Israel Is More Than Just an Apartheid State It Is an Oxymoron

This is what the nations of the west support. This is western democracy and rule of law on full display.

The State of Israel is much more than just an apartheid state. If you dare to risk being labeled anti-Semitic for telling the truth it is easy to see that the state of Israel is also:

  • an Oxymoron.
  • an act of colonialism.
  • an insult to the memory of what the 2nd world war European Jews had to endure.
  • an exact Replica of Nazi Germany, Nazi like policies and restrictions.

Indeed, the Jews of Europe now the Israelis of Israel have never forgot. The Israeli’s have learned their lessons well from the Nazi’s and are now implementing those same policies and atrocities against Muslims, but it is the Palestinians who have suffered the most at their hands.

Why would I write such a thing? The answer is a simple one…I looked up the accepted definition of apartheid and if you change non-white for Palestinians and South Africa for Israel the definition fits like the proverbial glove.

Definition of Apartheid found in the dictionary is: specifically: a former policy of segregation and political, social, and economic discrimination against the non-white majority in the Republic of South Africa

Apply definition of apartheid to the State Israel form its beginning to today, A policy of segregation and political, social, and economic discrimination against the Palestinian majority of Gaza and the West Bank,

Tell me the definition is wrong and the moniker “Apartheid State” does not fit, if you can. Please base case on more than just one-sided rhetoric or what God supposedly told and gave to the Israelites that no one can prove and I am sure the Muslim faith does not back up.

The State of Israel is an oxymoron and an insult to the memory of all the innocent Jews, because it employs the same methods and practices used by the Nazi’s. Methods and practices used on their ancestors that suffered and died at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Let us never forget that in Nazi Germany, Jews:

  • needed special passes to travel or work.
  • were evicted from their homes and places of business and their belongings given to Germans.
  • innocent men, women and children were murdered by the Nazis.
  • before, during and after the war, got no help from the so called democratic western nations.
  • when no other nation would have them, they were given the land of another people…The land belonging to the Palestinians. A land which Jewish leaders claimed was theirs, because in their scriptures God gave it to them. None seemed interested in what the god of the Palestinians had told them.

Flash forward to today:

  • Palestinians need special passes to travel and work.
  • Palestinians have been under Israeli military occupation for 51 years.
  • From 1948-2014 63,543 Palestinians were killed because they were evil enough to fight for their land, their homes, and their future.
  • Before during and throughout the illegal occupation and expansion of Israel into their lands the Palestinians have received no help from the western democratic nations of the world. The sad truth is that the democratic nations of the west have continued to assist Israel and block every legal avenue that the Palestinians have to seek justice on from the international courts.

Does it really matter the count of unnecessary innocent deaths is 6 million or is one innocent death too many? I ask this because all of the western support for Israel is supposed to come from the horrors that Nazi Germany inflicted on the Jews of Europe. Horrors so horrific that the name Holocaust was used to identify what happened. The very mention of the word Holocaust to describe other horrific events of like evil, will get you called and accused of being an anti Semite.

  1. The institution of Slavery could be called a tragic event, but not a Holocaust, even though the estimated death toll was over 8 million.
  2. In jus 100 days about 800,00 people were slaughtered by Hutu extremists in Rwanda, but could be called genocide, but not a Holocaust.
  3. As we speak Israeli’s are dropping bombs and starving innocent Palestinian men , women and children while they sleep and pray, but of course this can’t be called a Holocaust either, because the word Holocaust can only refer to what the Jews suffered during the 2nd world war, or the name would lose its shock value and become simply what it was, “jus another tragic unnecessary ethnic cleaning, series of murders on a massive scale of innocent men, women and children that the rest of the world watched happen and did nothing.

The State of Israel was created by an act of colonialism pure and simple. The powers that be gave a territory that belonged to other people… colonized by force by the Europeans to the Jews of Europe. Jews that had no ties to the land except for a belief that their God gave it to them. Many of the European Jews had never even visited the land they now took possession of and defended with the help of the Europeans.

Throughout history the Jews were the back door through which European invaders gained access to the Middle East on their quest to force Christianity on the Muslims and they are still fulfilling that role, but not for Christianity’s sake, but for strategic military purposes. For this and this alone was the State of Israel created and protected and allowed to create an apartheid state, commit genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel may last as long as it gets support from the Western Alliance, but it will never know peace. As seen in South Africa, Nazi Germany and Bosnia, nothing good happens for nations and states that commit atrocities against the innocent.

Does any culture, religion, language, people, or nation deserve to exist if the cost of that existance is the extinction of another’s? If not, then what is wrong with this picture?

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