Canada A Mere Lamb To the American Wolf

I do not understand Canadian politicians, business leaders, political pundits and news reporters, who not only believe that Canada and Canadians are nothing without the United States of America but spend most of their time everyday actively trying to convince other Canadians to believe and adopt the anti-Canadian sentiments that spews from their mouths.

I will offer as an example the reaction to our Prime Minister’s signing of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) abroad while NAFTA (The North American Trade Agreement) talks were going on in Montreal.  Even though the USA has taken the protectionist stance when it comes to trade, especially multi-lateral trade, the condemnation of Justin Trudeau’s signing of the TPP was swift.


  • the USA has unfairly applied tariffs on Canadian soft wood, and refused to comply with the decisions of the WTA in reference to the softwood lumber dispute after exhausting all  of their appeals;
  • that the USA’s commerce department levied an almost 200% tax on Bombardier’s Series Jet claiming that it agreed that Bombardier had somehow hurt Boeing chance to compete in the market, ignoring the fact that Boeing never made a bid, because it does not make that type of jet;
  • Donald Trump has threatened to pull the USA out of NAFTA, because he thinks that it is unfair to Americans; 
  • Canada needs to diversify when it comes to trade, so that the Canadian economy is less reliant on the whims of American presidents every 4 to 8 years.

Despite all the afore-mentioned and so much more, it was clear how terrified union and business leaders, political pundits and politicians were after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to find Canada some options to American protectionism.  The head of unions took the side of the USA decrying that by signing the TPP Canada had shot Canada in the foot, referring to what the negotiators were trying to accomplish with NAFTA.

Short of accepting any deal the Americans offer, I do not see any alternative for Canada when faced with all-encompassing protectionist actions from the Americans, then to seek to trade elsewhere, and that means entering trade deals with other nations.

Are Canadian children to be taught that they must:

  • Accept that they are less than Americans?
  • Submit to the bullying of the USA?
  • Accept the American government’s blatant disrespect for our domestic laws?
  • Turn a blind eye to American disregard for international law?
  • Put aside Canadian sovereignty when it comes to the whims of an American president?

This seems to be where we are headed. We have foolishly allowed our armed forces to fall to a level where we cannot defend our own sovereignty. Canada’s inability to defend its sovereignty with military force if need be against the USA tells me that we are sovereign if the USA permits us to be.  I do not mean we need weapons of mass destruction, because the USA could not use them against us without hurting themselves, and vice versa. Not that I do not think they would hesitate to use them against us if they could manage to do so, safely.

What I do mean is that Canada needs to build up our conventional forces. (army, navy and air force), so that Canada can defend itself from foreign attack. An attack from one of the biggest threats to Canada and life on this planet…the United States of America.

Until Canada can defend itself militarily we will always be subject to the whims of our neighbor to the south.  The USA is a nation that:

  • increasingly puts itself above international law;
  • believes that war is preferable to diplomacy;
  • sees the civilian death that it is complicit in causing, as collateral damage;
  • sees Canada’s natural resources as part of their own to squander.
  • views Canada as a sovereign country with its own government, but one that is not only subject to the laws and whims of their government,  and needs of their country. All this the USA expects without Canada having the benefit of representation in American politics, as though Canada was one of its insular areas.

Canada as a country has created anti-bullying laws to protect Canadians from each other but cannot figure out how to protect itself from the bullying of the Americans. Where has the leadership in Canada gone.  There has not been a leader willing to stand up to the Americans, since Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. Jean Chretien, was not perfect, but he was not afraid to stand up for Canadians and demand respect and acknowledgement of Canadian sovereignty and self-determination.

Canadians deserve better from those whose job it is to protect this nation’s people, resources, values, and quality of life, then a bunch of politicians shouting, “USA, USA”.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where money for those at the top of the Canadian food chain, means more than Canada’s pride and self-determination, and that puts Canadian sovereignty up for sale to the highest bidder. The USA has positioned itself perfectly to have the winning bid.

If Canada is not careful it could become the next insular area of the USA, like Porto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. Canada could become a territory of the USA, subject to its laws, declarations of war and the whims of its president and Congress, while not being allowed to choose electors in U.S. presidential elections or elect voting members of the U.S. Congress.

My mother used to always tell me when I came home whining about being picked on, or saying that it wasn’t my fault, because it was my friend’s idea, that went something like this, “Better to live one day as a wolf, then the rest of your life as a lamb.” I think that this is the advice I would like to pass on to Canada’s politicians, business leaders, union heads and fellow ordinary citizens.

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