Part Four Of: Debunking Canadian Political Rhetoric One Fabrication At A Time

spike-and-chester-jpg-1There was a time not so long ago that Canada was viewed as a country with a conscience and a set of values of its own; deciding for itself the rights and wrongs of the world…looking nothing like the USA’s snivelling, whiney sidekick of today.

You would have to be living in a cave, totally cut off from the real world, not to have heard a Canadian politician state that the United States of America is Canada’s greatest ally, trading partner and friend? This is one of the most used pieces of Canadian political rhetoric. This statement needs to be shown for the total fabrication that it is.

The belief in this lie has:

  • weakened Canada’s ability to defend itself against the greatest military threat to it in terms of proximity…the United States of America;
  • allowed for the myth that we need the USA as a trading partner, more than it needs us;
  • created the illusion that the United States of America is Canada’s best friend, rather than the bully that lives next door.

Canada’s greatest ally?

The United States of America has always been and continues to be the greatest threat to Canadian sovereignty in the world today.  The government of the  USA feels that it not only has the right to ignore what it considers to be bad Canadian political decisions that might do adversely affect their economy, or pose an obstacle when trying to get a defense system in place, but has an obligation to its citizenry to do so. If the USA was Canada’s greatest ally it would not threaten to violate Canadian air space; Canadian waters, or dispute the validity of what has always been considered Canadian sovereign soil.

Take for example the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system.

The BMD program had nothing to do with enhancing the security of Canadians and yet Defence Minister Graham admitted that the real reason Canada sign on to the BMD was to accommodate the USA. The USA had threatened that if Canada did not sign on they would simply do it themselves and Canada would not be at the table to agree or disagree if the time came to utilise the system. Threats of compliance or else do not speak to a military alliance, but rather to a greater military force saying join me or be forced into agreement.

Canada’s greatest trading partner?

The USA sees Canada’s sovereignty and borders as a mere formality, and views Canada’s natural resources as theirs to do as they please. The government of  the USA takes neither thing seriously and has proven time and again that no trade deal with Canada will be permitted to unduly influence what they feel is in the best interest of the USA.

NAFTA is a prime example of how the government of the United States of America takes from a trade agreement with Canada what is good for the USA and ignores what it feels runs contrary to the interest of the USA.  Under NAFTA there are rules to settle disputes and the decisions after the final court ruling are supposed to be binding to all stake holders. how is it then that despite Canada winning every appeal in the process the government of the USA to this day refuses to honor the outcome that saw Canada the winner in the Soft Wood Lumber dispute?

The US government now holds over $5 billion in duties extracted from Canadian exporters. Despite Canada having won virtually all the legal actions against the USA under NAFTA and the WTO, the US government has continued to stonewall or simply disregard rulings, and has refused to hand back this money.

If the country that steals from Canada the most is the mitigating factor when determining Canada’s greatest trading partner then yes Canada truly has no greater trading partner than the USA.

Canada’s best friend? Canada as a nation has lost much in terms of honor, self-respect and, self-determination, in its effort to be a good friend to the USA. This is not the way to build a personal friendship and it is not the way to build a friendship between nations either.

When I think of Canada and its relationship with the USA, I am reminded of the relationship between Looney Tune’s cartoon characters “Spike and Chester”.  In this cartoon a little dog named Chester would scamper around a big bulldog named Spike saying, “Can we Spike, huh, can we?” Spike would end up back handing little Chester, sending him reeling backwards. Getting up visibly shaken Chester would say,” Spike is my hero, because he is so big and strong. ”

In a time before Canada became Chester to the USA:

  • Canadians could travel the world without fear of being attacked by anyone, because Canadians were loved and respected;
  • Canada never had to worry about home-grown terrorists, or terrorist’s attacks from abroad, because Canada did not commit terrorist attacks in other countries;
  • Canada’s foreign aid was given with no strings attached;
  • Canada used to welcome refugees, instead locking them up in jail without due process of law;
  • Canada used to be too valuable a friend to ever consider making an enemy of;
  • Canada believed that health care, homelessness and other domestic concerns relating to poverty took priority over balancing the budget;
  • a Canadian was a Canadian.

I do not know if going back to our old Canada is a possibility anymore, but I think that we have got to try, because in some ways Canada was:

  • the sanity in all of the chaos;
  • the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of countries facing seemingly insurmountable problems;
  • the only trusted player in the game of international affairs.

The USA is no friend to Canada and never has been. The USA has no friends, and feels it needs none.  The USA uses nations friendly to it as if they were pawns on a chess board: to be sacrificed as it sees fit in its efforts to fulfill its agenda of global domination.

If there is to be any consolation in all of this, it is that Chester one day does become the hero when Spike is proven to be not so brave, but merely an untested, untried bully.




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