Is Premier Philippe Couillard, Guilty of Manslaughter, And Political Opportunism?

This is what the dictionary says about the words and what they mean. I guess it is up to every individual to decide whether the words can be used to describe and charge, Philippe Couillard with any crime.

  • Manslaughter: the crime of killing someone unintentionally or without having planned to do it.
  • Political Opportunism: the attempt to maintain political support, or increase political influence, in a way which disregards relevant ethical or political principles.

Philippe Couillard is guilty of manslaughter and political opportunism, if:

  • Philippe Couillard, by word and deed has personally endangered and caused the needless suffering and deaths of some of the most fragile of Quebec society and continues to do so.
  • Philippe Couillard’s actions fits the definitions of manslaughter and political opportunism, as defined above.

I believe Philippe Couillard is guilty of both manslaughter and political opportunism, because:

  • under his leadership, services to Quebec’s English, religious, and people of color, have been compromised;
  • his government’s dismantling of health care affects the poor and most vulnerable of Quebec’s population and put their health and lives at risk;
  • he has done what he has done knowing those affected the most by his policies are not in the financial position to seek help somewhere else or pay for medications on their own.

The poor, aged, and often visible minorities have been forced to endure the worst of the suffering caused by the lack of help and declining services in the health care system.  With no money, nowhere else to go, Philippe Couillard, is endangering their lives, causing them to suffer needlessly, and in some cases, causing their deaths. Couillard’s denying people access to life saving medications, operations and medical treatments, are resulting in needless suffering, and in some cases death. While murder might be hard to prove, I think that the charge of manslaughter could be sought and won, and here is why:

  • Couillard, is a surgeon and knows the danger to people if they do not take the medication prescribed to them;
  • Knowing what he knows, he personally continues to make laws that put medications, medical treatment and life saving operations out of the price range and therefore reach of the most fragile of Quebec’s citizenry.

The electorate should:

  • consider what is obvious;
  • decide if this is the type of person they want governing them;
  • cast their vote accordingly in the next Quebec provincial election.

I am one of the people that the Premiere’s attack on the health care system is hurting. I have no choice, but to rely on RAMQ. In the last 5 years, I have had operations to:

  • remove a cancerous prostate, 5 years ago;
  • fix an inguinal hernia with a mesh, 3 years ago;
  • have a spinal surgery procedure done, called Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion, because of spinal stenosis. I had to fix the compression on my C3 and C4 discs, because I was becoming paralyzed very quickly. I had the procedure done July 18, 2017. I now have a plate, screws and a bone graft.

I am also a type 2 diabetic and need medication to treat my thyroid condition.

All these things have limited my ability to work full-time, limiting my ability to pay for all the medications and life saving test and treatment that I need.

  • Being a type 2 diabetic, I should be testing my blood at the very least once a day according to medical studies and best practices. Unfortunately, the premiere does not see it that way. Philippe Couillard has allowed Gaetan Barrette, his minister of health, to cut the number of test strips covered by RAMQ to 300 strips a year, which is 55 strips less than needed to cover one test a day.  To test once a day now it would cost me $96.00, if I do not have any days that require me to test more often.
  • Suffering from very painful heartburn I must take Sandoz Omeprazole 20 mpg Capsule. Without this medication prescribed by my family doctor the pain from my acid reflux can be so intense that it feels as though I am having a heart attack. The pain is so bad at night that I can only sleep when I am totally exhausted, which amounts to about 2 to 3 hours per night. Now when you Google this medication it says, “Do not stop taking without talking to your doctor.” Unfortunately, the premiere has allowed Gaetan Barrette to stop covering the medication under RAMQ without a special code from your doctor.
  • I have a thyroid condition which of course means that the lack of sleep caused by the acid reflux could cause my thyroid to malfunction and this could kill me.

This premiere has worked in the medical field and knows the dangers to patients who stop taking their medication, so why would he decide, or agree that I and others like me need only have our medication paid for by RAMQ 3 times a year leaving us to pay for it for 9 months a year at a cost of $47.00 per month, or $423.00 per year, or not take it and suffer and possibly die.

Problems caused by the methods used by Philippe Couillard include:

  • No doctor seems to know what is covered, or not. In most cases patients do not know that there is a limitation on their prescribed medication by RAMQ until their pharmacy makes them aware of the restriction at renewal time that they need to back to their doctor and get a special code before their prescription can be filled or pay for it out-of-pocket.
  • Most doctors resent having to write the government for permission to write prescriptions.
  • Pharmacies will not give patients the medications without the required code from the doctor, because without it there is no guarantee that the government will pay pharmacies for providing the prescribed medications.
  • When patients do not take their medication they get sicker, get complications that could result in more frequent and visits to the emergency room, more hospital stays, and operations. which all put more financially and operating stress on an already maxed out system.
  • The justification for the cuts to medicine and treatment they are enforcing have everything to do about saving money and nothing to about creating a system in which all residents of Quebec can receive equal and affordable life saving medications and health services.
  • When all or any of the afore-mentioned things happen, patient’s health becomes forfeit and patients are at greater risk of dying.
  • The time, energy and costs of the premier’s policies are driving up the cost of  healthcare instead of bringing it down.

Philippe Couillard’s cutbacks and cancellations of medications covered in RAMQ, have created a 2-tier medical system in Quebec, which denies certain citizens equal access to healthcare. I am talking about citizens who:

  • are on welfare;
  • are temporarily out of work;
  • cannot afford private medical insurance;
  • are referred to as the working poor, access to the best medical treatment possible.

Making whether a citizen is entitled to the best treatment and medication available, depend on how much money that citizen has and what kind of private medical insurance that citizen can afford, rather than the right of every Quebecer to have access to the best equally regardless of personal wealth.

The council which decides which medicines are covered by RAMQ are supposed to be made up of doctors and other qualified people, so why are they wilfully putting people’s lives in danger for the sake of saving money for the premiere?

This council, because of its medical background knows full well the health risk it is forcing on patients when they force patients not to take their medications as prescribed by their doctors. They are intentionally making decisions that they know are going to cause patients to suffer needlessly, putting their life’s in danger senselessly.  This advanced knowledge of what they are doing, seems to make this council at the very least duplicitous in the suffering of the affected patients, and at the worst guilty of the premeditated murder, of every patient in Quebec that dies due to not being able to get their medications due to:

  • the unnecessary extra red tape that causes delays in the afore-mentioned patients getting their medications;
  • the medications and treatments not being on the accepted list;
  • the lack of medications causing other ailments that were under control to get worse due to complications…like the thyroid worsening by lack of sleep for not taking acid reflux medicine no longer covered by RAMQ, simply to save money.

In closing, I have put down below for all to see the education and medical background of Philippe Couillard and some of his executive council. To me it is obvious that neither the premiere, nor certain members of his executive council can claim they did not know the harm that their policies, cuts and senseless regulations would and are having on the most fragile of Quebec’s society. This to me justifies my accusing Philippe Couillard of manslaughter and political opportunism. I would add that those mentioned below have not only betrayed the people of Quebec but have also betrayed their medical oaths of office.

Premiere of Quebec, Philippe Couillard:

  • holds a medical degree and a certification in neurosurgery from the University of Montreal;
  • was the head of the department of neurosurgery at Saint-Luc Hospital, from 1989 to 1992 and at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke from 1996 to 2003;
  • from 1992 to 1996, he practised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia;
  • left the medical profession in 2003, to run for the Montreal-area seat of Mont-Royal in the National Assembly representing the Quebec Liberal Party.

Quebec’s Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette. Prior to his election to the legislature, was:

  • a radiologist at Montreal’s Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont;
  • served as president of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec;
  • served on the board of directors of the Financière des professionnels;
  • was a member of the board of directors of Sogemec Assurances; was a member of board of directors of the Régie de l’assurance maladies du Québec.

Quebec’s Minister of Higher Education and Status of Women, Hélène David:

  • holds a PhD in clinical psychology from the University de Montréal;
  • worked as an instructor in psychopathology and women’s and maternal issues;
  • is a member of various University of Montreal committees, (overseer of psychology graduate programs, deputy director of the Department of Psychology, and vice-rector of academic affairs, international relations, and the Francophonie at the university);
  • received the Simone Chouinard Award from the Montreal Heart Institute Research Centre;
  • received the International Cesare Sacerdoti Award from the International Psychoanalytical Association;
  • is a member of the Quebec College of Psychologists;
  • served for many years on the board of the Montreal Heart Institute.

​Quebec’s, Minister of Health and Social Services, Yves Bolduc:

  • holds a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), a master’s degree from the École nationale d’administration publique and a bachelor’s degree in bioethics from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. He started his studies at the Université Laval where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in health sciences;
  • has worked as a general practitioner;
  • has worked as a coroner;
  • was the general manager of the Health and Social services center of the Vallée-de-l’Or in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region;
  • ran the professional services department of the Lac Saint-Jean Health and Social Services Center for fourteen years;
  • held the position of president of the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists of Quebec.

Quebec’s Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions, Kathleen Weil, was involved in the health and social services sector as;

  • an administrative member for the Montreal Children’s Hospital;
  • an administrative member for the Régie régionale des services de la santé et des services sociaux à Montréal.

Healthcare is not the only way Couillard and his government are hurting Quebecers. Language rights, Islamophobia and the environment, are other important issues where Phillip Couillard has flip-flopped and even out-and-out lied to Quebecers about where he truly stands. Phillip Couillard is a perfect example of political opportunism at its best. Premier Philippe Couillard in my opinion, is a merciless little man, guilty of manslaughter at best and murder at worst.

I think that it is time that politicians in Canada and Quebec are held accountable legally for the crimes they commit while in office…At this moment, they are getting away with murder.

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