Premier Francois Legault: The Willfully Ignorant Premier of Quebec

Francois Legault is a prime example of a politician who is willfully ignorant. The type of politician that has grown up in a place, has seen and heard the evidence, but refuses to see, hear or believe any of it, because it does not fit in with the image, he/she has made up in his/her head.

Sadly Legault has also proven himself to be a liar and willing to do and say anything not only to gain political power, but to keep it.

Legault did not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the election without winning the vote of Quebecers who were tired of:

  • all the energy directed towards Quebec independence which only a minority of Quebecers were interested in.
  • endless effort being wasted attempting to force a mostly bilingual population to speak only French under the guise of the French language being in peril. On its face Bill 96 seems to try to force the French youth of Quebec to speak and educate themselves in French. What most of Quebec’s population wanted was a political leader and party that would work to lift Quebec out of its economic slump and work to unite Quebecers as one people.
  • Legault understands no politician running in Quebec who wants more than one term in office can lie about their position on the language issue, English rights, or sovereignty when campaigning. Legault knew this; lied anyway; believes that he will get away with it, and sees himself being be re-elected. Willfully ignorant.

Legault won because he promised the people of Quebec that he was that leader and the CAQ was that political party to unite the province and move on from the divisive, never ending, economy draining language and referendum debates. Legault lied. Legault has done everything that he said he would not and then some. Legault’s inability to tell the truth is like that of Donald Trump.

When it was suggested to both Legault and Jolin-Barrette that Bill 96 was just another attempt to marginalize and take away the rights of English-speaking Quebecers, both Legault and Jolin-Barrette insisted the rights of Quebec’s minorities are respected on every page of Bill 96, “an act respecting French, the official and common language of Quebec.”

“It’s nothing against the English Quebecers,” Legault told reporters. “It’s about protecting French. And all the rights of English Quebecers will be protected.” (The latest lie out of the mouth of the biggest liar in Quebec.)

Quebec was given the unwanted title of one of the most openly racist places in the world today. Quebec of course like all racist governments and societies denies this unwanted title with great bluster. The problem with the denial is that the proof is evident by the actions it takes against its minorities, the things that it defends as its cultural heritage and in the government’s denial of systemic racism in Quebec itself.

As most leaders in Canada acknowledged that Canada is systemically racist and must change, Legault merely stated that racism exists and called for a “quiet evolution” on the matter to deal with it. Legault said, “I don’t understand why people are trying to stick on one word. I think what is important is to say and all agree that there is some racism in Quebec, and we don’t want that anymore,”

This is a province:

  • whose political leaders refuse to remove racist names like Nigger Rapids from provincial landmarks.
  • boasts that black face/brown face is part of their cultural heritage and therefore when preformed is not an act of racism.
  • banned all religious symbols from its workplace just to stop Muslim women for wearing religious head scarfs at work.
  • just stated that it only wanted new immigrants who could earn a minimum of $56,000 a year.

Obviously Legault does not feel that:

  • the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the first Nations people who were here when the White European settlers arrived, and the revisionist history that is taught in schools making the invading European settlers as the victims constitutes systemic racism.
  • the ongoing debate happening in Quebec led by him on whether the teachers of this country have the right to use racial slurs (apart from those that refer to Jews) as learning tools…are evidence of systemic racism.
  • the idea that it is ok to use “brown face” in Quebec because the government views it as part of Quebec’s cultural heritage, is evidence of Quebec’s and Canada’s systemic racism.
  • the fact that we are even debating whether racist slurs are to be considered as free speech, is evidence of this country’s systemic racism.

I will end with the fact that when asked if he thought that there was a shortage of affordable housing in Quebec, he said that he did not think that the situation rose to the level of a “crisis”. This even though:

  • units with rents below $925 per month — are increasingly difficult to find.
  • of the 46,300 new units were built between 2017 and 2020, only 7.3 per cent of the units were devoted to social housing.
  • in Montreal, the average monthly rent for an occupied unit is $882. The average monthly rent sought for an unoccupied unit is $1,202, a 36-per cent difference.
  • rents in Montreal, and the surrounding area, jumped by more than four per cent between 2019 and 2020, the highest annual increase in nearly two decades, according to a new report.

These are just a few of the things that make Legault in my opinion the most willfully ignorant premier of Quebec of all time.

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