When Is Enough-Enough In a Nation to Nation Friendship?

Politicians, community leaders and everyday Canadians, when is enough, enough in a nation to nation friendship?

American politicians as well as the citizens they represent have always thought of Canada as a breakaway state…a part of the USA, a state gone rogue.  In the past American politicians have tried unsuccessfully taking Canada by force.  Canadian history clearly has documented the many attempts and failures of the American government to invade Canada.

American politicians and leaders did however realize that they could control Canada if they could find a way influence if not control the Canadian economy.  To this end American politicians encouraged American businesses to buy up as much of Canada’s natural resources as the Canadian government would allow, thus positioning themselves as Canada’s greatest trading partner and Canada’s greatest economic threat.  Canada has been selling the USA, Canadian natural resources for cheap with the USA selling them back to us as finished products for gross profits, ever since.  This they say is just good business. I find it ironic how the USA insists that it is Canada that is taking advantage of them and poses a threat to their national security.

Over the years, Canadian governments have been duped into giving up Canada’s sovereignty to the USA one bilateral and multilateral trade agreement at a time and one joint military treaty and American led coalition at a time. There was a time when Canada could protect itself from invasion by land, air or sea and help our allies fight tyranny using boots on the ground and our own military weaponry. Unfortunately, that Canada no longer exists. Canada has seen her military capability and readiness severely reduced.  Todays Canada can often only able to deploy 40 soldiers, a few advisors a few planes and a helicopter to help her allies… a far cry from World War One and World War Two.  Canada has no armed forces to speak of.

The Canadian government has left Canada dependent on the willingness and mercy of the USA for our sovereignties’ defense, even though the:

  • USA happens to be greatest threat to Canada’s sovereignty;
  • American generals, presidents, politicians continue to publicly say that the USA is not bound by any legal or moral obligation to protect Canada should Canada be threatened;
  • George Bush said, “If the USA was attacked with missiles, he would order them to be shot down over Canada;
  • Under the leadership of, President Trump and his America First Policy, the USA has walked away from every global organization that it was responsible for starting and getting other nations to commit to. They are now getting ready to abandon allies on the battlefield and opt out of NATO.

If a country cannot defend its own sovereignty, is it truly sovereign?

Donald Trump has brought clarity to the American position as it pertains to trade, defense and partnership. I say this because:

  • although he is president Donald Trump is only one man and could not remain in power if enough politicians took a stand against him;
  • no meaningful objection came from American politicians and people when Donald Trump slapped tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum, calling Canada a threat to American security;
  • the new democratic house majority led by Nancy Pelosi, claims that it is the USA’s northern border it shares with Canada that is the real security threat to the USA, not the southern it shares with Mexico.

Donald Trump’s demand for a southern border wall is a racist farce. Donald Trump insists that without a wall the USA cannot protect its southern border properly and yet there is no wall or demand to build a wall between Canada and the USA, which share the largest unmanned, unwalled, land border in the world. I think that there is no push for a northern border wall, because of ethnic, and religious demographics.

Donald Trumps policies threatened thousands of refuges from Haiti and Africa with deportation, caravans of those refugees fled the USA into Canada. What did the American government do to stop the illegal crossings? Why does the American government do nothing to stop the illegal immigration from their country into Canada, like they expect Mexico to do on the American-Mexican southern border?


American values are no longer aligned with Canada’s. With every passing day the American government shows it does not consider Canada a nation due their respect. Donald Trump’s ability to get away with what he is doing and saying proves that the majority of American citizenry and politicians believe that Americans are superior to everyone on the planet and are above having to be a moral, decent, law-abiding nation.

Americans are no longer an ally that can be trusted. They have allowed for an environment where Donald Trump:

  • placed the USA above international law;
  • is allowed to push an American superiority doctrine;
  • feels it is okay to leave allies on the battlefield fighting wars the USA started and asked other nations to support;
  •  unapologetically misuses their allies, (Meng Wanzhou incident)
  • is cheered for belittling ally leaders, (Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Elisabeth May);
  • threatens to ruin the economies of so-called allies, because he can’t get his way in a trade deal;
  • tries to force American allies to pay more financial support into international coalitions that the Americans need to help pay for its foreign policy position;
  • gets support for a Muslim ban, a border wall to keep brown people and Muslims out of the USA;
  • felt safe to publicly say that he and Kim Jong un fell in love. A ruthless dictator who kills his people and others for opposing him.

The United States government, its business leaders and its people have declared that they only care about what is in the USA’s best interest and has put into action an America First Policy. There can be no win-win when it comes to American trade deals and other treaties, because Americans now only see a win as Americans winning and everyone else losing. 

If we would not keep a friend who behaved like an enemy, why does the Canadian government continue to refer to the USA as Canada’s closest ally and closest friend?

  1. The American government no longer shares values like those of Canada and the rest of her allies.
  2. The American government has reverted to pre-World War Two isolationism. and have placed themselves above the law.
  3. The American government does not practice what they preach. The American government is a fraud and a hypocrite. Bombing, sanctioning and punishing sovereign nations under the guise of human rights and freedoms, while mistreating their own citizens, using them like disposable pawns on a chessboard. e.g. The latest government shutdown.


  1. The American form of democratic governance is so screwed up that it is being argued that a sitting president is above the law.
  2. Allows for the shutdown of the federal government, if the president does not get his way, e.g. a vanity project such as a border wall, regardless of how much damage the shutdown is doing to:
  • 800 thousand federal workers. e.g. (reduced to standing in lines at food banks, are unable to pay their copay insurance premiums, or unable to pay their mortgages);
  • the American economy, e.g. (mom and pop businesses failing, because workers are furloughed without pay, those working without a paycheck have no money to spend);
  • the security of the USA e.g. (coast guard, prison security, border security)
  • the most vulnerable American citizens who depend on government agencies for the necessities of life e.g. (food stamps, welfare checks;
  • the safety of Americans as thousands of workers at airports call in sick so they can get temporary paying jobs. e.g. (air traffic controllers, airport safety personnel)

It is time for Canadian politicians to stop lying about Americans being Canada’s most valued trading partner and ally. The Canadian government needs to invest in Canada’s armed forces and border security, so that Canada is able to protect and ensure its own sovereignty. Canada can do this by rapidly building its military capability and perhaps building a wall on Canada’s borders with her worst neighbor, greediest trading partner and the only enemy at her doorstep…the USA.


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