Political Apologies Mean Little Without Concrete Action to Prevent Injustices

Until the Canadian government decides to do something in real-time to address Canada’s failure to protect, insure and uphold the rights and freedoms guaranteed all Canadians regardless of where they live in Canada, where they came from originally, what religion they choose to practice, as well as provide services to Canadians in the citizens choice, between French and English, the Prime Minister, can stand up in the House of Commons or in town halls and make all the heart filled tearful apologies he likes, and they will be seen as political gamesmanship, appreciated only by the targeted voting block it is intended to appease. A way to garner the support of a minority voting block without really doing anything for them or their children in real-time.

Quebec politicians have been emboldened by the refusal of the Canadian government to protect the rights of Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec. The federal government has consistently offered up all of Quebec’s minority citizenry as sacrificial lambs… choosing rather not to alienate itself from French politicians and voters, who they fear would once again seek to separate from the rest of Canada, should the government of Canada intervene, in what Quebec feels is its right to do as a sovereign nation.

Quebec has decided that its laws trump the laws of Canada and has proved so in every case where language has become an issue declaring that they do not care if and action violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms…Quebec has its own Charter and those are the rights that anyone living in Quebec will have to live with.  The province of Quebec has been called one of the most racist places in to live in North America and the only advice the federal government will offer to its Canadian citizens living working and paying taxes in Quebec is, “If life is too tough in Quebec, then the English and other minority groups should consider moving to another province.”

When Canada’s leaders abandon Quebec’s Muslims, English and other visible minorities to the racist unfounded fears of Quebec’s provincial politicians and white supremest, it does little to counter Quebec’s assertions that:

  • the federal government has zero authority over what happens in Quebec;
  • Quebec is an independent nation and as such those living in Quebec are subject to its laws and Charter, no matter how racist they are;
  • That the federal government only cares about Quebec’s minority citizenry at election time.

Recently the Quebec Liberal’s passed Bill 62. This bill claimed to be needed to protect and uphold the provinces religious neutrality position, but everyone knows that it is a prime example of Quebec politicians instituting laws that target the religious freedom of Muslim women. Where was the federal government on this one? They were where they usually are: sitting back and doing nothing; releasing statements saying that they are watching the situation closely.

The problem with all this watching and doing nothing is that it does nothing to help the Muslim women who will:

  • continue to be harassed and abused on public transit and other public places in Quebec e.g. being spit on while taking public transit;
  • soon be denied the right to take books from a library;
  • have to take off their religious headwear to ride on public transit;
  • have to take off their religious headwear to talk or interact with hospital staff.

The fear of the English language, Muslims and escape from those who desire ethnic purity cannot be escaped in Quebec at the government level. There is not a provincial party in Quebec that believes that all Canadians residing in Quebec are entitled to the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution or the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms. The proof is found that the only opposition to Bill 62 was from MPPs who thought that the bill did not go far enough.  This means that no matter who the English, or Muslims vote for they will always be treated as second class citizens, losing right after right at every turn and the right to services in one of the 2 recognised languages of Canada denied them. Is Quebec the shining example of how Canada deals with what it claims to be, proud and welcomed diversity? If not, why has the federal government  not stepped in with action instead of words to halt the ethnocide going on in Quebec at so many levels?

In January, after six men were gunned down as they knelt in prayer in a mosque in the province of Quebec, provincial Liberal Party leader, Phillip Couillard said in speech that he chooses “confidence, openness, a citizenship that is truly and fully shared for all, regardless of the colour of our skin, regardless of our beliefs or of who we love.”

On June 22, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, made an Islamophobic comment while commenting on the stabbing of a Flint, Mich. security officer on June 21 by a Montrealer named Amor Ftouhi who allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar!”   Couillard said, “(We cannot) disconnect these types of events — terrorism — from Islam in general.”

Mr. Bissonnette was motivated by hatred and fear of Muslims and migrants. His actions clearly satisfied the Criminal Code’s legal definition of terrorist activity. (intentionally caused death for a “political … or ideological objective or cause” with the intent to intimidate “a segment of the public”, namely Muslims and perhaps all migrants, “regarding its security.”)

Quebec prosecutors not only chose not to charge Bissonnette with one of 15 specific terrorism offences but presented a doctor to give expert testimony under oath that although the killing of the six praying Muslim men was racist, it was not a terrorist act. This proves that in Canada and Quebec, white, Christian people do not commit terrorist acts, because to qualify for this charge you must be Muslim.  Where was the federal government on this? They put out another statement saying, “We are observing the situation and will take the appropriate action when and if need be.”

Phillip Couillard is also responsible for “Bill 62”, Quebec’s racist, anti religion and anti-Muslim women bill. This bill has nothing to do with maintaining religious neutrality in Quebec, but everything to do with Quebec politicians targeting approximately 100 Muslim women’s right to wear the religious garments mandatory to the practices of their faith. If this were not true other religious bodies would also have to seek religious accommodation to comply with Quebec’s, Bill 62, like:

  • Christians visibly wearing crosses and rosary beads?
  • Jewish men wearing Yarmulkes, or Jewish or orthodox women wearing shawls over their heads when they leave their homes?
  • Sikhs wearing turbans?

Why has the federal government stepped in to protect the rights of these 100 Muslim Canadians?

What is the Canadian government waiting to see in Quebec before they act? I guess in a few years one prime minister or another can apologise for the treatment that the English, Muslim women and other visible minorities were forced to endure in Quebec, while the federal government ignored their plight.

Quebec is not the only place where you find racism, but it is the only place in Canada where politicians get away with making laws that are obviously racist and are immune to federal government intervention.  The video that showed a drunken white woman verbally and racially abusing 2 Muslim men proved that.

After causing a scene telling the men that they were not Canadians and go back to their country, the Denny’s waitress told the Muslim men that they would have to pack up their food and leave, while she apologised to the offensive White woman.  After the video was uploaded, there were the usual apologies and recrimination from local and federal politicians, but interestingly, not one charge filed against the woman and not one politician promising to make it tougher on people who engage in such behavior.

Racism is alive and well in Canada. All provincial politicians in Quebec, some federal MPs, and White supremacists found all over Canada, have been emboldened by the federal governments unwillingness to take divisive action to stop it.

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