Talk Is Cheap! Action Is What Saves Lives!

What did the rest of the world’s inhabitants do so wrong that whatever power that was responsible for what happens on this earth allowed Europeans the power to sail to other inhabited lands.  European have always thought themselves to be superior to all others and their descendants still believe this to be true. The descendants of Europe have changed very little in this regard. Europeans and their descendants are always talking about how they will change, but everyone knows that talk is cheap and only action will save lives.

Europeans and their descendants have forced their religion, languages, culture, values as well as their version of civilization on every indigenous people they encountered throughout history.  They came, they said, “Seeking peace and trade”, but what they did was conquer, rape, pillage and enslave.   Canadians of European descent were and are no different. Canadian history shows what I say to be true and recent events and attitudes of, “Real Canadians” in 2017, bears witness to the truth of this statement as well.

European contact with Canadian indigenous people was worse than the Black Death.  Canada’s European colonists with the aid of lies and superior weaponry tried to assimilate all life that it encountered in Canada. The indigenous people were stripped of their hunter gatherer way of life, religious beliefs, values, languages, and cultural habits…all considered the ways of savages, by the Europeans.  Nothing was sacred to Canada’s European forefathers and nothing is sacred to their ancestors.

Europeans and their prodigy were and are like the “Borg”, with one exception. With the Borg, when you become one of them you are one of them. With Europeans, however, if you cannot trace your bloodline back to Europe, and you are not of the white race, you can never really be one of them. What you became in the past is the same as what you become today, and that was and is, assimilated. A person stripped of their own identity, culture, religion, language, personnel feelings and ambition. A worker in the hive. Your only purpose to work for the collective.

Canadian politicians openly speak of all Canadians and real Canadians. All Canadians being those born here in this country, or who have taken the oath of Canadian citizenship. Real Canadians being those sharing European heritage, languages, religion, values, cultural ethnicities, and are a member of the White race.

Canada is and has never been an open and inclusive society. Canada needs to change. Talk is cheap and minorities are being mistreated every day, all over Canada.  In 2017 the targets of Canadian politicians, news agencies and Real Canadians are Canadian Muslims.  What will it take for those responsible for keeping all Canadians safe to take the threat to Canadian Muslims seriously?  It is painfully obvious that before the murder of six Muslim men and the injury of eight others in Quebec, Canadian Muslims did not receive equal treatment under the laws of Canada. This is what I mean:

Six Muslim men were killed praying on their knees in a Mosque in Quebec not long ago.  Oh, what a great spectacle came of it. Politicians of all stripes, on all levels used the murders to show themselves and their political parties as inclusive and denounced the acts as not in keeping with Canadian values…all vowing to do better to stop Islamophobia in Canada wherever it was found.  Citizens of all faiths, nationalities and cultures marched together and the Canadian news media stated publicly that they would do their best not to promote hateful rhetoric. All that love and inclusiveness did not last even a single month, not a week, or even a couple of days.

Flash forward to today:

The political gain of supporting Muslims in Canada ran out. Except for the Liberal Party of Canada, all other politicians in Ottawa see no valid reason to even entertain a motion that would suggest that Muslims need to be protected from Islamophobia. This is what the descendants of Europe do so well. They try to hide what embarrasses them, bury the problem, deflect and change the context of the conversation. Immigrants who seek equality under the law are made to look like ungrateful ingrates. When all else fails, Canadian politicians and news media will appeal to who they feel are Real Canadians, warning them that immigrants are dangerous. Warning them that if certain immigrant immigration is not controlled Real Canadians are in danger of losing all that they have. They warn that Real Canadians will soon be outnumbered and that means that Real Canadians will lose their power when it comes to the ballot box and who controls the government.  These same politicians and news media will blame those immigrants for all that is wrong with Canada; from a failing economy to security issues.

It is this rhetoric and vitriol that emboldened those who did hateful things to Muslims and their places of worship leading up to the tragedy in Quebec and all the hateful things that have happened to Muslims and their places of worship since the murders. The mere motion…not bill, or a law, but just a motion proposed to protect Muslims is being made controversial in the news on shows like Power Play and Power and Politics and by the NDP and Conservative parties of Canada.  Seems no ,”Real Canadian,” sees the need to protect Muslims from incidents like what happened in:

  • Toronto, Ontario – January 10, 2017 ON, Canada   Anti-Muslim protestors shouted Islamophobic remarks against students and the Muslim community during a Peel District School Board meeting to discuss religious accommodation for Muslim students.    Reported to: Media/NCCM
  • Toronto, Ontario) – January 13, 2017 ON, Canada An anti-Muslim activist uploaded a YouTube video associating a Muslim lawyer and human rights advocate with radicalism. The video, and his subsequent tweet, included a picture of the lawyer with blotches of blood in the background.   Reported to: Peel District School Board/Police/NCCM
  • Québec City, Quebec – January 29, 2017 QC, Canada   A gunman opened fire inside the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec during evening prayers, approximately around 8pm. Six people have been killed and several wounded.   The mosque has been targeted several times in the past. A package with a severed pig`s head was left at the doorsteps of the mosque last year, and anti-Muslim flyers were distributed in 2014.  Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, is charged with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder.   Reported to: Police/Media
  • Montreal, Quebec – February 3, 2017 QC, Canada   The Khadijah Islamic Centre in Montreal’s Pointe-Sainte-Charles neighborhood was vandalized. Between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. a window smashed, building been egged and graffiti spray painted.  Reported to: Police/Media, Status: Under investigation as a hate crime’
  • Sherbrooke, Quebec – February 09, 2017 QC, Canada   Threats in a 911 call were made against Mosques in the area, as well as Sherbrooke and Quebec City Mayors.    Reported to: Media/Police    Status: Police have made an arrest.

Iqra Khalid, Liberal MP is receiving racial slurs and threats over her motion, (Motion 103) calling on Parliament to condemn Islamophobia and all forms of racism. here are a few that she read into the record in the house of commons replacing the expletives with the word “blank,”:

  • “Why don’t you get out of my country?”
  • “Real Canadians will rise up and get rid of the nasty blank Muzzie stench in Ottawa. They should all go the blank back to your blank hole where you belong. We will burn down your mosques draper head Muslim”
  • “Why did Canadians let her in? Ship her back” “Why don’t you get out of my country? You’re a disgusting piece of trash and you are definitely not wanted here by the majority of actual Canadians”
  • “You’re a cultural Marxist. Inclusivity blank trying to ruin Canada. Blank you gently with a chainsaw, you camel-humping terrorist incubator blank”
  • “Shoot this blank”

My point is: The proud European heritage and values of which Canada boasts, is not inclusive, and does nothing to promote multiculturalism in any true sense.  Politicians like Jason Kenney can run around in Muslim head ware and march in all of the cultural parades he wants, but he will never be able to deny that he was an instrumental player in a government responsible for the arrest and detention incommunicado of over 450 Sri Lankan refugees seeking asylum in Canada. Many of them women and young children, who he claimed were jumping the line.

If politicians the likes of Steven Blaney and Kellie Leitch can find a place in a mainstream Canadian political party like the Conservative Party of Canada to espouse their bigoted views, Muslims and other immigrants not of European decent will never be considered, “Real Canadians”.

When politicians, media and ordinary Canadians begin to slip back into old Canadian populist views and actions not even a month after six Muslim men were murdered and eight others seriously injured, it is safe to say that motion 103 was justified.

The motion, known as M-103, was debated Wednesday in the House of Commons.   Conservative MPs, expressed fears that M-103 could stifle legitimate debate about issues like sharia law and the niqab. In today’s Canada, what a Muslim woman chooses to wear in public is considered a more important discussion than protecting Muslim Canadians from crimes of hatred.

It is my understanding that a good man like Irwin Cotler said the word Islamophobia should be taken out of M-103, so it could get broader consent. I wonder if Irwin Cotler would be willing to take out the words Anti Semitism when talking of a motion to protect Canadian Jews from hate crimes?

I believe that the words Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism need not exist at all,if all Canadians were treated equally under the laws we have right now in Canada, but we know that right now in Canada, that this is just not the case.

Talk is cheap! Action is what saves lives!

Can anyone tell me just one instance where contact with Europeans has benefited anyone but the Europeans on any continent? Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Africa all saw their indigenous people enslaved, their lands looted of their natural resources and wealth. Ancient cultures, languages, religions and ways of life forced from them replaced by everything European. Name one country on those continents throughout history that was not looted, raped and pillaged and enslaved.

Now tell me what  has changed in today’s world.


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