Canada Can’t Change Its Bad Behavior Or Make Things Better, While Espousing Revisionist History and Engaging in Hypocrisy

Canada could be all that it its citizens and leaders imagine it to be, but all its people would have to stop lying to themselves and the rest of the world.  Canadian leaders boast falsely to its citizens and those who seek to immigrate here, or find themselves seek asylum that Canada’s immigration policies are welcoming to all and all will be treated equally and without prejudice. The lies could be made to be true,  but that would require its leaders to change. Public apologies, tearful; speeches from the throne, without meaningful actions are not enough.  Canada cannot change its bad behavior or make things better by espousing revisionist history and engaging in hypocrisy.

Canada’s shock and horror at the tactics of Donald Trump and his administration, when it comes to immigration, are exactly what I am talking about when I say that, Canada cannot change its bad behavior or make things better by espousing revisionist history and engaging in hypocrisy.

It is the Canadian government’s changes to immigration law and policy, under the leadership of Steven Harper that the Trump administration uses to justify their racist immigration policies, laws and practices.  For MP, MMPS and mayors and city councilors to deny, downplay or omit these facts when talking about immigration policies makes Canada guilty of using revisionist history and a hypocrite.

MPs, MMPs and civic councilors, love to tell the lie about how broad and generous Canada’s immigration policy is and has always been, but this can be proven in historical fact to be a lie or, employing, “revisionist history.”   Unfortunately Canada’s laws and practices concerning immigration historically and in recent years have been and continue to be racist, supremist and designed to keep the power in the hands of its White, European, Christian citizens. What they should be saying is that Canada’s position on immigration has been disgusting and unfair up to today and needs to change.

Historical Facts:

  1. Between 1869 and the 1930s, over 100,000 orphans, juvenile delinquents, and unwanted persons from the British Isles immigrated to Canada. The open-door policy was not open however to all new immigrants. 
  2. 1891- B.C. provincial legislators were complaining that Japanese immigrants were “just as injurious” as the long-despised Chinese, going so far as to exclude Japanese residents from the 1891 census. In 1897, Premier John Herbert Turner’s provincial legislature unanimously asked the federal government to prevent immigration of Japanese, citing concern about “the lower- class Jap” who competed in the labour market. Heeding to xenophobic pressure, only six Japanese immigrants entered Canada in the years 1901-4, while the “gentlemen’s agreement” with Japan to limit immigration to 400 a year only became official in 1907.
  3. 1898 – Records show letters exchanged among immigration authorities worried about how to be functionally anti-Black without seeming anti-Black. (In 1910, the Edmonton Board of Trade passed a resolution to stop the undesirable influx of Negroes. Six months later, Canada changed its underhanded discrimination policy to bar Blacks overtly.)
  4. 1905 – PM Laurier’s Minister of the Interior, Clifford Sifton, eager to populate western Canada with farmers offered free homesteads to qualified applicants. Canadian immigration authorities rated newcomers according to their race, perceived hardiness and farming ability: British immigrants were preferred, but if none were available. If no British immigrants were available other white immigrants would do. White immigrants from Eastern Europe (Italians, Portuguese, South Slavs, Greeks, Syrians, Jews) were reluctantly accepted in large numbers. Black and Asian immigration was discouraged.
  5. 1906 – Clerk of the Privy Council, Rodolphe Boudreau wrote on the restriction of immigration from the Orient, in particular British East Indians: “Experience has shown that immigrants of this class, having been accustomed to the conditions of a tropical climate, are wholly unsuited to this country.” “Furthermore, the restriction of newcomers from India is no less in the interest of East Indians themselves, than the interest of the Canadian people”.  Deputy Minister of Labour W.L. Mackenzie King, went to England to negotiate an agreement by which Canada was made “distinct” in the British Empire, thus allowed to refuse certain classes of immigrants based on country of origin.
  6. 1939 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany embarked on a ship towards Halifax’s Pier 21. , which had already welcomed hundreds of thousands of newcomers. Frederick Blair, other immigration officials and cabinet ministers hostile to Jewish immigration persuaded the Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to refuse sanctuary to the ship. In 1941 annual report, Frederick Blair candidly admitted “Canada, in accordance with generally accepted practice, places greater emphasis on race than upon citizenship.”
  7. Until the 1960s, Canada chose its immigrants on the basis of their racial categorization rather than the individual merits of the applicant.

1976 – Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s government reformed the Immigration Act. This opened Canada’s doors to the best and the brightest from the world over. Unfortunately, the changes would only last approximately 40 years. Canadians elected a conservative government led by Steven Harper who will once again reform Canada’s Immigration act. 

  1. Since 2006, the federal government has focused Canada’s immigration system on economic prosperity, prioritizing finding immigrants who have the skills and experience required to meet Canada’s economic needs.
  2. Since 2008, Canada has been focusing on economic class immigrants. This means that the preferred immigrant, must have the skills and abilities to contribute to Canada’s economy and short-term labor market needs.  According to 2012 Citizenship and Immigration Canada figures, economic immigrants receive about 60% of permanent resident visas, the majority of which are awarded under the Federal Skills Workers Program and the Provincial Nominee Program.
  3. 2019 Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette’s bill 21 becomes law.  Bill 21 will ban teachers, police, government lawyers and others in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols such as Muslim head coverings and Sikh turbans. Police officers, provincial jail guards and prosecutors who wear religious symbols are rare in Quebec but the province has dozens of female Muslim teachers. Religiously dressed teachers already on the job will have acquired rights to continue wearing the garments but they will not be able to take a transfer, promotion or new job and wear them.
  4. 2019-Premier Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec government passed Bill 9 the into law by a 73-35 vote, with backing of the Parti Québécois. Bill 9 enables new French-language and values tests that the government says will protect Quebec identity while refocusing immigration on economic interests. Applicants in the old system were selected on a first come first served basis.

The Truth:

  • It was the Canadian government that led the way for justifying throwing innocent men women and children in jail for fleeing terror and seeking asylum in Canada.  EG. (MV Sun Sea)
  • There is no constitutional law that forces the federal government to allow any province to violate any Canadian citizens constitutional rights, or rights they have under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Fear of losing the balance of power is the reason the Canadian Government on all levels makes it difficult for non- white, non- Christian, and applicants from non- European countries to immigrate to Canada.


  1. Canada for the most part is and always has engaged in very selective immigration laws and polices when it comes to who it allows to immigrate to Canada.
  2. Pierre Trudeau reformed the Immigration Act in 1976, which for 40 years or so, opened Canada’s doors to the best and the brightest from the world over.
  3. Prime Minister Stephen Harper took away the reforms to Pm Pierre Trudeau and sent us back to immigration according to race and ethnicity.
  4. Even though Justin Trudeau publicly sheds tears over and laments Canada’s past and ongoing racist and segregationist immigration policies and laws, he has done next to nothing to right Canada’s policies and laws… even though he enjoys a majority in the House of Commons.
  5. The fact is that the USA is not only following Canada’s lead when it talks about instituting their racist and segregationist policies but holding up Canada as a shining example of a democratic open society using the same methods.

To attend school in Canada’s elementary and high school public school system, is to be force fed revisionist history by government paid teachers. These teachers knowingly teach revisionist history in a curriculum  designed by government to erase the worst of its historical wrongdoing. This does not change the countries history, but makes for ignorant,   for all Canada ill informed and tone-deaf adults. Canadian voters see no need for change, because they have been taught since childhood that everything their forefather’s did was for best and was for the betterment of all.  If everything is working as it should, why fix it is the thinking of most Canadians, because that is what they have been sold since they were old enough to understand. All Canadians are taught that, Indigenous people, people of color, non Christians, and those who immigrate to Canada should stop whining and be grateful for the chance that they have been given to be just like the white, European, Christen majority that hold the balance of power and their lives in their hands. 

  1. The attempt by Canada’s forefathers, the Catholic and Protestant church, and the settlers themselves to totally assimilate or wipe out the indigenous people living on the land that would become known as Canada.
  2. No teachings of Canada’s enslavement of Black people in Canada.
  3. No teachings of Canada’s historically selective, racist immigration acts, policies, agreements and laws.

neverhomca: Detention: The Canadian government jailed 87,317 migrants without charges between 2006 and 2014. Migrants, including up to 807 children per year, are the only population in Canada who can be jailed on administrative grounds without ever being charged with a specific criminal offense. In 2013 alone, migrant detainees spent a collective total of 503 years behind bars. Many migrants face indefinite detention and some migrants now face mandatory detention.

The Canadian government jailed over 87,317 migrants without charge between 2006-2014, and spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars over five years to detain migrants. Migrants are the only population within Canada who can be jailed simply on administrative grounds without being charged with a specific criminal offense.

In 2014, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Working Group on Arbitrary Detention strongly chastised the Canadian immigration detention system. The University of Toronto’s International Human Rights Program released a study in 2015 finding that Canada’s rising detention of non-criminal foreigners in maximum-security prisons amounts to arbitrary, cruel and inhumane treatment that violates international obligations.”

Lot of the factual historical content was taken from an article written by Media critic, policy analyst and pundit: Rachel Decoste  


Everything that is bringing this world to the brink of destruction,is reversible and could be totally eradicated. The hatred, starvation, mass migrations, illiteracy, all gone, if not for hypocrisy. Racism, sexism, and inequality in all its forms could be a thing of the past. The world could be a safe place, but for one thing…Not enough people seem to understand that, the world will never be a better place as long as the nations of the world continue to espouse revisionist history and engages in hypocrisy.

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