Donald Trump’s America Is Responsible For More Deaths Then covid 19

Shame on you America for making it possible for a race baiting, xenophobic, narcissistic, misogynistic, habitual liar, and coward, named Donald J Trump to campaign and win the office of President of the United State of America. Donald J Trump, with the support of Vice President Mike Pence, Republican majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell and the majority held Republican Senate, have combined to become more deadly in terms of unnecessary loss to human life then Covid19 is or will ever be.

It is Republican leaders in the senate like South Carolina Republican Lindsay Graham who have betrayed the American people.

  • That Graham has sold his soul to Trump is self evident, what the price for the sellout was is all that is not known. ( Graham in 2015, when both he and Trump were campaigning for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Graham called Trump a “race-baiting xenophobic bigot,” but in 2018, Graham said of Trump that “He’s not, in my view, a racist by any stretch of the imagination”.)
  •  Donald Trump used birtherism against Ted Cruz; accused his father of being part of the assignation of Kennedy; insulted his wife and continues to do so; put into question his religious beliefs and even nicked named him lying Ted, and still he not only took to the phone to raise money for Trump’s campaign for president, but is one of Trumps most ardent supporters in the senate. If a man will sell his father out, dismiss false accusations made about his religious conviction, and ignore a past and ongoing  insult to his wife… it becomes easy to understand how for a price that same man could sell out unknown innocent men women and children  thousands of miles away and perhaps even his own constituency.

All those mentioned above are guilty of infecting the world with the deadliest thing to infest the world in recent history, namely President Donald J Trump. Through his beliefs and actions Trump with the help of those mentioned above and many more Republicans, will cause more innocent people to die senselessly, than any plague, pandemic, or major war. Donald Trump is not the little troublemaking Dennis the Menace. Donald Trump is more akin to the anti Christ Damian.

Donald Trump, his republican allies in the senate, as well as his right- wing supporters, have combined to ruin whatever credibility the USA had as a reliable ally in time of war, and reliable trustworthy trading partner. The USA through its actions under Donald Trump has proven that the word of the USA cannot be trusted. If a nation’s word is no good than they have no honor: If the USA has no honor, then it cannot be trusted as an ally in war or trading partner when it counts the most.

When Donald Trump went on his tariff spree against the nations the USA called valuable long trusted friends, and trading partners the world saw that the only thing that the USA saw as a good trade agreement was when the USA won and everyone else lost.  Donald Trump reneged on every trade agreement that the USA had and imposed illegal and unfair tariffs on any nation that refused to agree to his demands.  These actions proved that any trade agreement that any nation signs onto with the USA has the shelf life of any given president’s term in office. How can a nation build and run an economy with a trading partner like that?

When the USA president and his administration diverted and kept for itself shipments of much needed life saving medical supplies destine for Canada during the Covid19 pandemic it really showed how low as a nation the powers that be were willing to go into the gutter to lick Donald Trumps boots. Not a word of dissent was heard from either the House or the Senate regardless of their political stripe. The politicians of the USA were willing and complicit in allowing actions to transpire that they knew could cause the deaths of many Canadians. This is how the USA treats its valued friend and neighbor…imagine what they would do to those not considered friends.

The law makers mentioned throughout this post are guilty of treachery against humanity and their own people. Together this administration, with the aid of USA lawmakers has conspired and caused the deaths of innocent men, women, and children all over the world. They are guilty of:

  • abandoning allies on the battlefield.
  • leaving millions of people with no choice but to mass migrate and die or remain where they are and die.
  • imprisoning innocent children in prison camps on American soil in inhumane conditions, where some have even died.

These things were done, because Donald trump is a racist, but explained a way as a cost saving measure and matter of national security.

For a long time the world has tried to turn a blind eye to what it knew were the facts about the USA, because most American politicians kept up the public political elusion that that the United States of America  supported its allies, international institutions and law.

When president Trump started to praise Putin, Chi, Jon Ung,  and Mohammad bin Salman, the world began to realise just:

  • what American values truly meant;
  • what American’s word as a nation and a people meant.
  • what America first meant.
  • what being an ally of the USA meant.
  • who the Americans were trying to emulate.
  • What having a treaty or trade deal with the USA meant, and none of what they were forced to acknowledge was good.

What the world was force to acknowledge, was that the United States of America had finally elected a president who truly without shame put on full display, in real time, the arrogance, greedy, selfish, racist, egotistical, untruthful, nature of the USA and her citizenry.

I say this, because Donald Trump is, but one man and he is a product of the USA’s ever- growing arrogance and thought that they and they alone deserve respect and gratitude of the democratic nations of world because the:

  • USA has the strongest military in the world.
  • USA has the strongest economy in the world.
  • USA doesn’t really need its allies as much as its allies need the United States of America.

Yes, I blame the American law makers and the American people for Donald Trump, and thank them for showing the world their true colors. I blame them because, the USA had a chance to rid themselves of this president who would be king, during his impeachment, but:

  • the Republican majority voted to keep him in office despite feeling that he was guilty as charged.
  • Enough Americans thought that abusing his presidential powers was not enough reason to impeach a sitting president in an election year.
  • Donald Trump did not come into power by overthrowing the government and remains in power by the will of the people of the United States of America.

I believe that the USA should be isolated and shunned. Avoided like the plague that it is, because:

  • the USA has is guilty of abondoning allies in its own coalition on the battlefield.
  • the USA refuses to abide by the decisions of the world court, putting themselves above international law while expecting the rest of the world to obey the courts authority.
  • the USA has proven that they have no respect for trade deals and believe it is their sole right to cancel trade deals when and how they see fit. Trading with honorable nations should be the norm, not with a nation that threaten to bring down economies whose nation’s do not submit to their one- sided trade deals.

I can find no value other that the one percent getting richer in having anything to do with the USA. The United States of America and its people historically have and still take a “do as I say and not as I do approach,” when it comes to democracy, democratic rights and freedoms and the sovereignty of  nations.  The world and the USA have always overstated USA’s importance in the world as a protector of democracy and international law.

In Conclusion:

  • Donald Trump’s ran a campaign on not believing in the institutions and fundamental practices of democracy. He said openly during his campaign that he believed that there was no need to be part of internarial democratic partnerships and trade deals because the USA paid far too much money to support them and got next to nothing in return for its dollar.
  • Donald Trumps singing the praises and admiration for dictators and strongmen, like Chi of China, Putin of Russia and Jon- Un of North Korea, while criticizing allied leaders like Trudeau of Canada, Merkel of Germany, and May of Great Britain, Showed the world what type of person/governance  Donald Trump respected and was trying to emulate.
  • The willingness of the courts, senate, congress, and the American people to allow this to come to pass speaks volumes. This failure to speak truth to power and end this presidency, forces all to admit that the USA and its push for democracy and equality throughout the world, is a little more than a way for it to effect regime changes suitable to it’s economic enrichment and power.

Remember that none of this negative exposure would have been possible, but for the Americans who voted for a known narcosis, racist, misogynist, coward, and those Americans who chose not to vote for any number of reasons.

It has become obvious to the rest of the world that the USA is only interested in exerting its influence and arrogance throughout the world. There is no hiding the fact that the USA and its American first policies leave no room for any nation to remain sovereign, if their sovereignty conflicts with what America deems good for its nation and therefore the world.

Let me say it again, Donald Trump’s America is responsible for more deaths then covid 19.

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