Are You Kidding Me French People of Quebec/Canada, Trudeau?

The French people of Quebec/Canada, who would claim that they are disappointed in Trudeau’s pick for Governor General of Canada because she doesn’t speak one of the official languages of Canada, “French”, are a joke and I laugh openly in their two faced faces. These are the hypocrites who see nothing wrong in:

  • Claiming that Quebec is distinct society apart from the rest of Canada.
  • Passing laws that make it difficult for the minority English to communicate with the Quebec government and its institutions in English, one of the two official languages of Canada.
  • Passing discriminatory laws that would deny the freedom of expression and religion to all but those who practices Christianity in Quebec.
  • Making public signs in public places paid for all by all tax paying citizens in Quebec bigger and easier to read in French and smaller and harder to read in English, even though English is on of the two official languages of Canada.

Where are theses hypocrites who claim that both languages need to be represented equally as official languages in all that a government does for Canada as  the government of Quebec commits acts of genocide and ethnocide against its minority non francophone population?

Quebec has long been referred to as on of the most racist places in the world by anti racism groups and activists for it’s treatment of its indigenous population and it’s visible minorities and yet it is coddled by the rest of Canada like it is a spoiled child that doesn’t know any better…excuses made for its bullying and treating the English minority population like second class citizens.

French are the minority of Canada not the majority. If the French of Quebec feel that they have the right to defecate all over the guaranteed rights granted to their minority population under the Canadian Charter of Rights, why is unreasonable for Canada’s English speaking majority defecate all over the rights of their French speaking minority?

The French who would decry how unfair they are being treated and would complain about not being equally represented by a Governor General of Canada that doesn’t speak French should take a long look in the mirror.

Go anywhere in Canada and you will find that:

  • English is being taught in schools.
  • The next generation has a minimum a working knowledge of Canada’s two official languages (French and English).
  • There are no racist laws denying the rights to freedom of expression, or the rights to wear the symbols of your faith for any reason.
  • There is no counting of linguistic heads to determine the right of a city borough to qualify legally as bilingual and the rights hat come with such a designation.
  • There is no difference to the size of lettering on public signage based on the language on them.
  • There has been no petty law enacted anywhere else with the sole purpose of making it difficult if not impossible for Canadians to participate in Canada Day festivities, other than Quebec, which enacted a law making Canada Day the legally official moving day of the province.

It is not helpful when the Prime minister of Canada, makes statements like

  • “Enough of the Quebec bashing,”  because  law professor Amir Attaran, claims that the province is led by “a white supremacist government” and too tolerant of racism.

Can the Prime Minister of Canada deny that:

  • Only in Quebec will you find that a government hospital advertised that when looking for workers they asked for ‘white women only?
  • White people are treated as supreme, making the government of Quebec in fact White supremist?

I must say that looking back to Trudeau’s choice of Black Face for a costume along with Quebec’s defending of such costumes as part of the culture, it is a no surprise really that Trudeau would side with Legault, when Legault said, “This is unacceptable,” Legault added in French, stating he was “disappointed” the university’s president opted not to condemn Attaran’s posts more vehemently. “Enough of the Quebec bashing,” Trudeau said in French.

Maybe the French should extend the same rights and privileges’ and courtesies to the English citizens of Canada living and working in their province, before whining and complaining about lack of equal representation in the appointment in a Governor General of Canada, who has every qualification for the job albeit she doesn’t speak one of the official languages of Canada.

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