Is A Vote For Phillipe Couillard A Vote For A Backstabbing Liar?

Phillipe Couillard, promised a lot of things during his last run for office. Unfortunately for Quebec voters, Couillard’s election promises were bold-faced lies. They were lies told by him to make English-speaking Quebecers, visible minorities, the elderly, the sick, the poor and religious minorities feel that he was different the other separatist parties.

Phillipe Couillard talked and swore that the English for example were not second class citizens in Quebec and promised to stand up for all citizens rights and be the protector of minority rights in the province of Quebec. Premier Couillard, has spent most of his time as Premier of Quebec acting more like the Parti Québécois he ran against.

Life for the English, the sick and visible minorities under a Couillard majority government, has not improved one iota. I believe it has gotten worse.

The Parti Québécois put forward a motion in the legislature inviting shop staff to only greet customers with a warm “bonjour” , it was passed unanimously with the Liberal Party of Quebec not only in power but sitting with a majority.  This is because Couillard only took exception with the original word “irritant,”  included in the original wording. Once the word, “irritant,” was removed, Premier, Phillip Couillard, voted in favour of the Parti Québécois motion, that once again was trying to eliminate even the smallest and insignificant usage of English being used in Quebec.

Couillard says in a speech, in English, “Although French is our official language, the English language is not a foreign language in Quebec.,” He later added in French that he had underestimated the reaction from English-speaking Quebecers.

In January, after six men were gunned down as they knelt praying in a mosque in the province of Quebec Couillard said in  speech that he chooses “confidence, openness, a citizenship that is truly and fully shared for all, regardless of the colour of our skin, regardless of our beliefs or of who we love.”

On June 22, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, made an  Islamophobic comment while commenting on  the stabbing of a Flint, Mich. security officer on June 21 by a Montrealer named Amor Ftouhi  who allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar!”   Couillard said, “(We cannot) disconnect these types of events — terrorism — from Islam in general.”

“Bill 62”, Quebec’s racist, bill and anti religion bill. Phillipe Couillard and his ministers speak about this bill as though they are trying to help Islamic women out of an oppressive practice forced upon them by over bearing men…The truth is that politicians like Premiere Couillard, are targeting a Muslim woman’s right to wear the religious garments mandatory to the practices of her faith, or denying her the religious freedoms guaranteed her in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Why do other religious bodies not have to seek religious accommodation to comply with Quebec’s, Bill 62, like:

  • Christians visibly wearing crosses and rosary beads?
  • Jewish men wearing Yarmulkes, or Jewish or orthodox women wearing shawls over their heads when they leave their homes?
  • Sikhs wearing turbans?

When it came to the health of the people of Quebec this one-time medical professional cut services to the poor and middle class in Quebec in away that deprived many of access to life saving medical treatment and medications. Premier, Phillipe Couillard’s, constant flip-flopping on important issues, makes me long for the days when the Parti Québécois was in power and non-francophone Quebecers and visible minorities at least knew that no political party had their backs. There is a kind of stability and a sense of independence, that gives way to self-reliance in a people, when they are honestly told by politicians that no political party gives a damn about what they want or need. To give hope to people knowing that you have no intention of honoring them, in my opinion makes you a backstabbing liar, unworthy of my vote..

I consider language rights and the rights of minorities extremely important issues, but it is Premier Couillard’s, and Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrett’s  actions in the health file, that deliberately and willfully  endangered and caused the senseless suffering and deaths of  poor and elderly Quebec patients, that I find to be the most reprehensible and cannot forgive.  Premiere Couillard cut back on medical services, and treatments prescribed and ordered by their doctors. Overnight life saving medications once covered by RAMQ were no longer covered, or covered for shorter periods of time, leaving the poor and elderly without access to medications they required the government’s assistance to get.

Whether it is the cutting back on how many  blood strips are covered in a year by RAMQ (300), leaving patients not able to check their blood at least once a day, or  the forcing of people to get special codes from their doctors to get needed medications like, Sandoz Omeprazole 20 mpg Capsule for debilitating heartburn, the premier’s actions on the health file confirmed to me that Couillard does not care whether the sick, live or die, or whether the dying do so with dignity or  in the most comfort that is possible.

Sadly, I have concluded that as an English, visible minority, sickly senior, I have a choice to make in the upcoming Quebec provincial election. I can elect a politician that says up front that he or she intends to go right on treating me as a second-class citizen or vote for a politician that will lie about changing things for the better for me to get my vote and will continue to try to kill me with his changes to RAMQ and medical services.

Is it better to be a live second-class citizen, or a dead citizen killed by the practices of a backstabbing liar that I voted into office? This is the choice that some of us will have to make if we vote in the Quebec provincial election this October. Why should anyone have to make this choice in a democratic country? Is Premier Couillard a backstabbing liar? I think so.


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