Did The Conservative Party of Canada Make a Bad Choice Making Andrew Scheer Their Leader?

When Andrew Scheer edged out perceived front-runner Maxime Bernier, it was clear to me that nothing of significance would change in how the Tories did business. Electing Andrew Scheer to lead the Conservative Party was a very bad choice.

Andrew Scheer is on the record as saying that his party lost the 2015 federal election because Canadians did not like Stephen Harper’s methods, rather than disliking the actual policies and changes to Canadian law they made. In other words, Andrew Scheer won the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, by saying that the Conservative party need not change their ways, just work on a better way to deliver the same, old message.

Andrew Scheer did not unite his party he split it almost in half. 49.05% of the party felt it was crucial that Canadians felt that they had learned from their mistakes and were going to do things differently, if they got the chance to govern again. (This 40,05% did not vote for Andrew Scheer)

Andrew Scheer was able to convince the extreme right of his party’s base that they had nothing to worry about. He convinced that 50.95% of the Conservative membership that although he was merely offering a softer approach and sell of the Harper vision of Conservatism, when it came to, what they consider core values of their party, such as First Nations rights, Anti-Muslim ideology and environmental issues, he stood with them, and nothing would change.

Unfortunately for the Conservative Party of Canada, under the leadership of Andrew Sheer, Canadians who voted against the Conservatives, will still be voting against them in the next federal election, because:

  • nothing will change of any substance in the Conservative Party of Canada’s policy, or vision, except the delivery;
  • at the end of the day this party will be the same Islamophobic, racist, pro one percent, anti-poor people, anti- environment, and anti-immigration party that it was under Stephen Harper’s reign;
  • the Conservative Party remains the same ideologically driven party that it was under the leadership of Stephen Harper, but will try to appear more tolerant of those they believe are not real Canadians;
  • all that they will see from Andrew Scheer and his party will be a lot of mud-slinging, instead of  them giving concrete examples of how they would govern more effectively for the betterment of all Canadians.

Canadians are still being told by this party that:

  • their opinion means nothing;
  • they do not understand how government works;
  • that a Canadian citizen’s right to have a say in how they are governed, begins and ends on election day, with their vote;
  • there are 2 kinds of Canadians. Real Canadians: Those who share European heritage, language, religion, values and ethnicity. Other Canadians: Those who do not share all of the afore-mentioned requirements necessary to be considered, ‘Real Canadians’.

Since winning the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Sheer, has:

  • done little except, spew rhetoric and visceral and promote divisive, racist policies, with a smile instead of a frown;
  • hinted about cracking down on freedom of expression, religion, and rights guaranteed all Canadians under the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • engaged in personal attacks on Justin Trudeau, instead of promoting and declaring his party’s position and policies on how to improve the lot of all Canadians;
  • has lost 2 Conservative seats in by-elections to Justin Trudeau and taken nothing away from the Liberals. (British Columbia riding of South Surrey-White Rock and a long-time Conservative seat in Quebec’s nationalist heartland.) This proves that the Conservative Party of Canada’s base shrinking instead of growing under the leadership of Andrew Sheer.
  • stated that if he is elected Prime Minister of Canada he would follow Donald Trumps lead and move Canada’s Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. This move would once again put Canada at odds with the United Nations security council, international law and the Palestinians. I assume that this is a political move to try and secure the Jewish vote.

Since winning the last federal Justin Trudeau has:

  • officially acknowledged and apologised for the wrongs of past Canadian governments when it comes to First Nations, LGBTQ communities for example. Creating a way forward for a better relationship between the government of Canada and these communities. Guaranteeing in not only words, but enshrining in law, equality, justice and protection guaranteed all Canadians under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • Go personally to other countries and try to drum up trade deals, to lessen our dependence on trade with the USA, whose administration is pushing a protectionist, anti-trade, make and buy American 1st agenda; (Signing of the Canada/European Trade Agreement and the Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • Got out of the Ottawa bubble and personally engaged the people in their towns and cities. Answered their questions and listened to their criticisms, as well as what they need, fear and desire for the future;
  • ignored the temptation to engage in retaliatory personal attacks on Andrew Sheer and talked about his governments accomplishments and what his plans are to better the lives of all Canadians;
  • added former Tories to his base in British Columbia and Quebec and losing nothing to the Tories in any by-elections since the 2015 federal election.

The Conservative Party of Canada does not appear to have a person to run for the leadership of their party who is genuinely likable, people friendly, or charismatic. I say this because, in Andrew Sheer they have once again elected a leader they feel they have to create a warmer, approachable image for.

The Conservative Party of Canada tried to give the impression that Stephen Harper was an approachable, warm, caring person. Harper was made to serve at BBQ’s, scheduled to do more televised interviews and played the piano for Canadians, but at the end of the day, Harper, could only look like the cold, calculating person he was.

The federal election of 2015 proved if nothing else, that most Canadians wanted a change from the way Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada had governed them.  Canadians were so, fed up with Harper’s, divisive, negative, dictatorship style of governance that a, “Vote for Anyone but Stephen Harper, campaign was adopted by enough Canadians. This campaign not only denied Stephen Harper the election win, but ended his political career, and swept Justin Trudeau into office with a majority government.  I do not think that Andrew Scheer is going to fool any Canadians outside of his base supporters and party members with his smile, anymore than Stephen Harper did serving burgers.

Andrew Scheer will have a hard way to go trying to keep his party together. If nothing else the leadership race showed that there are divisions in the party such on how to deal with fundamental issues such as, immigration, abortion, gay rights, and back bencher inclusion that could rip the party apart from its base to its leadership.

If the purpose of choosing a new leader was to convince Canadians that:

  • this was a fresh thinking political party, they have failed;
  • they now had a leader that could defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019, then they have failed;
  • they are still the same old arrogant, out of touch with Canadians party that cost them the last election, then they have succeeded.

In closing I would just like to remind Canadians that Andrew Scheer:

  • is a social conservative extremist, who owes his victory to social conservatives, who want to re-open divisive debates about same-sex marriage and abortion;
  • has promised to cut off funding to Universities that allow student protest to shut down events with pro-Israeli guest speakers, or meetings with those who oppose abortion;
  • has voted against every single civil rights advancement, since becoming a member of parliament in 2004;
  • believes that only white people of European heritage, who share the Christian faith, can speak either French or English and were born in Canada, can be considered, “Real Canadians.” Other’s can become Canadian citizens, but they must learn to fit in, or be removed from Canada, because what it means to be a real Canadian must be protected and preserved at all costs.








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