Stand Up! Stop Allowing Canada To Be Bullied!

Canada has one chance for survival in this world of strong men dictators and those like President Donald J Trump of the USA who wishes he had their power. Canada’s one chance for survival is to remove itself from the influence of nations like China and the USA who seek to punish her both economically and diplomatically for reasons that hold no international legal merit. Perhaps it is time to rethink what takes to be a successful, sovereign nation.

Bullies like Saudi Arabia, the USA and China can only threaten Canada, because Canada’s political leaders believe that Canada needs whatever these countries provide for Canada, more than whatever Canada provides for them. Canadian politicians, media, political pundits and even most of the Canadian work force believe that Canada has more to lose then the bullying nation if Canada tries to assert its independence concerning anything.

I believe that when the USA or any nation threatens Canada with unjust tariffs, Canada should refuse all trade with them period. Canada needs to get off its proverbial ass and make their own cars, motorcycles and airplanes and ban the production and sale of American made automotive vehicles in Canada. They tried that foolishness with Jean Chretien when  he was the prime minister and he let the trade drop off until the Americans  realized that they needed us as much if not more than we needed them and were willing to negotiate an end to the trade freeze. Canada was not wiped out economically, but the bullying and threats stopped.

I am suggesting not only the removal of Ford and General Motors and all American made cars, vans, trucks and so forth from Canada, but also all companies like McDonalds, Walmart and all other big American chains stores who think that they do not have to adhere to Canadian labor codes.  Companies like these are not Canadian because they call themselves GM Canada, or McDonalds Canada.

American companies like GM bleed their Canadian subsidiaries dry of profits all the while taking loans from the Canadian government to prevent plant closures. History shows Canadians that companies like these do not pay back the loans and all to often give their executives bonusses with the loan money while closing the same plants the were supposed to keep open. These shutdowns usually happen without notice and with little regard for the thousands of Canadian automotive workers and other Canadians workers they are putting out of work. Therefore, I contend that Canada needs to start manufacturing its own cars, phones etc. and start trading with the Europeans and the Aussies… countries that truly have our back and are looking for honest and fair trade.

The USA has always taken Canadian raw materials at low prices and sold them back to us as finished goods at enormous profit. This was and is bad enough, but to make the claim that they have been unjustly treated is absurd. Stop buying made in the USA and start manufacturing and buying Canadian.

China is in my humble opinion a no brainer. Cut China off at the knees. Resist the urge to use their cheap forced labor and bring manufacturing back to Canada along with the jobs. Let China search for markets to trade in. When China stops our beef and grain products unjustifiably, Canada should ban all goods made in China from being sold in Canada and ban all travel to and from China, eliminating China’s ability to take and hold innocent Canadian hostages for ransom.

China trying to force Canada’s legal system to bow to its will, is a joke. China is a murderous regime trying to call out Canada for unfair legal practices and abuse of governmental power. First thing Canada should have done when China abducted the two Michaels, was expel the Chinese ambassador and staff from Canada and suspend all trade with China immediately. Instead Canada allowed China to sell their goods and operate in Canada as if nothing had happened. Small wonder they think of us as a pathetic clown.

In an article in the Communist Party-run Global Times soon after the ruling, an expert was cited as saying that the decision won’t hurt Huawei “because the company will not succumb to the US because of any individual.” But, citing the same expert, it said the decision will “make Canada a pathetic clown and a scapegoat in the fight between China and the US.”

The only consequence that will come of cutting trade off with China is our major exporters and importers will have to get off their butts and find new suppliers and buyers. They took the chance of working and dealing with a dictatorship for short term profits, while throwing Canadians out of work and now they are paying the price for their callous greedy decision.

There was a time when Canada manufactured, grew, and ate its own food and refined its own raw materials, like oil. A rush by our manufacturers to use cheap labor, keep more of the profits for themselves is what got and keeps Canada in such a mess. Canada’s economy is too reliant on the whims of China and the USA, because the Canadian government has allowed the made in Canada label to somehow be thought of by Canadians as inferior to that of the labels made in USA or made in China.

What I am getting at is that these countries need Canada as much as Canada needs them and if they don’t it is because Canada has become too reliant on its enemies and selfish neighbors to treat them with dignity, fairness and honesty. Canadian politicians are supposed to be working for all Canadians and not just the wealthy one percent.

There is and always has been only one way to deal with bullies, but it takes guts and a determination to end the cycle. Canada needs to simply say no more, let the chips fall where they may. Our politicians need to follow up with action when they say that we no longer wish to trade with those who would threaten our sovereignty, way of life, or economy, for any reason.

It is time for Canada to rebuild its armed forces so that we are no reliant on our neighbors but can be an asset and a good ally to those we consider allies.

Canada needs to stop telling the lie that the USA is our greatest trading partner and friend. They have always used Canada as far as trade is concerned. The USA has always and will always represent Canada’s greatest threat. The Americans are a threat to our sovereignty because they are greedy, arrogant and have a lust for power that is unparalleled in the world today. The USA does not respect Canada as a nation, because the USA only respects nations based upon their ability to wage war and willingness to use or threats to get their way.  Canada’s lack of military forces ironically have put Canada in a position where she is almost totally dependent on the greatest and closet threat to Canada’s sovereignty, for protection of that sovereignty.

Canada has lost its way because of a bunch of greedy multinational companies whose executives have put their shareholders profits above the best interests of their workers, Canadian citizens, and the country itself. Stop allowing Ford, General Motors for example to build and sell cars in Canada period. Take over the plants and make Canadian cars with the labor. Stop allowing China to do business in Canada period. Set a date when this will all take place and let the chips fall where they may.

This is the only way for Canada to regain its ability to control its own destiny. Sovereignty means nothing if it is totally dependent on others to defend it. Canada’s economy is doomed to failure if Canada continues to give into those nations who would threaten to harm her economically for not bending to their political wills.

It is time for Canadian government to act as though Canada stands for more than the wealth of the one percent. Sometimes you must look a bully in the face and say, “Do your worst, but this stops here and now.”

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