided to turn an accidental elbow, into an intentional assault, they crossed the line of credibility. These three NDP, MPs hurt the fight to:

  • end the abuse of women in the work place;
  • create true gender equality in the work place on Parliament Hill, and all over Canada.

The NDP’s Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton engaged in character assignation and political opportunism, by making false allegations and accusations with the intent to publicly humiliate and defame the character of the prime minister.

It would seem that going to work  on Parliament  Hill, if you are a male opposition member of parliament is a risky business with these three NDP MPs working there. I would suggest that it would be safer, for male opposition members reputations if they had no interaction with female MPs of the NDP either on the job or in private, unless wearing a body camera, or both are in the presence of credible witnesses.

With these three on the Hill, male opposition MPs run the risk of having their lives ruined.  There appears to be no line that the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton will not cross to gain media attention or political points.

I believe that their presence in the work place is beginning to create an unstable work environment for males in the opposition parties and their families.

Ask yourself this:

  • Would you feel good  about going to work, or sending your significant other off to work knowing that it could be their turn to be singled out by Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton, and falsely accused of assault?

If you answered no then you agree with me that Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton need to apologise to:

  • Justin Trudeau for falsely accusing him of intentional assaulting Ruth Ellen Brosseau;
  • fellow parliamentarians for intentionally misleading the House;
  •  Canadians for wasting time and tax payer dollars by not being ready to vote when the House was reconvened after a thirty minute break.

In a place where everyone is supposed to act like adults and be treated as equals:

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ends up being the catalyst of a shoving, name calling pushing chaos. This kind of childish behaviour is sometimes seen from impatient children in a primary school yard and never tolerated.  This type of behaviour should never be seen on the floor of the House of Commons, by our elected MPs, and every last one of the participants in the melee should feel ashamed of themselves;
  • The NDP decide to score some political points by accusing the prime minister of intentionally trying to injure NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau;
  • NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau claims that the prime minister intentionally elbowed her in the chest and  that it so traumatized her, that she was forced to leave the chamber, and miss the vote;
  • NDP Leader Tom Mulcair adds to the childishness and chaos by screaming at the prime minister, “What kind of man elbows a woman? It’s pathetic! You’re pathetic!”
  • NDP MP, Nikki Ashton adds to the craziness by trying to make this whole thing into a woman’s issue by saying,  “I am ashamed to be a witness to the person who holds the highest position in our country do such an act. I want to say that for all of us who witnessed this, this was deeply traumatic, what I will say, if we apply a gendered lens, it is very important that young women in this space feel safe to come here and work here”.  “He made us feel unsafe and we’re deeply troubled by the conduct of the prime minister of this country.”

We are paying big salaries to MPs that act like children:

  • Trudeau had no business escorting anyone to their chair. Controlling the adult/children that are supposed to be acting in a respectful, efficient manner in the House of Commons is the job of the Speaker of the House of Commons, not his.
  • Tom Mulcair accusing him of intentionally elbowing a woman shows how desperate he is to find anything to bring Justin Trudeau down politically.
  • Thomas Mulcair’s actions during this madness, has proved he has learned nothing by his defeat in the last election and rejection of his party. Thomas Mulcair is the same opportunistic, dishonest politician that cost his party the election and him the leadership of NDP.
  •  NDP MP, Nikki Ashton cheapened herself and the cause she claims to be so passionate about by creating a false scenario of intentional violence, where there was no intention to harm Ruth Ellen Brosseau.
  • NDP MP, Nikki Ashton’s, ‘he made us feel unsafe speech,’ was ridiculous.  Niki Ashton’s willingness to use a lie to tie the unfortunate accident into a gender equality issue in politics, is part of the reason people do not believe women victims of real abuse, at face value on Parliament Hill, or anywhere else.
  • NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau through her theatrics and false accusations has given every chauvinistic, sexist argument ever raised about keeping women out of politics, a chance to resurface and be brought forward.

The truth of the matter is that:

  • there is thirty minutes wait to give MPs the opportunity to return to the House of Commons for a vote that could and should be used for discussion if it is needed. By not sitting down as soon as they enter the chamber  when the House is reconvened to take the vote members are showing a disrespect to their colleagues, causing unnecessary delay in the everyday working of the House;
  • Unfortunately neither the NDP whip nor the Conservative whip had a problem with wasting time and tax payer dollars, chatting and obstructing the working of the House;
  • Justin Trudeau has been the only politician to take responsibility and express regret for his actions, by apologizing to Canadians and his fellow parliamentarians;
  • some may say that his actions belie his claim to want to make the House of Commons a more respectful and civil place to work in, and I agree, but his admission to wrong doing, his apology and promise to do better, shows me that he has made a mistake, but is committed to the changes he has vowed to make;
  • unfortunately Justin Trudeau was the only politician to think that there was a need for a personal apology to Canadians and other parliamentarians for the actions of that day and the behaviour that has followed.

Following up:

In an exclusive interview she gave  on Friday to the Canadian Press, NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau has lashed out at those who think she has taken the accidental elbowing incident too far, and are accusing her of calling wolf.

Quotes from the interview:

  • “If I was a man and I was hit in the nuts, would we be having the same conversation? I don’t know,” Brosseau said.
  • “And then (people are asking), ‘Was she hit hard enough in the breast?’ Do I have to justify how hard I was hit in the breast? It doesn’t matter.”
  • “It is just going to be important, moving forward, what happens to make sure something like that does not repeat itself.”

I think that:

  • Brosseau’s  first question was answered with the outrage and public condemnation the prime minister received for taking the Conservative whip by the elbow and deliberately forcing him to move;
  • if Brosseau is going to give interviews, she should learn to use the word testicles instead of nuts. When Brosseau refers to what happened to her, she uses the correct word breast, not tits;
  • you do have to justify how hard you were hit, be it in the breast, or testicles, if you publicly state that you were traumatized by the elbow, and do nothing to stop you colleagues from making you the poster child  for abuse of women in the work place;
  • considering her exclusive interview with the Canadian Press on Friday was front page news on Saturday, Brosseau could avoid the type of media attention she claims not to want, if she stopped giving exclusive interviews and stopped arguing with people on Twitter and other social media sites, about the accidental elbowing.

Brosseau also said that she accepted the prime minister’s apology right away, and all of the others since, but complained that he had not reached out to her personally.   If I were the prime minister, I would seriously consider:

  • the actions of some NDP female MPs of  the not too distant past, and present;
  • the price male opposition members have had to pay for being alone in their company;
  • not speaking privately with her, or being in her company alone.

Why risk being publicly accused of  saying something out of place,  not giving a sincere enough apology, or  inappropriate behaviour, by Brosseau, or one of her fellow NDP colleagues in an exclusive interview, or on Twitter?  This after all seems to be the method of choice of some members of the NDP to get the public’s attention focussed on them.


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