Quebec Election Results No Surpeise to Me/ Ethnocide and Racism Are A Way of Life in Quebec

It is no surprise to me that the Coalition Avenir Quebec has won a governing majority in Quebec.  I am thrilled by the result. Once again, this election result allows the truth about Quebec’s racist, right-wing, Nazi like attitudes and desires to emerge from the shadows into the light of day. The results of this election will dispel any notion that what politicians in Quebec are after is respectful, coexistence with the minority citizenry of Quebec. It will also confirm how far the Francophone majority of Quebec are willing to allow their politicians to go in the quest to limit, if not eliminate racial, linguistic and religious minorities from residing in Quebec, or immigrating to Quebec.

As I have said in past posts, it is time for the minorities of Quebec to stop believing that they can live in peaceful co-existence with the Francophone majority, of this province. The Francophone majority for the most part, do not want them in Quebec. Making all signage in Quebec French, reducing English schools, school boards and hospitals, are not representative of inclusion, or a desire for peaceful coexistence based on fairness and mutual respect. These are tactics designed and used by Quebec politicians to insult, shame and force its English citizenry out of Quebec, or be assimilated.

As a nation we constantly apologize for the disgusting attempts to assimilate First Nations Peoples, but Canadians need to see that these apologies are attempts to quiet voices, not bring change. What other conclusion can be drawn, if all levels of government are fine with the modern-day version of these policies being applied to the minorities of Quebec, right now. Minorities of Quebec are being forced by the majority to give up their language, religious traditions, culture and values. The federal government afraid of the threat of Quebec separation, or the loss of political seats, refuses to act…Suggesting in some cases that anyone not happy with the political atmosphere in Quebec, should move to another province.

The minorities of Quebec need to stop trusting Francophone politicians promising to protect their rights, because politicians in Quebec honestly believe that the rights of minorities can never take priority over French identity issues.  The English, religious and visible minorities of Quebec are as valued as citizens in Quebec, as the Jews of Europe were valued as citizens in World War Two Germany.

The minorities of Quebec need to face the fact that those in power or looking to be in power in the province will always be forced to give in to the Francophone majority. Politicians have conned the French majority into thinking that their language, culture, religion and very existence has been put in danger by even the use of the word “hello”, when being served in a store. Is it any wonder that the Francophone majority in Quebec is only interested in preserving their French, White, Catholic majority at almost any cost? The willingness to use the “Notwithstanding clause” as a tool to override federal laws that protect the rights of all Canadians, is proof of how low Quebec politicians are willing to stoop to keep Quebec French, White and Catholic.

The White, Francophone, majority of Quebec claim to have good reason to live in constant fear of losing their heritage, language and culture, because they almost had it taken from them in Quebec, when they were defeated by the British.  Unfortunately, these people have learned nothing about the oppressed becoming the oppressor. Instead of ending oppression they decide to become the oppressor. Having been given the opportunity to regain all that was taken from them, they have systematically and willfully turned the minorities of the province into citizens without equal fights to themselves. The continuing mission of Quebec politicians to strip the English, religious and visible minorities of their fundamental rights, is proof of their failure to learn from their own past.

Isn’t it ironic that a citizen of Quebec can cross into the bordering provinces of either New Brunswick or Ontario and be served with a smile in either of the official languages and no one is worried about the loss of English? Quebec’s political parties have justified ethnocide as being necessary to preserve Quebec’s identity for so long, that most of its citizenry is willing to accept any government measure, short of murdering innocent people in the streets to protect them from the threat of cultural, religious and linguistic annihilation.

It does not surprise me that a political party promising to reduce the amount of  non-French-speaking people allowed to immigrate to Quebec, with a promise to deport them if they cannot pass a language and values test after three years, got itself elected. Ethnocide and racism are a way of life for Quebec’s minorities.

Quebec’s, White skin, French-speaking, Catholic citizenry, has been recognized by international groups that monitor human rights, as one of the most racist, anti multicultural places to live in the world.

The French took more than the land from the First nations people of Quebec. They also took away their religion, way of life, culture and language…This was their first attempt at forced ethnocide of others.

The French in more recent times have taken away the rights of their English citizens to speak and be served in English…One of the two official languages in Canada. A right that the French claim and receive in all other provinces in Canada by law.

The French have taken away the right of religious freedom for Muslim women with their band on face covering headwear.

The French cling to Black Face as a cultural right and the right to use the word Nigger in the description of their landmarks.  Why would any government commission officially recognize the name of Nigger Rapids in 1983?

In a world that has been increasingly protectionist and anti-immigration, it is no surprise to me that a leader such as Francois Legault led his party of the same ilk to a majority in Quebec yesterday.  Francis Legault speaks for the majority of Quebec citizenry, who happen to believe that anyone who is not Francophone, White and Catholic has no business living in Quebec.

At least now it is out in the open and not being done by a political party such as the Liberal Party of Quebec who promised to be fair to all its citizenry and then stabbed the minorities of Quebec in the back with its policies.

I believe that the Francophone majority in Quebec have every right to be afraid to lose everything that they have gained, but for a different reason. History proves that nothing remains the same forever. Those who take the rights of others today are in constant danger of losing theirs tomorrow.

Ask the Germans and those European nations forced into the Soviet Union after what they did to the Jews of Europe. They used the same reasoning as the government of Quebec is using today…Self-preservation.

Ask the English minority of Quebec what happens when a people rise up, because they feel that they are not represented by their government. The English once held the balance of power in Quebec and ignored the rights of the Francophone majority. English at one time was the official language of Quebec.

Just a thought: The children and grandchildren of the English, visible and religious minorities in Quebec now speak French, but they have not adopted the right-wing values and ideologies of the old Francophone guard, for obvious reasons. They will soon become the majority in Quebec and with that majority, control the balance of power. Unfortunately, they have grown up and are growing up watching the ethnocide their parents have been forced to endure. They have grown up watching their grandparents being treated as second class citizens and forced to give up their right to wear religious attire.  What do you think they will do with the power once they have it, and who do you think that they will be looking to do it to?

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