“Not My President”, Say Some Democrats. “Yes He Is” Says The Law”.

One of the corners stones of democratic governance is that the population of a country must be provided a system by which its citizenry can elect who will govern them. The only guarantee that a democracy affords politicians and private citizenry where government elections are concerned, is that elections be held according to the laws of the country.

We all know this to be true, so why are Americans who are not happy with who won the last presidential election rioting, protesting and looking for ways to get around what was so obviously a fair election according to the laws of the United States of America?  Why are so many Americans saying, “Not my president, “when the law of the land clearly says that he is? A lot of Americans appear to be saying, “We believe in the democratic process, as long as our candidate wins, and is in control of the country”.   

American citizens from all walks of life spout patriotic rhetoric the like of no other citizenry in the free world.  They all insist that the deaths of millions of innocent people caused by the violence of war like disease, starvation and force mass migration are a justifiable price for those people to pay for their freedom and their chance to live under democratic governance.

The facts are:

  • “Americans are dying in foreign lands to enable the citizens of those countries to enjoy the democratic principles, rights and freedoms that every American citizen enjoys,” say American politicians.  
  • American’s in general seem to feel that going to war with a sovereign nation to bring those democratic principles, rights and freedoms is justified. 
  • One such principle and the very corner-stone of democracy is that every eligible American has the right to vote and to be part of the process that will determine who will govern them. 
  • There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States of America that remotely suggests that the losing side of the election, be they politicians, or private citizenry must like the results of an election.

Why endanger the lives of Americans at home and abroad fighting to gain for others the rights and freedoms guaranteed under democratic governance, when it is clear that Americans do not honor and accept the fundamental tenets of electing a government themselves. 

What is it that I am missing about Donald Trump’s victory that made him the next president of the USA? Did something unfair happen that I am aware of like: 

  • Findings of voter fraud?
  • Voters being denied access to polling stations? 
  • Voter intimidation?
  • Proof that the computer systems that were used were hacked into?

If not, then what is with the:

  • protesting, rioting and other forms of civil disobedience?
  • calls for recounts? 
  • the call to overturn the outcome of the election through “Faithless Electors” process?

It is too late and of little value for the anti-Trump voters to march, protest and riot.  All of it only serves to make a mockery out of the democratic process and render moot the whole democratic process. It would appear that Americans have become the joke of the world with the actions of its candidates throughout the election and the actions of its electorate after the election: both groups casting doubt on the legitimacy of the most fundamental part of the democratic process.

The only way in a democracy to insure that your candidate wins an election is through the voting process. Getting the message of your candidate out, registering to vote and then following through by voting for the candidate of your choice.

Disgruntled American citizens who were eligible to vote and did not should have taken President Obama’s advice and voted for Hillary Clinton to show their displeasure with the prospect having to have Donald Trump as president of the country. 

I have little sympathy for American citizen who chose:

  • not to exercise their franchise and now claim to be afraid, or now feel that they have been left behind;  
  • freely to vote for a third-party and candidate they knew had no chance of winning and now see the error of their ways;
  •   to rig the election themselves by engaging in ballot trading;

American presidential elections have for years been won by candidates who are willing to trash their opponents and their families, rather than addressing how they would do better running the country than their opponents. It no longer matters to American voters whether the trash talk is factual, or who has the better plan for the country, because all the American electorate seem to want is a good show. How else could Americans see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears a man seeking to be the next president of the USA, do and say such nasty, mean-spirited things,  and vote for him anyway?

Didn’t Donald Trump:

  • brag about using his celebrity to sexually take advantage of women?
  • brag about not paying his taxes in years?
  • make racist comment about Mexicans and Blacks?
  • say that he would abandon allies on the battlefield?
  • say that he intends to switch sides and work with Assad and Russia; making Russia and Assad the new allies and the coalition the new enemy and support the enemy?
  • make fun of and mock a disabled person?

Donald Trump did all of those things and every American was aware of it, and yet he won the election promising to reveal his secret plan for making America great again only after and if he won the election.

Hillary Clinton lost to Donald partially because she refused to give the American electorate the show they demanded and instead spoke of her plans to keep America great and revealed how she would do it.  The American electorate found her boring, and punished her at the polls for not entertaining them. 

The American voters for the most part said they could not forgive her for not leaving her disgraced husband, choosing to blamed her for his infidelities. They also said with their vote that they did not care that she had dedicated most of her adult life to:

  • improving the lot of minorities;
  • helping children at home and abroad get a good education;
  • negotiating for the betterment of people suffering under oppressive regimes;

The truth is that no matter how loud they chant, “Not my president,” reality and the law says that Donald Trump will be just that and will be that for approximately four more years, unless:

  • he is denied the presidency through the “Faithless Electors” process;
  • he is impeached at some point in time after he takes office;
  • he becomes too sick, dies, or is found unable to continue with his duties as the president;
  • he is assassinated;
  • the people of the USA make use of their 2nd amendment right to bear arms and do what Donald Trump himself suggested they do if Hillary Clinton won the election.

I do not like Donald Trump, but I do love that he took the call from the Taiwanese presidents, and ignored years of hypocritical, failed diplomatic protocol.  It is this sense of overbearing, failing political correctness that has allowed for the starving and slaughtering and mass forced migration of millions of innocent people.  It is the web of lies that has bound those who say they believe in freedom of all people to live in peace and harmony from speaking out against oppression except in polite terms that solve nothing.

Perhaps it is time for the world leaders to say exactly what they mean instead of hiding behind what is referred to as diplomatic protocol. All that diplomatic protocol has done thus far, is bring the world to the brink of Armageddon.  As the Donald would say, “What have we got to lose”!





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