Canada and Her Allies Keep Falling For The American Good Cop Bad Cop Routine

Make no mistake Donald Trump and his administration are not alone in this unprecedented attack on Canada and what used to be the USA’s closest allies. Why else would the American Congress and Senate stand by and do nothing but voice verbal and written complaints as one elected official attempts to weaken its most staunchest allies?

Donald Trump is:

  • weakening the economies of its staunchest allies;
  • abandoning every defense alliance, the USA created to protect and foster liberal democracy;
  • walking away from treaties and alliances which took decades to cultivate;
  • making the USA the most untrustworthy and most unreliable nation to do business with and form an alliance of any kind with in the world.

I believe that Donald Trump, his administration along with the American Congress and Senate,  are having a great time playing good cop bad cop with the people of the United States of America, Canada and the rest of their closest allies.

Donald Trump is a bold-faced liar whose inability to tell the truth has turned everyone that works for him directly or indirectly into a liar. Trump like a terminal, highly contagious disease has infected people without prejudice.  Americans from every walk of life, career background, ethnicity, and religious persuasion, have had their credibility and moral integrity questioned and their futures ruined. In some cases his associates and employees have been charged with crimes that could see them do jail time. Could Donald Trump be a Russian sleeper agent posing as the leader of the free world?

This is:

  • the liar and egomaniac that the American Republican Party chose to be their candidate in the last presidential election;
  • the presidential candidate and the political party the American electorate voted into office with a majority in both the Congress and the Senate;
  • the president that the Republican Congress and Senate complain about, but refuse to do anything about;
  • a Republican Party that is as guilty as the president, because they have stood and backed what they knew to be morally and legally wrong, for the sole purpose of holding on to governing power;
  • a president, a legislative body and a political base of people who should never have been trusted in the first place to govern one of the most powerful nation in the world;
  • a president guilty of trying to destroy every alliance, liberal democratic institution, group and organization that dares to speak out against its racist, protectionist, America first agenda;
  • a president and administration that has threaten to make Canada and Canadians suffer economically if it does go along with Trumps ill-conceived and hurtful foreign policy and agree to all his demands concerning NAFTA.
  • the lying, scheming, bullying, anti Muslim, anti poor, anti-immigration, protectionist president and administration, that Canadian politicians and the Canadian media insists that, the rest of the democratic world including Canada, must flatter and pretend to trust for fear of angering the bully and having to face the consequences of his wrath.
  • is a president who put minor children, some still in diapers in detention camps separated from their parents in an attempt to force democrats to give him money for a border wall.

No matter what your political stripe or whether you have ties to the USA or not, if you are a Canadian, or another ally of the USA, you must be saying enough is enough when it comes to Donald Trump and the USA’s, America First agenda.

The first rule of good business is that those entering into business together must trust each other to honor the terms of whatever agreement is reached. This is not possible when dealing with president Donald J Trump, whose word means nothing.

Donald Trump before becoming president had a history of not living up to the terms of contracts that he entered with contractors…refusing to pay or trying to lower the payment after the work was completed. It makes me wonder as to the sanity of other world leaders who thought and still think that he would or could be different after becoming president.

It is time for Canada and the other allies’ of the USA to wake up to the fact that under Donald Trump’s presidency the USA is no longer their ally. President Trump by his own definition of what is a national threat has openly threatened Canada’s and other American allies national security by attacking their economies with unwarranted and illegal tariffs.  When Trump threatened to put tariffs on Canada’s automotive industry, he said that, he knew he will be hurting Canada where it economically hurts the most.  This is not the actions of a friend or ally. These are the actions of a leader that cannot and should not be trusted.

Canada is at the mercy of any American President’s definition of the term, “National security threat”. Canada’s economic survival has been openly threatened by President Trump’s definition of the term. and must raise the question of whether on a whim our very sovereignty could be considered a risk to this president’s definition of national security threat.

Since January 2017, Donald Trump and his administration has:

  • withdrawn from the Paris climate accord;
  • left the U.N. educational and cultural organization;
  • pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal;
  • most recently left the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The USA has also slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum against key trading partners and allies under the guise of national security and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Since World War II, the United States has proved itself to be the most frequent quitter of international organizations that were created to stabilize the world, for domestic political reasons.

The United States withdrew from:

  • Interpol between 1950-1958; 
  • the International Labor Organization between 1977-1980; 
  • the International Criminal Court in 2002.

The USA has also threatened to withdraw from NATO and NAFTA.

It is time for the nations who still believe in the laws and values of liberal democracy to speak out against Trump and his administration, who with the support of the Republican party who control both houses of the legislature have turned against their allies and are no longer worthy of their trust.

It is time to give the USA a taste of their own medicine. By this I mean avoid trading with the USA, get what is needed trade wise from countries that honor trade deals and respect treaties and agreements. Canada’s drug of choice is products from the USA. Canadians are addicted to American culture, but there is hope. All addictions can be eradicated through tough love and an organised system of withdrawal.  Canada and its allies need not play the tariff game with the USA. Instead they need to halt all trade and refuse to import anything made in the USA, until the USA realizes that it cannot stand alone and is not in charge of anything but is an important part of an alliance that shares common values, goals and interests.

It is time to stop relying on the USA to protect and guarantee Canada’s sovereignty, because this president has proved that the USA is only interested in aligning themselves with leaders, ideologies and values that are incompatible with that of Canada.

The Trump administration:

  • praises dictators while calling who follow the rule of law, and the rules of liberal democratic governance weak and liars;
  • unconditionally supports killers of innocent men women and children;
  • pulled out of just about every liberal democratic international group that it helped to create;

If the president of the USA can state openly that he likes and supports the methods and actions of Km Jung Un and thinks that Russia should be let back into the G7 while still annexing Crimea from the Ukraine illegally, why should Canada not think that if the circumstance presented itself and his base wished for it, that Trump would not promise them to annex a part of Canada, to make America great again?


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