The United States of America Has Never Been a Trusted Friend and Ally of Canada

Historically, Canada has always tried to be a good neighbor, trustworthy friend a dependable ally to the United States of America, but the United States of America has constantly abused our trust by invading our territory, questioning our rights as a sovereign nation and finally threatening our lively hoods, economy and lives if we dare not to act like a de facto state and adhere to their political policies and decisions.

USA treatment of Canada during the global pandemic:

  • The United States government knowing the danger and the risk to Canadians lives, willfully withheld, redirected and kept for its own use vital life saving medical equipment and medical supplies from those it calls it’s closet friend, neighbor, ally and largest trading partner, Canada, by the order of President of the USA, Donald J Trump.
  • Although there were some objections raised and concerns voiced, no level of government democrat or republican raised enough disapproval of Trump’s actions to force him to change the order.
  • The American press mentioned what Trump was doing to Canada and Canadians, but in a way that did not reflect that the president’s actions had put Canadian lives at risk. Instead all news coverage from CNN to Fox made it seem like the president had done a not so friendly thing, that kind of looked bad and could result if retaliatory moves by Canada. The American news coverage continued to highlight the problems the American citizenry would face should Canada retaliate and remained silent on the possible loss of Canadian lives.  They also hinted that the president’s actions were understandable if not nice. This type of boot-licking journalism is normal news coverage where Donald J Trump is at issue, but is it the new normal for CNN too?
  • The American citizens did not do better. CNN showed polls depicting how the American people viewed the president’s handling of the pandemic which indicated 80% of republicans found the president to be doing all that he could do and approved of the way he was doing it (including the withholding and diverting of critical protective gear destined for Canada).  Democrats and independents thought that Trump was not doing enough and disapproved of his overall handling of the pandemic. No mention of the selfish and disgusting stealing of life saving equipment destined for Canada.

Canadian Treatment of Americans during the global pandemic:

  • Detroit’s Canadian neighbors, living near the American border vowed to help their American neighbors anyway they could…vowing to stand by them and see them through the difficult and trying times.

Which nation acts like a trusted friend and ally?

  • During 911, Canada did not turn its back on the United States of America, nor did its people. As a nation Canada allowed American flights to be diverted to Canadian airports. The Canadian citizens took in American strangers, fed and sheltered them in their homes.
  • During the Corona virus Global Pandemic the governor of Florida first refused to let 2 cruise ships with Canadians on board dock in his state ports. After being told that he must allow the docking of said ships on humanitarian grounds, he forced the Canadians onboard to be taken directly to the airport and flown out of the state and back to Canada.

I would submit that all levels of American society do not take the relationship with Canada and Canadians seriously… It is almost like what Canadians want or need is unimportant to Americans on all levels, regardless of political stripe. Americans in general seem to be arrogant enough to believe that Canada  and Canadians are lucky to have the USA and it’s citizenry as neighbors and that the government of Canada and its people should be flattered and grateful for the relationship/friendship, no matter how bad and abusive relationship gets.

I believe that the United States of America’s government has historically never been a trusted friend and ally of Canada.  As a country its treatment of Canada during this global pandemic has put Canada and her people in mortal danger.  The failure of the American press and the people of the United States of America to speak truth to power and denounce this ill treatment of Canadians, makes the press and the citizens of the USA as guilty as their government, or at the very least complicit in their silence.

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