Why Are Young People Of The West Becoming ISIL’S Fifth Wave?


I will begin by saying that I do not think that killing innocent people by any side of any conflict can be justified. Having said that, I do not believe that justice is served when one side of a conflict is blocked from pursuing and seeking justice in the International Criminal Court for what it perceives as war crimes and other atrocities being inflicted upon them by another country. When all other reasonable efforts to attain freedom, or seek justice are being blocked, or have failed,  I believe that is possible to make others feel that they have no other recourse, but to strike back in any way they can, using whatever weapons they have at their disposal. If this were not so the state of Israel would not exist as it does today.

There are all sorts of reasons that make the young people born in Muslim countries join groups like ISIL and al Qaeda, such as, religious beliefs, culture, peer pressure, and even force, but that is not the issue for today’s post. Today I am looking at why young people born and raised in western, predominantly Christian, democratically governed countries, are such easy targets for what western governments are calling, Islamic radicalization and I call ISIL’s fifth wave.

ISIL’s ‘Fifth Wave are young people of the west who:

  • are angry at their government and being used by ISIL to kill other citizens of the west; 
  • are ashamed with the wars and the methods of war that their government have decided to engage in for their vested interest;
  • are sympathetic with the senseless loss of millions of innocent lives, and with the need for millions of innocent people to flee war ravaged countries;
  • are an almost undetectable force attacking ISIL’s enemies from within their own country;
  • give a psychological advantage to ISIL, because whether these young people are killed by their own police on their own streets, or during western military actions abroad, ISIL can claim that they have the people of the west at war with themselves, and killing each other; a win-win for ISIL.

The driving forces responsible for the anger in western young people is coming from:

Modern technology, which has made it impossible for young people not to know that their governments have a long history of breaking treaties and betraying allies; then covering up acts of betrayal and bad decisions with lies and a total lack of transparency.  This information accessible to them at the push of a button, has to make it very difficult for educated young people, despite the fact that they were born and raised in the west to trust, respect and support their government.  While most citizens take part in peaceful protest marches, or write posts like this one to show their dissatisfaction with their government’s actions, far too many have become easy targets for what the west is calling, Islamic radicalization.

Undeniable historic facts:

  • In 1915 Sir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt, offered Sherif Hussein of Mecca an independent Arab state (the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence) if he would help the British fight against the Ottoman Turks.  The area promised to the Arabs in McMahon’s letter of Oct 1915 excluded only the territory to the west of a line from Damascus north to Aleppo.  Palestine, far to the south, was, by implication, included as part of independent Arab state.
  • The British later denied that Palestine was included in the promise and refused to publish the correspondence until 1939.  The problem with this British lie, was that historically Palestine had always formed part of Syria, was overwhelmingly Arab, and was in contrast to the letters, which promised the Arab independence movement control of the Middle East territories. 
  • The signing of the Balfour Declaration dated was a letter dated 2 November 1917 was a key moment in the lead-up to the Arab–Israeli conflict. 
  • The agreement allowed for the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine.  
  • Sharif of Mecca Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi and other Arab leaders saw the Balfour Declaration as a violation of previous agreements made in the McMahon-Hussein correspondence two years earlier.

It may not serve the agenda of western politicians and the government of Israel to see the creation of an Islamic state, but an Islamic state was the deal made during the First World War by Britain and it is the honoring the McMahon-Hussein correspondence that ISIL and their allies claim to be fighting for today. 

Continually getting caught in lies used to convince nations of the world that it is necessary to invade a sovereign nation, and the consequences of such actions, like in the lies told below.

  • UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and President of the USA George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was based on deliberate lies. They knew that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction stock piled and ready to be used against the USA and their allies.
  • George W. Bush and his administration deliberately lied when they said it was necessary to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was in league with Osama bin Laden.
  • A quarter of million people died as a result of those lies, and the count is still growing.

News coverage

Being bombarded daily with graphically explicit pictures and videos depicting the bloodied, dismembered and dying children caught up in USA bombing raids, or missile drops, or the bloated bodies of drowned children trying to flee war ravished regimes in which the USA and her allies are taking part in… helps to create an environment for young people born in the west to become sympathetic to the suffering of innocent Muslims.   ISIL and their allies use this sympathy to recruit and radicalize these sympathetic young people.

Failure to:

  • do anything to help the 300 girls kidnapped from school, leaving them to be raped and forced into becoming the child brides of Boko Haram soldiers;
  • end the bombing missions in Syria that are at least partially responsible for causing millions of innocent people to flee their country;
  • end the continued financially and military support of Israel, after it illegally expanded its territory beyond what was agreed upon in the Balfour Agreement;
  • end unconditional support of Israel;
  • support and commend the Palestinians for trying to use legal avenues by seeking justice to what it claims are war crimes being perpetrated by Israel;
  • end the practice of blocking and threatening to cut foreign aid to Palestinians for seeking justice in the World Court for what they consider war crimes that have been perpetrated by the State of Israel.

The creation of racist laws and policies designed to:

  • eliminate, or make it extremely difficult for Muslims to immigrate to the west;
  • make it a crime to speak against the methods of war used by the Western Alliance;
  •   make a crime to openly acknowledge, or support in any way the need, or the right of the Islamic people to create an Islamic State;
  • place any person converting to Islam under suspicion of being radicalized.

Food for thought:

It is the 2nd world war all over againThe nations of the west have begun to back-slide on their promise and commitment to never allow the atrocities engaged in by the Nazis to ever be ignored again.

In the USA and Canada, instead of violating the rights of people of Japanese heritage, politicians in both countries are using  the law to violate the rights of their Muslim citizens.  In Quebec, Canada the Parti Quebecoise proposed a Charter of Quebec Values, in an attempt to force Muslims from wearing certain religious attire.

In France and Belgium, it is the Muslims being forced to live in ghettos surrounded by those who hate them, instead of the Jews of Europe. All too often they face many of the same atrocities endured by the Jews of Europe.  Throughout Europe Muslims are being encouraged to not be too obvious, so as not to install fear in the Christian majority. Then there is the outlawing of the Burkini in France.

Western leaders are afraid to have Muslims in their country, but are even more afraid to let those who wish to leave return to their homeland or the land of their ancestors. To this end some western nations deny Muslims freedom of travel, spit on them in the street, beat up Muslim mothers taking their children to school, and go as far as calling their religious wear promoting radicalism.

Amnesty International stated on  January 7th, 2015 that,” Israel, the USA and EU member states must refrain from punishing or threatening Palestine for taking the positive step of granting the International Criminal Court  jurisdiction over crimes under international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Retaliation such as:

  1. One day after the Palestinian President signed the instrument of accession to the Rome Statute, Israel suspended the payment of around US$127 million in tax revenues due to the Palestinian authorities.
  2. The USA threatened to invoke a law passed by Congress which requires the government to stop its annual Economic Support Fund aid (amounting to $500 million) to the Palestinian authorities if “the Palestinians initiate an International Criminal Court judicially authorized investigation, or actively support such an investigation, that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.
  3. Israel and the USA, EU member states and Canada have consistently pressured the Palestinian authorities not to take steps to grant the International Criminal Court jurisdiction in recent years; such pressure has included threats to withdraw financial assistance on which the Palestinian authorities depend.
  4. In July 2014, the EU Foreign Affairs Council warned the Palestinian authorities “to use constructively its UN status [which it obtained in 2012] and not to undertake steps which would lead further away from a negotiated solution.” Joining the Rome Statute was considered such a step; influential EU member states, including the UK and France, had publicly opposed Palestine seeking access to the International Criminal Court.

Israel and the USA, EU member states and Canada have through their actions undermined the very justice and peaceful solution that they purport to be seeking.

This is a war that cannot be won with soldiers, weapons, political rhetoric, or bad immigration laws and policies. This is a war that can only be won by acknowledgement of wrong doing, and a righting of wrongs.  Failure to change from aggression to diplomacy, will result in the young people of the west becoming:

  • increasingly angry with their own government and more dangerous to their own neighbors; 
  • more sympathetic to the plight of innocent Muslims caught up in a war without any foreseeable end, and acting out in the horrible ways; killing and being killed by their own countrymen; 
  • the willing fifth wave of ISIL.

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