USA…Canada’s Best Friend and Ally LOL

This title is a joke. This title is a laugh out loud. This title could not be further from the truth and yet a version of this title has become Canada’s, “Big Lie”.

Every Prime Minister, MP, Premier, MLA, Mayor and City Councilor has at one time during their time in politics repeated this lie.

Throughout our history as a nation, Canada, has continually had to defend its, borders, sovereignty, economy, and natural resources from one nation, and that nation is the United States of America. Why then do our politicians and leaders keep perpetuating this obvious lie?

The answer is quite simple. Like any lie, the more you say it the harder it is to admit the truth. Politicians sell themselves as knowing what is best for the people that vote for them and so are the people most likely to try and hide a mistake in a lie rather then admit that they made a mistake in judgment, and so they continue to lie.

An example of such a lie and obvious con is the Free Trade Agreement with the USA. The USA has never honored it, and has fought the agreement that they signed and agreed to. From the time of its signing the USA has:

  • complained about the trade agreement being unfairly taking advantage of the USA,
  • illegally imposed, tariffs on Canadian finished goods and raw materials,
  • refused to follow the judgements of independent judicial bodies mutually agreed upon to resolve disputes,
  • continued with its America First policies in every aspect of its buying and supplying associated with its domestic project needs,
  • the USA has proven that there can be no win / win scenario…America 1st means that  America must be the big winner in all that the USA does trade wise.

Another example of this lie has been brought out into the open during the pandemic, 1st by President Trump and now by President Biden.  We like many others nations were conned into thinking that allowing the Americans to produce the vaccines and sell them to us would be a fair and equitable arrangement. After all would Canada’s best friend, ally and  biggest trading partner hang us out to dry and risk Canadian lives reverting to nationalist, “America First” Policies? The answer once again was…Sure they would.

  • Trump having screwed up with his response to Covid 19 didn’t have enough ventilators, masks and other PPE, so he just highjacked those things from Canadian goods that landed in his country destined for Canada.
  • Next Trump refuses to allow the exporting of Covid vaccine despite the contractual obligations of the American based companies, putting Canadian lives in danger.
  • Biden was and continues to be no better than Trump. Biden upheld the ban on exporting Covid 19 vaccines, but has agreed to lend Canada what our government has already bought and paid for. Again causing major delays in Canada’s vaccine roll out and endangering Canadian lives.

Despite all this Canadians have to listen to Premiers like Doug Ford verbally kissing the ass of American leaders for being such great friends and allies Canada’s fight during this global pandemic.

Canadian leaders are like:

  • Kidnap victims who begin to see their kidnappers as heroes, instead of seeing them for the dangerous people they really are.
  • Liars that fear the consequences of  admitting the truth, rather than embracing the freedom that telling the truth always brings.
  • Suckers that keeps up a front even though they know that they have been conned, to save face and keep the world from knowing the true extent of their stupidity.
  • All liars, the more they repeat the lie, the harder it becomes for them to admit, or tell the truth.

Trump, Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, as well as most Americans have a:

  • false sense of American superiority,
  • a national protectionist streak when it comes to trade that they reserve only for themselves,
  • and misguided sense that they only know what is best for the world in all things.

If and when any nation in the world does not agree with any American policy and can not be talked into compliance the USA resorts to:

  • blockades,
  • sanctions,
  • trade embargos,
  • tariffs,
  • bombing to get its way.

Whenever the USA talks about any policy, initiative, or change it wishes to force upon the rest of the world it refers to afore mentioned as, “The War On, or The War Against”. 

No nation is safe from these measures and the USA sees no cost too high to get its way. Death due to starvation, lack of medicine and medical supplies, and bombings, are considered by the USA to be collateral damage and a price that must be paid…or the end justifies the means.

  1. The USA on Trump’s watch highjacked Canada’s ventilators and PPE. during a global pandemic.
  2. The USA on Biden’s watch is making it impossible to get our vaccines on time from American companies by imposing export blockades on everything from raw materials need to make the vaccine to the vaccine itself.
  3. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have remained silent as has every member in both chambers of  the American Congress.

Question: Do friends or allies intentionally cause the deaths of friends or allies?

Answer: Apparently the USA believes this is what being an ally and friend is. Sadly Canada is willing to accept these terms of friendship from the USA and refuses to become self reliant and independent when it comes to its:

  • military,
  • trade practices,
  • drug manufacturing, just to name a few things.

It makes no difference who is in power in the USA. They are friend and ally to no nation. They have sunk so low that they abandoned their allies on the battlefield in a war they started and asked their allies to help them in.

Question: Why do Canadian politicians continue to lie when it comes to the USA being a great friend and trading partner?

Answer: Politicians sell themselves as knowing what is best for the people that vote for them and so they are the people most likely to try and hide a mistake in a lie rather then admit that they made a mistake in judgment, and so they continue to lie and say, “Canada’s best friend, ally and  biggest trading partner is the USA”.

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