Notre Dame Cathedral Burns In Paris…Sign From God?

First let me say that I am glad to hear that nobody was killed by the burning of this building. The building itself has no special significance for me…but maybe God is trying to say something.

I am stunned as the world laments the loss of what is a building that represents all that is wrong with religion. A building from which one religion preached and taught that it was the only religion that mattered and that all other religions and the people who refused to convert to Christianity should be purged.  Notre Dame Cathedral, and all others, symbolizes  Christianity gone wrong.  These are reminders of how the very words of God as preached by Jesus Christ were pushed aside for carnal pleasures, riches and vanity.  This building with its opulence flaunts the will of popes, priests and followers in the face of Jesus Christ himself and defies his teachings according to the bible…the holy book of Christianity.

Did not a former and still living pope just days before the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris blame the sexual revolution and the clothing that kids wore at the time for a history of the church’s sexual abuse of God’s children and the protection of the clergy responsible? Did the sitting pope, cardinals, bishops and followers say anything to contradict this supposed man of God or did they once again just sit quiet? Is not the sitting pope’s silence a signal that nothing has changed and that something needed to be done? Maybe God thought that it was time for divine intervention?

  • Luke 18: 15-17
  • 15  And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.
  • 16  But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
  • 17  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who is of Islamic faith and Muslim heritage gave a speech calling out the need to stop treating Muslim Americans as 2nd class citizens, which they have been since 9/11…Americans of Christian and Jewish faith went ballistic from the president of the USA to Wolf Blitzer of CNN.  They both agreed that the congresswoman should have spoken more reverently about 9/11. These two people a Christian and a Jew do not agree on many things, but what they both could agree on was that the congresswoman should not have allowed her concern for the suffering, eroding rights and loss of freedoms that Muslim Americans post 9/11 of Muslim’s living in the USA have been subjected to since some people did something horrific that killed thousands of people in the USA.

I was saddened by the loss of lives caused by the events of 9/11, but not for the buildings. To me they were a symbol and represented White America’s arrogance and White supremacist ideology.  People of all colors, religions, cultures and walks of life died on that horrific day and yet White people claim it to be and event that affected them.  The attack was an attack on all Americans not just American Jews and Christians. Is Christian America acting in a way that would please their God, or are they encouraging his wrath?

Gone from the headlines are talks about the great forced migration of Muslims and Africans into Christian Europe. Has the crisis been solved, and I missed it? Are countries of Christian Europe no longer denying those families that make it to their shore’s entry? Are they no longer putting them in jail, or death camps? Are these people not more important than a burning building from which inside the fanatical ideology of converting the world to Christianity at any and all costs was taught and the germ that caused such a deadly vicious slaughtering of people was launched?  Must not God be angry to see what Christianity and those who practice it have done using his name?

Is God trying to tell Christians something? I mean Catholics and Christians of all denominations have been using their so-called religious beliefs and their God to condone and promote things such as slavery, war, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, child pedophilia, and all the heart-break and suffering that all of those ungodly things create. Perhaps God is making an example of this so-called house of worship.  All of these supposedly holy places are more market place and museum then a place of God according to the scriptures. This place of worship was a market place and a blatant disregard for his words about building  holy places that sell things. Did not Jesus turn over the selling tables and call out the priest for defiling the holy place of his father?

I believe these cathedrals to be the idols that God has spoken about in the 10 commandments. They have become more important than God himself to those who pray in them, visit them and claim they can’t visualize a world without them.  God warned that he is a jealous God.  Jesus also said that the only way to enter heaven was by praying to him directly for the redemption of your sins. Not through a priest or a nun, or a figurine of Mary…just to him. Does not the church even violate this rule of God in order to exert power over God’s people? Perhaps God is trying to tell Christians something?

Perhaps now that France has lost what it claims it cannot bear to live without it may understand the loss and feeling of hopelessness that Muslim women feel when they are denied the right to practice their religion freely.  Maybe the people of France may begin to understand the loss historical, cultural and religiously what happens when a part of who you are religiously is ripped from you. The Christians of France can rebuild their church, but who will rebuild the live that they the Christians have ruined.

Worldwide coverage for what is the accidental burning  of  a building in Paris. Yet these same people and news agencies stand by quietly and give minimal coverage as Muslim women and Muslims are thrown in refugee camps for daring to try to escape, starvation, falling bombs and plagues brought on by the ravages of war as the western Christian world tries to force it s political, religious and culture on the Islamic nations of the world.

I believe God is trying to tell Christians something with the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France. The size of the cathedral, the art work displayed inside it, or any of the other materialistic stuff that counts, but it is the way you treat others and the way that you honor God by your good works that matters?

Think about what Christians have done in the world in the name of their God and then look in the bible and tell me that they are following the teaching of their faith.  They rejoice in the streets of America when an Islamic leader is murdered by their armed forces, but this is not God’s way.  These same Christians bomb and destroy Islamic mosques. They enter sovereign lands uninvited and destroy, rape and pillage, but cry foul when the same is done to them. Is this the way of their God? is this the proud heritage that they are so afraid of losing?

Christians do not even face their foes on a battle field with honor any more… preferring to bomb and use missiles to kill civilian men women and children by the thousands everyday in their sleep, calling them collateral damages, but whimper when the enemy kills 40 soldiers in 10 years of battle.  This is not the way of God.

In Canada the federal government sits silent as Quebec Christian separatists take away the rights of Muslims to follow their religious beliefs and take away the rights of the English minority in Quebec.  This is Christianity at its best, I guess? The almost total annihilation of North America’s Indigenous people, the stealing of their lands, the forced assimilation of these people must also be a shining example to highlight when talking about the historic importance of cathedrals?

How fast countries fill up after there is no more need for Christian refugees and mostly refugees of Muslims heritage are the one’s fleeing persecution seeking safety in Christian lands. Maybe God is trying to say something?

Perhaps the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France was God’s way of telling Christians what is really important, but as I listen to the reporting and all the hysteria about the treasures and art work that could be lost, I think that his actions and words are falling on deaf ears and the tone-deaf.  Isn’t it sad that millions die all over this world from starvation, disease, no fresh water to drink and the world’s richest nations says there is just no money either in the private sector or in government to save them, but within hours of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in France over 700 million dollars was pledged by France’s richest families and private businesses to help renovate the cathedral and over a billion dollars pledged to date… 5 million pledged by the Walt Disney Company alone. I really think that God is trying to tell Christians something.

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