Monkey See Monkey Do

From the first days of this Corona Virus pandemic I realised that no government in the world was going to be completely honest with its citizens, I just could not understand why. As time went by, I began to understand that it had little to do with the fear of causing widespread panic and more to do with each government’s fear of political fallout due to their nation’s non preparedness. Sadly, Canada was no better than any of the other countries with their transparency, or their preparedness. I found that Canadian politicians had another problem when dealing with Covid 19 and that was Canada’s relationship with the USA. What should have been an independent sovereign approach, turned into the usual monkey see monkey do from Canadian politicians when dealing with the Americans.

Canadian leaders refused to act independent of the USA and I am not just talking about Justin Trudeau. Federal, provincial and municipal governments across Canada seemed only interested in mirroring their American counterparts. All talking points and actions taken were taken in coordination with the Americans…in other words with the permission of the USA.

The government of the USA decided not to tell its people that they should wear masks all the time, because they were scared that their everyday citizenry would use up the supply of masks needed by frontline workers. The USA’s very stable genius never thought to ask manufacturers or American citizens to make cloth masks at the onset of Covid 19. President Donald Trump, America’s very stable genius never thought that if no one was giving the virus to anyone the virus would not spread as rapidly as it did, through social contact. What Trump did do is what he does best, he lied and said that everyone wearing a mask in public would not help with the spread of Covid 19.

I say a lie because, American medical officials made a big deal that when out in public wearing a mask would stop the person wearing it from giving the virus to someone else if not protect the person from wearing it catching it from another person. This made it sound s if there was no real reason for everyone wearing one when out in public.  I am no doctor, and no genius but I know this equation works:

  • Everyone wears a mask out in public = no-one giving the virus to anyone through social contact = no spike in Covid 19 cases = Covid 19 remains manageable and treatable = substantially less lives lost.

Suddenly after stealing enough masks from Canada and some Americans citizens deciding to make their own masks and face coverings and the narrative gets switched in the USA. The USA not willing to admit to an changes its lie and says, “Using a mask won’t stop you from catching the virus but will stop you from giving the virus to someone else. Please do leave the M95 masks for the frontline workers.” Leaving out the fact that if the decision to make everyone in the country wear a mask happened in the early days in the pandemic, there might have been necessary to enforce a nation wide lockdown, or the total closing of the nations economy, because no one would be giving the virus to anyone socially.

So afraid to cause waves when it comes to Donald Trump and his administration, Trudeau and the whole Canadian government decided to follow Donald Trump’s lead and lie to the people of Canada.

On the word of a man that called Covid 19 a:

  • Hoax.
  • Democratic political attempt to ruin his and derail his re-election campaign.
  • Fake news
  1. Canada closed schools, parks, borders, businesses, cancelled dentist appointments and nonessential surgeries.
  2. Made it illegal to travel between provinces.
  3. Stop visitation in hospitals, old age nursing homes.
  4. Denied its citizens the right to be with their loved ones when they were dying and refused to let them to hold normal funeral services that would enable them to have closure.
  5. Shut down our federal, provincial and municipal governments, when all we needed to do was think like a sovereign nation, act on our own initiatives and order a nation wide wearing of face masks when going out in public along with the washing of hands and self quarantine of 14 days for anyone with flu like symptoms and implement a ban on all non essential travel into or out of Canada.

When opening Canada’s economy, I had hoped that Canada would put human life before making money, but once again the provincial governments of Canada chose to follow the lead of the American government. Ontario and Quebec have the highest Covid 19 cases and the highest death rate caused by covid 19 have decided to reopen their economies like their counterparts in the USA e.g. Florida and Georgia. The federal government like its USA counterpart has decided to allow the provinces to endanger its citizens lives, hiding behind the provincial jurisdiction argument.

In closing please consider that: 

  • Most of the challenges we are facing concerning the Covid 19 virus could have been avoided if only Canada had not bought into and participated in the American lie that wearing a mask would do nothing help stop the spread of Covid 19.  Not one of the provinces who held press conferences outlining their plans to reopen their economies even suggested that everyone going out in public should wear a mask, and not one provincial government made wearing a mask in public mandatory.


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