Americans Elect A President Who Is Listed As A Threat To Human Rights

mr-tweety1-jpgbWhat does it say about the American Republican Party that they allowed a man like Donald Trump to be their candidate for the presidency of the United States of America? The Republican Party of the United States of America should be hanging its collective head in shame. It is this political party’s all-consuming lust for power that gave Donald Trump’s campaign legitimacy and a platform from which to spew his rhetoric.  Donald Trump should have been forced to run as an independent. Perhaps Donald Trump would have still won the election, but the Republican Party could have said that they did the right thing.  

  Despite  Donald Trump:

  • bad mouthing the party;
  • making racist remarks;
  • insulting allied leaders;
  • insulting a gold star veteran’s family;
  • making fun of the handicap;
  • being shown on video admitting that he thought that his celebrity gave him license to assault women, the seduction of power and need to be  in control of the government proved too great a temptation for the Republicans to resist. 

For their failure to do the right thing the Republican Party can look forward to having their party image dragged through the mud for the next four years. They will also be remembered as the political party that elected a president mentioned in “World Report 2017.”  Unfortunately for them, Human Rights Watch listed President-elect Donald Trump as a threat to human rights for “politics of intolerance.”

Everything about Donald Trump’s path to the White House from the campaign, to the winning the election, has been a mirror image of everything that is wrong in the United States of America. There is no mistake that Donald Trump will become the forty-fifth president of the USA. Unfortunately Donald Trump’s way of thinking and acting out represents what far too many Americans consider to be a success story. Donald Trump is the kind of person you end up with when you force feed every American from the time they are born that they are superior to all others on the planet and that nothing matters except what is good for the USA.

To too many Americans, success is judged by the size of one’s bank account, the size of one’s house, the school one’s child attends. There is nothing in the American success story that encourages, empathy for others, fair business practices, honesty, or being fair with one’s employees.  Most Americans are brought up to understand that it is a dog eat dog world and if you want to get ahead and be considered a success, then you must be willing to sacrifice your humanity and be willing to step on everyone in your way to the top.  Americans from the time they are old enough to understand are taught that where success is concerned there is no room for friends. Americans see everything and everyone as a tool to be used to get them what it is they want out of life. To too many Americans, diplomacy, negotiating and honor have become weaknesses not strengths: nice traits if you are content remaining an average Joe.

When questioned about whether or not Donald Trump’s misogynistic behavior exposed on an aired video would affect his willingness to vote for Donald Trump, one of his supporters said that it would not, because, “Every American family had a least one man in just like Donald Trump in it”.

Most American feel that the only way for them to get to the top is to do whatever it takes to amass as much wealth as possible, even if that means:

  • tax evasion;
  • misogynistic behavior;
  • not telling the truth; 
  • under paying employees;
  • putting employee’s health and lives at risk;
  • engaging in unethical business practice.

With the American people believing that this is how one must behave to get to the top and stay there, how can anyone be surprised that nothing Donald Trump has done in his past would bother enough people in the USA to keep them from voting for him?

Donald Trump’s victory will be the first time the people of United States of America chose to elect a person who:

  • when addressing the unnecessary killing of unarmed black men by police says, “It is time to give police back the power to do their jobs without fear.”;
  • has absolutely no idea of what it takes to be the president of the United States of America;
  • has accepted the word of a foreign leader like Vladimir Putin, as well as the hacker, accused rapist and fugitive Julian Assange, over that of the intelligence agencies sworn to protect and serve the USA, like the NSA, FBI, and CIA;
  • has proved that he cannot keep his word either in his personal life, or business dealings;
  • has proved that he has absolutely zero respect for women; and minorities;
  • has no respect for the leaders of countries, which happen to be proven allies of the USA;
  • has no intention on honoring treaties be they trade, defense, or environmental that he feels does not make the USA the only winner;
  • will abandon the USA’s allies in Syria by joining forces with Putin and Assad;
  • cannot stop acting like a spoilt child…pouting, arguing and whining on Twitter every time he does not get his way, or someone tells the truth about him that he does not want exposed.

Whether or not Trump was caught on tape doing something he shouldn’t, or whether his need to become the president of the USA meant literally at any cost, doesn’t really matter.  What does matters is that for the first time in the history of the United States of America there are serious doubts about whether the office of the presidency has been compromised by a foreign government and the actions and words of the incoming president are doing nothing to alleviate that fear.

It has to be almost impossible for the allies of the USA to trust Donald Trump when he:

  • tweets nothing but admiration and praise for Vladimir Putin and only his disappointment and what he sees as the failings of allied leaders;
  • states publicly in interviews his intention to fight alongside Russia in Syria, which would mean against the coalition of nations that the USA calls its allies;
  • expresses his intention to withdraw the USA from NATO, because he feels that NATO is obsolete;
  • publicly states his willingness to drop the USA’s sanctions on Russia, without Russia giving back Crimea to the Ukraine;
  • shows a total disrespect for the leaders of countries the USA is supposed to consider valued partners such as, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Donald Trump has tweeted that he always knew that Putin was a smart guy. Is what Donald Trump finds smart about Putin the way he:

  • Took Crimea by military force from Ukraine?
  • Is able to kill off his political rivals and those who speak out against his methods of governance and get away with it?
  • Supports militarily president Assad of Syria?
  • Supports Assad’s usage of chemical weapons on his own people?
  • Is partially responsible for the greatest forced migration of people since the Second World War?

I will end with a quote from Emily Crockett… “America had a choice between its first woman president and an alleged sexual predator; between “women’s rights are human rights” and “grab ’em by the pussy”; between telling our daughters they can do anything they want, and telling them that anything can be done to them by powerful, entitled men. We know which option America chose.” “The only “bubble” that’s been popped is the one that had some people convinced misogyny was already over, or at least well on its way out the door.”

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