In A World Without Honor, No Nation Can Claim The Moral High Ground

I do not support the torturing, oppressing, terrorising, degrading, or killing of any person. A person’s country of origin, culture, religion, or language, does not make them a better human being. What a person chooses to do with all of those things, are what make a person a better human being.  It is not the making of promises, the signing of deals, or the successful negotiation of treaties, that makes for the sustainability of nation to nation trust.  It is the honoring of them, that makes for the sustainability of nation to nation trust.  In a world without honor, no nation can claim the moral high ground.

Unfortunately military might and the use of violence has replaced honor in modern times. Without honor, promises, trade deals and treaties are a waste of time, ink and breath.  Sadly trust, acceptance and religious tolerance all too often depend upon how willing a person is to give up their freedom of religion and conform to things like the dress code of the masses. Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Chad, The Netherlands, and Switzerland have all made it illegal for Muslim women to wear a Burka or Niqab in public.

These European nations have signed international treaties and are a party to United Nation agreements that denounce such religious intolerance, but none of that seems to matter. They justify their racism and intolerance by insisting that saving Muslim women from a male-imposed doctrine, must be put before liberty itself.  It is indeed a crazy world. Europe taking part in wars so that Muslims citizens in predominately Muslim countries can have the same civil and human rights enjoyed by the citizens of the west, while openly denying liberty to Muslims living in the west.

Why governments of the west think that bombing  an enemy from high in the sky, or from far out to sea, constitutes acts of bravery and not acts of cowardly terrorism, remains a mystery to me. Causing the deaths of innocent civilians and calling it acceptable collateral damage, is barbaric.  The leaders of western governments who order such actions, are just as cowardly and barbaric as the leaders of ISIS, who order their followers to ram cars into innocent people walking on a bridge, or live stream the beheading of  helpless captives.  Both are examples of brutal military tactics showing little or no regard for innocent lives.   They are Military tactics designed to kill, instill fear in, and terrorize the civilian population of your enemy: no matter the spin, or side of the conflict one finds themselves on.

I guess what irritates me the most is that the members of the Western Alliance insist that they are  justified, in their actions, and hold the moral high ground in these never-ending wars.  It never fails to make me wonder at the arrogance of western leaders and their people, who expect and demand that the people of foreign lands give up all that is theirs without a fight, and calling all actions of self-defense, terrorism.

It is not the Muslim’s of modern times who:

  • have roamed the world, colonizing, raping and pillaging in the name of God and progress;
  • are guilty of making promises, deals and treaties that they have no intention of keeping;
  • have forced refugees fleeing from countries ravaged by war to live camps sometimes for forty years, in deplorable conditions;
  • religiously persecute all Muslims in their countries for attacks perpetrated by a few Muslim extremists. Trying to appease the far right anti-Muslim/anti-immigration portion of their populations.

Western Military Interventions 

The Americans and the Western Alliance are  involved in a minimum of 134 military actions around the world. This means that they are claiming they are right from a moral standpoint to interfere in the business of 134 sovereign states.  They insist that their only motive in all of these interventions is to ensure that all of the people of the world get to enjoy  peace, prosperity, and freedom from oppression.


Political stability and justice for all, and a safe place in their own land for their children to grow up in, are the promises made from the west before and during every military intervention.   What these people have received thus far out of western military interventions have been, forced mass migrations, far too many dead civilians and the distinction of being a people without a country, that no Western Alliance government really wants settling in their country.

The result of these military interventions for the west have been, world instability, acts of terrorism perpetrated against their people both domestically and abroad, and a world literally on the brink of Armageddon.

The nations of the west can never claim the moral high ground as long as they continue to justify their deliberate withholding of basic human and civil rights guaranteed under international law to any human beings. These basic human rights include:

  • liberty;
  • justice;
  • religious freedom;
  • equality;
  • freedom of expression.

The nations of the west can never claim the moral high ground as long as they continue to run refugee camps where refugees live sometimes for as long as 40 years in conditions so bad that:

  • After visiting the Idomeni camp on Greece’s border with Macedonia, Greek interior minister, Panagiotis Kouroublis  said, “I do not hesitate to say that this is a modern-day Dachau, a result of the logic of closed borders.”  “Whoever comes here takes several blows to the stomach.”
  • At a ceremony in memory of modern-day Christian martyrs, Pope Francis said, “These refugee camps – so many are concentration camps, crowded with people … because international accords seem more important than human rights.” “We live in a civilization that is not having children but also closes its door to migrants: This is called suicide.” “Let us think about the cruelty afflicting so many people, about the exploitation of those arriving on boats.” “Italy and Greece are providing a welcome, but then international agreements mean they cannot move on.”  “If every municipality in Italy took in just two migrants there would be a place for everyone.”

Finally the nations of the west can never claim the moral high ground as long as groups like the American Jewish Committee espouse views such as:

  • We are asking the pontiff to reconsider his “regrettable” choice of words. CEO, of the AJC David Harris, said, “The conditions in which migrants are currently living in some European countries may well be difficult, and deserve still greater international attention, but concentration camps they certainly are not.”

Note: In Canada last year, hate crime against Muslims rose by 60%.  This included 6 deaths of Muslim men kneeling in prayer in a mosque, hate speech painted on mosques, Muslim women physically and verbally abused in public, and threats of  violence including rape and death made by phone.  These crimes are always followed by a promise to do their best from the police.  These types of crimes all too often end up without arrest and prosecution of the criminals.  The police are always quick to say that they just do not have the resources to deal with hate crimes. 

In a world without honor, no nation can claim the moral high ground.




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