Trump’s Victory Should Be a Wake Up Call to Canada and All Nations That Call The USA A Trusted Friend and Ally

Donald Trump’s victory should be a wake up call to Canada as well as all nations that call the USA a trusted friend and ally.  Canada must see that Donald Trump the racist, misogynist, liar and soon to be deserter of American allies, is knowingly what just about half of the forty-two percent of eligible American voters, voted for. (The 42% being those eligible to vote and took the opportunity to vote)  Canada must take the results of the American presidential election as proof that approximately half of the Americans that voted believe in Donald Trump’s vision for making the United States of America great again.  Canada must decide whether it is within our moral and ethical value system to have such a nation as either best friend, or friend at all.

For the last ten years’ Canadian politicians have forced fed Canadians the excuse that our economic dependence and reliance on the USA to defend us stops them from doing what they and we as Canadians know to be right. I believe that the Harper government relinquished Canadian sovereignty to the USA.

I believe that Stephen Harper’s desire to have Canada seen as a warrior nation instead of the peace keeping nation it was when he became the prime minister of Canada, was the main reason for this sellout. The time is now for the Canadian government to free itself from dependence on the USA for everything; undo the Harper era mess and make Canada great again in her own right.

To make Canada great again, I think Canada has to:

  • distance itself from the USA; (like a junkie go cold turkey if necessary)
  • rebuild our armed forces so that we can again defend ourselves; (Even if that means defending ourselves against them.)
  • make trade deals with other nations; (Europe, India, China etc.)
  • start imposing tariff for tariff, until the USA stops using protectionist, unfair trade policies against Canada; (Start by refusing to let any American cars into Canada.)

Donald Trump becoming the next president of the USA reminded me of something my mother told me when I was a boy and then again when I became an adult.  “Son you cannot pick your family, but you can pick your friends”.   It is imperative that Canada rethink its friendship with the USA.  Healthy friendships between people, or nations cannot be one-sided, or based on fear, but must be about the sharing of common values, interests, and a mutual respect for each other.

Canada’s friendship with the USA is not a healthy relationship.

Canadians need to consider before proclaiming our shared values, that the citizenry of the USA just elected for their next president a man who promised during his campaigned to:

  • build a wall between Mexico and the USA;
  • immediately deport or incarcerate millions of illegal Mexican immigrants;
  • tear up NAFTA;
  • withdraws from NATO;
  • become an ally to Russia in Syria, abandoning Canada and its European allies, in the American inspired and led military mission;
  • deny all Muslims entry into the USA.

Canadians need also consider before proclaiming our shared values, that the citizenry of the USA just elected for their next president a man who:

  • is heard on tape saying that he grabbed women’s genitals without their permission;
  • is heard on tape saying that he could not stop himself from kissing women without their permission;
  • is on record bragging that not paying his fair share of taxes in years makes him a genius;
  • has been caught on tape making fun of the disabled;
  • has demanded that a judge recuse himself from sitting on a case, because he was of Mexican heritage;
  • belittled and talk down to a fallen American soldier’s family.

The result of the election outcome rest squarely on the shoulders of the American electorate. The voters of USA are guilty of knowing the ugly facts concerning a candidate running for the presidency of their country, and voting for him anyway.  At least 50 million people in the USA voted for a man who said that his celebrity puts him above the law, and when it does not he uses every underhanded means at his disposal to get around the law. The results of the USA’s presidential election should make Canadians disappointed and ashamed with the citizens of the USA, but it should not send fear throughout the government and population.  If who the American’s elect to be their president can cause such panic and pandemonium in Canada, then I reiterate that Canada needs to distance itself from the USA.

If you are still arguing back and forth about what kind of America Donald Trump wishes to get back to, and feels will make the USA great again, consider his choice and appointment of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist.

It has been reported in the Daily Beast that Stephen Bannon, typed the phrase, ‘Turn on the hate’.  In 2014 Stephen Bannon while running Breitbart News, (A website that caters to white nationalists), wrote in an email discussing Republican leadership, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate,” “because that’s the only thing that will make them do their duty.”

Donald Trump has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that too many American men have no respect for American women, and too many American women have no respect for themselves.  Americans will have to live with the results of the election because they have no choice, but does this mean that Canadians do as well? I do not think so.

I think that the Canadian government and the Canadian people need to get back to what made Canada great, such as being a nation that:

  • can be trusted not betray, or run out on her allies;
  • prefers the use of diplomacy to settle disputes, only engaging in war as a last resort;
  • gives generously to those who are suffering;
  • welcomes with open arm those in need of refuge regardless of race, culture, religion, or sexual preference.

Voting for Donald Trump was not an American misstep. Americans have been heading for this type of governance since 9/11. Since 9/11 Americans have done little else but export the fear and hatred they have of all Muslims throughout the world.  They have crushed Muslim nations with military force, tracked down and murdered Muslim leaders in their own countries, and murdered innocent Muslim men , women and children in their beds.

It is a sense of superiority that makes the USA believe that it has the right to:

  • use the world court to prosecute others for war crimes, or crimes against humanity, while at the same time refuse to recognize the world court’s authority to pass judgement on them for war crime, or crimes against humanity;
  • can build a wall along its’ borders with Mexico and make the Mexican government pay for it;
  • not repay the money it owes Canada after losing in the world court its final appeal over the softwood lumber dispute;
  • that it can leave its allies fighting in Syria at their behest and go to through their support behind the side they declared the enemy.

What I am getting at is the USA is a failing democracy. Neither its people, or its government can be trusted any longer to do the honorable, or decent thing. What exactly does Canada have in common with the USA?

The USA does not:

  • honor trade deals they make; (NAFTA being one)
  • honor the international treaties and laws governing taking military action against other nations that they are a signatory to.(Opting too often to act in advance of a mandate for the United Nations)
  • wish to be in NATO;
  • believe in diplomacy without a threat of some sort of punishment for non compliance.(You will comply or else  we will impose economic sanctions; take military action against you, or cut of all foreign aid are the tools used in American diplomacy.)

It is time for Canada to recognize what the USA admits openly and freely and that is that the USA always puts itself first in everything that it does. Friends and allies are just expendable pieces on a chess board to be used to better the USA. The USA right now can be neither a trusted friend, nor ally, because it does not understand that there is no I in we.



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