The USA Has No Friends Because It Is A Bully











It is easy to understand why the world is whispering that the USA is a friend to no one.  The people who follow bullies cannot be considered true friends, because loyalty, trust, and respect cannot be acquired through fear. Friendship of nations requires the same principles, effort, and mutual respect as person-to-person relationships.

The unmatched arrogance of the USA as a nation has infected just about all its citizens regardless of race, religion, culture or ethnicity. From the rich to the poor, the uneducated to the highly educated, the politicians to the voting public, Americans believe that the USA has the right to enforce their will on other nations of the world, because the USA has the strongest military in the world.

The USA has chosen to:

  • demand respect rather than earn it.
  • enforce a ban on the export of urgently needed medical supplies, vaccines in the middle of a pandemic and defy any nation to say that it is the same thing as stealing from them, instead of doing the right thing.
  • break all of its international commitments, climate change, human rights, trade deals the answer is always the same, “we do not care what we agreed to or what any court says, we will not comply, and you cannot make us.” while forcing nations of the world to tell them what a trusted, ally they are under threat of penalty for those who refuse to knuckle under.

These are the actions of an international bully. These are not the actions of a trusted friend who respects and values the nations it refers to as allies and trading partners. What sovereign nation wants to be used like a pawn in on a chess board…sacrificed if necessary, to save the king nation. Over the years the USA has decided that the rules and restraints of international law does not apply to it, because its role in the world is too important to be impeded by the rules all other nations and it has sign onto adhere to.

The USA seems to be saying to the world, “You will believe me and not your lying eyes, or else you will be punished.  The arrogance of the USA is on full display when it tries to tell its supposed friends and allies to, “Do as we say, not as we do”.

  1. The USA leads all coalition member states, sovereign nation friends, allies, and trading partners in mass killings by civilians using firearms. The American government’s thinking is deranged. From the top on down the government watches daily as its citizenry kills each other daily with gun violence and does nothing. Rather than act to make it safe for its citizenry insists on using the talking point that guns do not kill people…people kill people. It does not matter if you talk to the president, speaker of the Senate and House governor of a state, all American politicians claim to the world that the USA is one of the safest law-abiding countries in the world.
  2. Police murder citizens of color daily using abusive force and the government looks on refusing to make any real changes to the rules governing the police, preferring to leave them as a shadow military force which views the people it is supposed to serve and respect as an enemy of the state.
  3. The USA, GOP told and continues to tell what is now called “The Big Lie”, that the election was stolen from him and them. This lie is responsible for causing the June 6th USA citizens stormed the capital looking to overthrow the government to stop the final certification and confirmation as the new president of the USA. Trump supporters called for the shooting in the head of the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, and the hanging of Vice President Mike Pence. Despite all of this the “Big Lie” is still being pushed by the GOP and republicans like Liz Chaney, are losing positions of power for refusing to follow the party line/lie. The worst thing though is that the “Big Lie” is being used as a reason to make changes to voting laws in Republican held states that restrict access to the ballot for people of color who as a rule vote Democratic and are seen as the reason Trump lost in states that were considered Republican strongholds.
  4. Ex-governor. Chris Christy showed his arrogance and bully mentality when whining to Chris Como on CNN how Canada needed to open its boarder with the USA, if it wanted the USA to allow it to give it help with vaccines. What Christy forgot to mention that Canada would have been vaccinated and the boarder back open if the USA had not instituted its ban on vaccine exports until as Biden said every American had been vaccinated holding up the shipping of vaccines bought and paid for buy the Canadian government.

It is this type of breaking of the rules of law, trade agreements, and unrealistic belief that what USA does wrong to other nations will have no consequences, makes it a bully and in reality, a frightened coward like all bullies are deep inside.


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