For What Reason Would Any Citizen Of The USA Need To Own An AR-15

I do not think that anyone should be killing anyone. I fully acknowledge that this was an act of terror targeting the LBGT community. I agree that it was motivated by the hatred of what the LBGT community represents.  I concede that this heinous act was carried out by an insane person born in the USA.

Having said this it is important to understand that the real threat to Americans on their home soil is insane Americans:

  • with an axe to grind against their government;
  • who have criminal records for committing violent crimes;
  • who are being investigated by law enforcement agencies for supporting terrorist activities;
  • who despite the afore-mentioned, are still able to legally obtain weapons capable of killing hundreds of innocent Americans in a few moments; like the one shown below.

This is a picture of an AR-15. I think that it and all firearms like it are weapons of mass destruction in the hands of anyone with an axe to grind and the will to kill.

13413077_10153975166201130_8684445261855112907_n (2)The AR-15, legally bought in the USA was the weapon of choice used to kill innocent:

  • elementary  school children in Newton;
  • movie goers in Aurora;
  • students and faculty in San Bernardino;
  • party-goers in Orlando.

Despite the AR-15 being the favorite choice of Americans wishing to kill other innocent Americans:

  • the AR-15 and other firearms just like it can be obtained legally in the USA;
  • there are no plans that I have heard of to date that would bar the AR-15  entry into the USA.

Donald Trump the Republican Party’s choice for president of the USA, has stated the Orlando Massacre proves that he is right when says he would bar all Muslims from immigrating  to the USA if elected the president of the USA later this Year.

I say, there will always be crazy people of every race, religion, culture and ethnicity, lurking in the shadows looking to make a statement and draw attention to themselves through senseless violence. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that.  Fortunately there is something we can do to minimize the damage and sorrow they cause. We need to stop the crazies regardless of their religious beliefs, place of birth, cultural heritage, or idealistic beliefs from being able to legally purchase weapons of mass destruction like the AR-15.

I find it very interesting that not one Canadian political leader had the courage to mention that those that died in Orlando might still be alive if guns were not so easy to acquire by anyone of legal age in  the USA. Those who advocate for the right to bear arms in the USA, are guilty aiding and abetting a gun wielding murderer.  All those who support the sale of high-powered weapons to US citizens have the blood of those fifty dead and all of those others injured on their hands.

ISIL has claimed this attack on the Orlando night club, but what has that got to do with how they were killed and how it could have and should have been avoided?

Let us never forget that if this American born supporter of ISIL was able to legally get his hands on a weapon capable of killing hundreds of people, because of organizations like the NRA, who have successfully blocked all attempts to make such weapons illegal in the USA. The NRA and all groups of their kind are as guilty of murder in the deaths of those in Orlando, San Bernardino, Aurora, and Newton, as the American born insane person who decided that he had the right to kill and seriously injure over one hundred Americans belonging to the LBGT community.

An American born insane person used the American Constitution to kill other Americans. He used the right for every American citizen to bear arms guaranteed him in the Constitution of the United States of America as he perceived it to defend himself, his family and his country, against a threat to his family, religion, country and way of life.

Of course all sane people know that this is as ridiculous as Donald Trump’s assertion that this act of violence by one insane American citizen justifies his anti-Muslim, Islamophobic rhetoric.

Why would an ordinary citizen need to have this weapon capable of killing so many so quickly and easily? I would suggest that the only reason to have such a weapon is to engage in the mass killing of people.

I think that there has been enough:

  • debate in the USA regarding the constitutionality of tougher gun control laws;
  • senseless deaths caused by insane Americans with violent histories legally obtaining firearms like the AR-15;
  • condolences to the families of these victims by politicians who for political gain fight for the right for such insane Americans to be able to obtain such weapons of mass destruction.

Note: The Orlando Massacre was only the deadliest mass terrorist shooting in the history of the United States of America, if we a willing to forget the:

  • East St Louis Massacre of 1917 where there were anywhere from 200-700 deaths;
  • Arkansas Massacre of 1919 where there were 854 deaths;
  • Tulsa Massacre of 1921 where there were 300-3000 deaths;
  • Rosewood Massacre of 1923 where there were 150 deaths.

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