“Friends Do Not Take Friends To The United Nations Security Council”

Benjamin Netanyahu is feeling betrayed these days, because the United States did not use its veto to block the United Nations Security Council resolution which states that, “Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, have “no legal validity” and constitute a “flagrant violation of international law”. 

I am sure that:

  • the leaders of Great Britain have felt  betrayed throughout the years by Israel’s refusal to live within the terms of the agreement that Great Britain helped force upon the Palestinians.  In reality the majority of the Jews of Europe at that time had about as much right to demand that a homeland be given them in the Middle East, as North American Blacks have to demand that a homeland be given them in Africa today; 
  • Israel through the years has caused the USA and all of the nations that have supported Israel financially, militarily and politically to feel a sense of  betrayal as Israel took their help and used it to become the major cause of death in the Middle East;
  • all of the nations that keep asking for Israel to give back the land in now occupies illegally on the West bank and in east Jerusalem feel betrayed by Israel’s constant refusal to do so;
  • the  nations responsible for the  creation of Israel and its continued protection, at great expense to their nations, are tired of being publicly insulted by Israeli leaders who all too often seem to forget by whose hand they have come to have a homeland in the first place, and without whose continued financial, military and political support, the state of Israel would cease to exist. 

Benjamin Netanyahu does not care:

  • how heinous the documented crimes are that Israel has committed against innocent Muslims;
  • how many innocent people have suffered and continue to suffer under the weight of Israeli oppression;
  • how many civilian targets Israel has intentionally targeted, or how many innocent Muslims were lost as a result of such targeting.

Benjamin Netanyahu does not care about any of these things, because he believes that:

  • there are any no innocent living Muslims; 
  • all Muslims are the enemy of Israel;
  • all Muslim children are enemies of Israel in waiting.
  • this makes all Muslims legitimate military  targets.

 Hitler felt the same way about the European Jews and many other similarities can be drawn that put Israel and its dealings with the Palestinians on the same disgusting page as Nazi Germany.

 To Benjamin Netanyahu:

  • only Israel has the right to defend it’s homeland;
  • Palestinians should forget that Israel was created on land that was once their homeland;
  • any action to get their land back that was stolen from them and given to the European Jews, should be deemed terrorism.

Israeli leaders tend to forget that without:

  • Great Britain and France there would be no Israel;
  • the unconditionally support of Great Britain, France and the USA, Israel could not have survived its first year and without those nations continued financial, military and political support, Israel will fall.

The USA, France and Great Britain are starting to see the monster that they have created in the Middle East.  Israel has broken every treaty it has signed with the Palestinians. Israel has deliberately broken international laws and gotten away with it so often, because of the USA’s veto power on the United Nations Security Council, that they feel betrayed by the USA’s vote abstention.  Israel has made fools of their allies and a mockery out of every decent thought that went into making their dream of a nation a reality. 

Israel has proved what the Palestinians feared and all of their neighbors knew to be true:

  • Israeli leaders would not be satisfied with the land they were given by the west.
  • Israeli leaders would seek to expand the territory they were given based on the claim that you cannot be accused of stealing, when you take back what rightfully is yours in the first place.

The only problem with the land is mine anyway theory is that it based solely on a religious story told in a Jewish holy book. The Palestinians do not believe that God gave the Jews all of the land no matter who was on it.  God cannot be called as a witness to testify that he gave the Jewish people the land.  So how can Israel, or any other nation expect the international community to take seriously any claim of legal and historical right to land occupied by another people based on a self-serving story, found only in that people’s holy book…in this case one written by Jews? Impossible would have to be your response, and yet that is exactly the pretext that was used to give the Jews of Europe a part of Palestine as a homeland, and has allowed for the mess that is now the Middle East.

 Israeli leaders have lied about keeping the east and west occupied lands as safe zones only…not only allowing for Jewish settlements to be built on land, but encouraging such settlements that have “no legal validity” and constitute a “flagrant violation of international law”.

Unconditional support for Israel has emboldened Israeli leaders. Netanyahu has become increasingly brazen in his demeaning rhetoric of the USA and all of Israel’s allies, who feel that they can no longer pretend not to see that Israel is the major impediment to peace in the middle East. So nasty is Netanyahu’s rhetoric against Israel’s benefactors, that ill-informed people might actually believe that the state of Israel no longer requires financial, military and political support to survive in the hell on earth they have helped to create in the Middle East.

Benjamin Netanyahu has demonstrated by his suspension of business with the twelve nations that voted in favor of the resolution that he demands nations claiming to be friends of Israel must be willing to:

  • turn a blind eye to the illegality of settlements;
  • agree that the existence of does not make a two state solution impossible to achieve.

Those on the suspended list are for supporting what he and Israel are calling an anti-Israel resolution are, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Angola, Uruguay, Senegal, China, Ukraine, Egypt, Spain and New Zealand.

The United Nations Security Council resolution that Netanyahu claims is anti-Israel says, “Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, have “no legal validity” and constitute a “flagrant violation of international law”.

If the truth were to be told:

  • The creation of Israel on land belonging to others by the west got the whole mess started in modern times.
  • The west being unwilling, or unable to stop Israel’s illegal expansion has fueled Islamic terrorist reactions.
  • A guilty west affording Israel unconditional support hoping to atone for the holocaust has caused the hatred t racist violence of the Middle East to infest and infect the rest of the world.
  • Israel’s ability to use western guilt to obtain nuclear weapons and defense systems have made them a danger to world peace and stability.
  • Israel is a rogue nuclear state that needs to be disarmed before they do what they said they would if they thought that Israel was in danger of losing a war it not only started, but is fueling the fire to daily.

The efforts to end the Palestinian/Israeli conflict embodies all in modern diplomacy that I detest. When international leaders unconditionally support and protect a nation that they have the power to stop from committing genocide and all manner of crimes against humanity as is the case in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, because of a technicality in terminology, military positioning, or because of some misguided sense of loyalty, I say that they are as guilty of the crimes as the actual perpetrator of them.

Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Angola, Uruguay, Senegal, China, Ukraine, Egypt, Spain and New Zealand, whom Netanyahu has freed from the bondage of doing business with him and Israel should be glad that they have been set free, and released from their previous ill-conceived sense of loyalty and obligation to him and Israel. These listed states should move quickly to distance themselves even further from that maniacal Zionist: turning what was to be temporary political posturing by Netanyahu into a long-term reality for Israel. It is from this freedom that I believe those states listed could continue to do the right thing. The latest UN Security Council resolution was a good beginning, but now they need to hold Israel accountable for its illegal activities which include attempted genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I must say that I agree with Trump when he said, “such great potential,” but it has become “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”  I agree because for years the UN Security Council has allowed the Israeli/Palestinian situation to continue spreading the tentacles of its self-generating, self-fulfilling hatred and racism out to the four corners of the earth.

The innocent people in the area and internationally are those who suffer the most from problems such as this one. Torture, death, disease, murder and the forced migration of millions of innocent people, are what the world will continue to look like, until the UN Security Council not only passes these resolutions that condemn the actions of Israel and rogue states like them, but does everything in its power to enforce them.

I think that it is time for the United Nations Security Council to use multi nation military force against nations when they receive an official response from a leader of a country in violation of one of its resolutions like that given by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he said, “Israel rejects this shameful anti-Israel resolution at the UN and will not abide by its terms.” 

Islamic radicalization and acts of  Islamic terrorism around the world are a direct result of  the so-called free world giving an ungrateful, arrogant state of Israel “unconditional” support.

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    • archemdis says:

      The official statistics from the Ministry of Information in Ramallah reveal that 1,518 Palestinian children were killed by Israel’s occupation forces from the outbreak of the second Intifada in September 2000 up to April 2013, according to the Middle East Monitor. That number means that one Palestinian child was killed by Israel every 3 days for almost 13 years.

      In its most recent count, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that 2,104 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, including 1,462 civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women. Those U.N. numbers would mean that 69 percent of the total killed were civilians.

      At least 15 people, mostly children and women, died when the school in Jabaliya refugee camp was hit by five shells during a night of relentless bombardment across Gaza. More than 100 people were injured. Pierre Krähenbühl, commissioner-general of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, said the shelling of the school was a “serious violation of international law by Israeli forces”. The attack on the school was the sixth time that UNRWA premises have been hit since the war in Gaza began.

      Why no mention of these horror stories in your post?


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