The Greatest Threat to Canada And the World Is Our Southern Neighbour

The greatest unspoken, always denied, truth is now being realised and spoken out loud.  The United States of America is finally being realised as the most selfish, dangerous, country in the world.

The world needed a hero: The story that made the USA a hero after the 2nd world war was based on a lie. Everyone told the lie and kept right on telling it, because the world needed a hero. This lie like all lies had consequences.

The Truth:

  •  The USA did not enter the 2nd world war as some heroic gesture to save the nations of Europe from Nazi led domination, or because millions of European Jews were being rounded up and shipped off to concentration camps, where they would die in gas chambers in places like Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, like their allies had being doing for two years already. None of that mattered and if they would have not been attacked, they would never have entered the war… Some heroes.
  • The USA made the decision to make profit off the war instead of helping their allies. It is common knowledge that although their allies were dying the USA took the position that, because the war did not pose a threat to their territory, citizens or any other American interests, the war was not in the USA’s interest and not its problem.  As their ally’s infrastructure was decimated by the Nazis and their ability to supply themselves with clothing, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition were realised, the USA was right there to sell them all that they needed.  From 1939 tothe end of 1941 the USA watched and profited as thousands of Canadian, British, Australian and other of its allies fought and died in the fight to stop Hitler from realising his dream of an Arian race that would rule the world…Hardly the actions of a hero, but the beginning of a reality. The USA has always and will always have an America first agenda and has no real allies except those that it uses to further its agenda.
  • The USA did help to end the 2nd world war’s “Pacific War.”  The problem is with how they chose to do it. Instead of targeting military targets, the USA chose to show the Japanese just how far they were willing to go to win the war. They chose to do the unthinkable, illegal and immoral thing and knowingly dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians. In retaliation for Japan’s bombing of American military installations in Pearl Harbor, Japan’s victories in Guam and General MacArthur being driven out of the  Philippines and the impending threat to Midway, the Americans intentionally killed maimed and injured millions of innocent civilians on the Japanese Islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japanese surrender, Pacific War over…Not heroic in my book.

Note: The USA has never faced any sanction, or penalty for this cowardly action even though they committed crimes against  humanity against the Japanese that were equal to those inflicted of the Jews of Europe, by the Nazis. Ironically, the American lawyers prosecuted Nazis accused of war crimes and American  judges sat on war crimes tribunals that sentenced Nazi leaders to be imprisoned and put to death for their war crimes.

It was the lie that the Americans were heroes of the 2nd world war and the lack of consequences for their intentional killing of Japanese civilians, that made the USA feel that they can rage war for profit, ignore civilian death and do whatever it takes to win without having to answer for their actions, no matter how vile, or contrary to human decency, and the rule of law those actions are. It is this lie that made the USA the greatest threat to Canada and the whole world.

Todays USA is not standing idly by while its allies do the fighting. That is because the USA, along with their sycophant allies are the main cause of war, starvation and massed forced migration the planet has ever seen.   the USA is directly responsible for the hardships and loss of innocent life attributed to the destabilizing military conflicts in Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq,  and those of the Arab Spring, because they caused war for profit, interfered in the internal affairs of sovereign states, and tried to inflict regime change in Islamic ruled nations by encouraging and backing their citizens financially and militarily to civil war.

The USA today:

  • mocks its ally’s contribution and willingness to support them in past wars;
  • has declared nations like Canada, Great Britain and a host of European allies a threat to their national security and levied tariffs on them as retaliation;
  • insults and belittles any allied leader who it has a disagreement with, like Teresa May of Great Britain, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany;
  • threatens to ruin the economies of any allied nation that does not give in to all its demands.
  • is removing itself from any international forum, institution, or body that has the authority to hold it accountable for international crimes…even those that it helped to create…placing itself above international law, while maintaining that all other nations must adhere to them;
  • heaps praise, uplifts and emboldens leaders and dictators like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jon Un and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Where we are today:

  • At the brink of nuclear disaster and possibly the end of the world as we know it, because the USA is a super power without a conscience, or morality.
  • Listening to the USA assert its position that they are above the rule of law internationally, because they are the police, judge jury and executioner, when it comes to holding  all other nations accountable for what it deems as violations of the same international laws that they reject the authority of and therefore should not and cannot be expect to live with the constraints of  international law.
  • Starting of a new Cold War Era…Russian Navy firing on three Ukrainian ships, seizing them and the sailors.
  • Russian nuclear strategic bombers landing in Venezuela.
  • Watching the USA unilaterally dismantle every global trading treaty it entered with its allied states, for the sole reason of its America First policy, which means, 95% of all profit and benefit for the USA and little or nothing for anyone it trades with…Take it or leave it and face tariffs.
  • The USA walking away from, withholding funds, belittling and undermining every global humanitarian institution and treaty it helped to create and encouraged its allies to join since the end of World War Two.
  • The USA separating refugee parents from their children at their Southern Border and confining them in holding camps…much like the Nazis did to the European Jews during World War Two.

The conventions of war, climate change, refugee rights, Vienna Convention and all the rest of the treaties that they have agreed to be a party to, they now opt out of, using their military and economic might to bully other nations to do as they wish… participating in the bombing, starving and causing forced migrations and displacement of millions of innocent people. Refusing to allow legitimate refugees into the  country and imposing a travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries. The use of military might, tariffs, embargos and threats, are not the actions used by heroes, but are bullying tactics used by cowards and illiterates, in capable of articulating and convincing others to their way of thinking. These are the actions of the biggest threat to Canada and the rest of the world…The United States of America.

We should all stop telling the lie that allowed the USA to be the hero of the 2nd world war and start telling the truth. I believe in this way we can better understand why the world should not put so much faith in the USA’s assertions that their priority as a nation is to protect the weak, promote and protect the human rights of all and be a positive, selfless, influence for all nations to look up to and emulate. Perhaps then the nations like Canada would start to see that the greatest threat to world peace and everything else in between is the United States of America…A nation Canadians refer to as our greatest ally and trading partner.

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  1. Fiarra Ember Nixon says:

    Yes. Thank you. Needed that this morning. Pretty pissed off at how lies are so easily accepted today.

    Fiarra Nixon



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