The United States of America is “The Big Lie”

Some Members of The Big Lie. New Member Joe Biden missing.

People think that the “Big Lie” was about the former president Donald Trump and his sycophant followers insisting that the election was somehow stolen from him. I think that the big lie was that Biden for president would be different than that of Trump in more substantive ways than tone.

Trump was never the root of the problem he was the natural result of years of American arrogance and superiority as a nation…this arrogance and superiority spoon fed to every American citizen with an equality not seen in anything else.

At least we knew where Trump was coming from. It was not good. Trump needed to go, but was another old, white man tainted by the same superiority complex what was needed? I think not.

What has Joe Biden done differently than Trump besides talk nicer. Has he:

  • removed any of the tariffs that Trump illegally imposed on the USA’s allies?               (Answer)  “I’m not (granting) a single contract to a single company that does not hire Americans, have all-American parts and has a supply chain that is an American product supply chain,” Biden said.
  • removed the do not export order that Trump put in place to deny Canada and other allies the vaccines they had contracted to buy from American companies?                       (Answer) It is in the world’s interest that Americans are vaccinated, and the US must first take care of the requirements of its own people, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price has said about Washington’s restrictions on exporting raw materials for making the Covid-19 vaccines.
  • reversed the decision by Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?                  (Answer) In a setback for Palestinian rights, secretary of state nominee Tony Blinken said during his confirmation hearing this week that the Biden administration will not reverse Trump’s contested move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, also recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  • opened talks with the Palestinians so that real talks of peace can get started?            (Answer) Speaking Wednesday for the first time since violence started flaring at the start of the week, Biden said he’d spoken at length to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier in the day. He voiced confidence in a swift end to the hostilities. “My expectation and hope is this will be closing down sooner than later,” Biden said at the White House. “Israel has a right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory.”  Biden did not mention the Palestinians in his comments.
  • done anything to sanction Israel for violating every human rights violation known to man?                                                                                                                                             (Answer) Biden’s approach to the renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas over the past week has not marked a major departure from how past US presidents responded to flare ups in the Middle East conflict. The president has repeatedly touted Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas attacks, while ripping into the Palestinian militant group for firing rockets toward civilian areas in Israel.  Biden can’t even bring himself to openly criticize Israel.
  • suspended the $735 million in precision-guided weaponry to Netanyahu without any strings attached after Israel targeted civilian targets in the recent outbreak of violence in Gaza                                                                                                                                         (Answer) Democratic lawmakers and rights groups have raised alarm about the Biden administration’s plans to move forward with a $735 million sale of smart bombs (precision-guided weapons) to Israel.

The answer to all these questions and many more is no. No because there is really no difference whether Bush, Biden, Obama, or Trump is in the White House other than the style, and usage of words to sell the policy to the American people.

The American government as it stands is the problem.  It is dysfunctional. Both Houses of Congress have for years been unable or unwilling to pass bi-partisan legislation. This enables and encourages the president to use Executive Orders to advance their agenda. The problem with this is that it only remains law if the next President agrees with it. How good is this for the USA or the rest of the world? If the government of the USA is to be considered functional then it must be the functionality of a functioning alcoholic.  The USA needs to change the way it views itself in relation to the rest of the world, not just change who is the president. So, to say that Biden is better than Trump is part of the “big lie”.

Revisionist history is “the big lie”. It is what allows a nation and its people to deny and ignore its wrong doings. It is what allows for the teaching of such lies as:

  • the settlers found a country inhabited by a rag tag bunch of savages without a government and therefore without claim to the land they inhabited.
  • slavery was not all bad…there were good things that came out of slavery.
  • blacks be given the 3/4 of a human being status was enacted to help the black people of America.
  • The USA entered WW2 to save the world from Hitler and not only because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

The big lie is a cumulation of a lot of little lies, like:

  • the USA is a functional democracy that cares about the world around it.
  • the USA practices what it preaches about human rights and freedoms and imposes by sanctions and force on the rest of the world.
  • the USA is no longer a nation of white supremacy and offers its citizens the same rights under its laws regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.
  • there difference that matter between Trump and Biden policy wise.
  • the USA does not leave their allies on the battlefield.
  • the USA does not abandon civilian populations it pledges support to if they take up the fight for democracy and human rights in their country.

I could go on with the list, but I think my views are clear:

People think that the “Big Lie” was about the former president Donald Trump and his sycophant followers insisting that the election was somehow stolen from him. I think that the big lie was that Biden for president would be different than that of Trump in more substantive ways than tone.


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