The Difference Between Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel and Hitler’s Nazi Germany Is?

Be it Israel, USA, China, Russia, North Korea, European Union, Iran, or Afghanistan, ally, or foe a crime is a crime. Nations that allow their political leaders to get away with criminal atrocities must be shamed, isolated, and punished. Religion, culture, and race should never be the determining factor when accessing a person or nations guilt or innocence. Fancy words, explanations, domestic voting blocks, political and strategical alliances, should not make the crime any less of a crime. In other word the definition of:

  • murder must remain the same no matter who is doing the killing.
  • theft must remain the same no matter who is doing stealing.
  • invasion must remain the same no matter who is doing the invading.
  • terrorist for both foreign and domestic must remain the same no matter who is committing the terrorist acts.
  • terrorism must remain the same no matter the person or nation committing the terrorism
  • crimes against humanity must remain the same no matter who is committing the crimes.
  • genocide must remain the same whether it is called the Holocaust, Rwandan genocide, crimes against humanity, or national security.

Israel in my opinion is the best example of the double standard that exists in the world when it comes to holding nation states accountable for the atrocities they commit daily. For the sake of argument let ‘s give Israel the right to exist and agree that the land that it was given to create a homeland was justified… answer for me please these questions.

What legal, moral, or ethical justification is the basis for:

  • Israel’s expansion of the agreed upon territory through military force since its birth as a nation to this very moment?  Resembles what the Russians did in Crimea?
  • The forced evictions of Palestinians from their lands and homes in the occupied territories and given to Jewish settlers. Resembles what the Nazis did to the Jews of Europe.
  • Work and travel pass, checkpoints, secret arrests and imprisonments, the torturing of captives, by Israel’s secret police.  Are these not the same actions the Nazis forced the Jews of Europe to endure?
  • The European Union’s, Great Britain’ the USA’s and Canada’s continued to support of Israel? Is this not the same behavior the world displayed as the Jews were being persecuted in Nazi Germany?

Fact: The word “genocide” did not exist prior to 1944. It is a specific term coined by a Polish-Jewish lawyer named Raphael Lemkin (1900–1959) who sought to describe Nazi policies of systematic murder during the Holocaust, including the destruction of European Jews. He formed the word genocide by combining geno-, from the Greek word for race or tribe, with -cide, from the Latin word for killing.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of genocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

Someone tell me please why Israel should not be considered guilty of committing the same atrocities, human rights violations and genocide that the Nazis inflicted on the Jews of Europe?

I chose to use Israel, because from its birth as a nation until today it remains an example of the double standard when it comes to what is considered acceptable sovereign nation behavior.

Israel is not the only nation to openly violate and ignore all international law concerning human rights but is the only nation that can do it with impunity. No sanctions of political leaders, no loss of financial or military support no public shaming.

Palestinians on the other hand who are literally fighting for their very existence are called terrorists and told to accept what has been forced on them. Denied access to justice and punished if they seek justice in the International  Court.

Please if you can answer for me where is the justice, morality, and humanity in this double standard?

Please answer for me if you can if there can be justice if it means the law is not the same or equally applied for all nations?

Tell me the difference between the fear driven actions of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel and that of Hitler’s Nazi Germany? The comparisons are so striking, so racist and so devoid of compassion that it is inconceivable that the people and nations of the world cannot see that what was never supposed to happen again is happening again.

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