Biden and Trump Two Old White Men Only Difference is Their Style

Biden and Trump only differ in the tone and methods they use to sell the same policies to the voting public

Biden and Trump are two old white men who are supposed to be different, but to me seem to be very much the same. Besides just being old and White, they are similar in many ways. Biden and Trump are both old White arrogant, American men, overflowing with a lifetime of pent up old White ideas of superiority, values, and prejudices. All of these similarities are clearly visible in their actions and policy choices.

My belief is that power does not corrupt an individual; power brings to the surface what lies dormant and buried. Power is simply the vehicle a person uses to impose their desires, beliefs, and values on others.

Power is neither bad, or good: power is simply a magnifying glass/microscope, showing everyone what is truly in a person’s heart, mind, and soul. The more powerful one becomes the more of one’s true self is exposed, be it good or bad.

Trump and Biden have proven that the USA under their leadership could not and cannot be trusted to follow through, with the nation’s commitments to its people, allies, and those nations the USA call threats for one reason or another. Trump and Biden have proven that under his leadership the USA could not even be trusted to respect the authority of world organizations set up to mediate and settle disputes regarding war, trade, crime against humanity and climate change that it agreed to acknowledge, if the judgement rendered by these organizations and courts was not in the USA’s favor, or did not promote the USA’s agenda. Examples of this are:

  • Climate Change: Trump pulled out of The Paris Accord (climate change) calling it not fair and not in line with American interests. Biden smiles and re-enters the Paris Accord, but takes baby steps to bring USA up to snuff.
  • Commitment to allies in war time: Trump started abandoning allies by withdrawing American troops out of Afghanistan, without consultation with American allies’ stake holders: leaving Afghanizes who helped the USA to die and abandoning USA allies on the battlefield. . Biden after being elected sped up the process against the advice of military advisors and currently has Afghani interpreters, guides and others who helped the Americans in fear of being murdered along with their families.
  • Commitment to other nations during worldwide pandemic: The hijacking of shipments of ventilators and PPE, destined for Canada to help in the fight against Covid 19 virus.
  • Commitment to other nations during worldwide pandemic: The refusal to grant shipping approval for shipments Covid 19 vaccine to Canada produced by American companies until there was enough vaccine to give a shot to every American that wanted one.
  • Commitment to trade agreements: Trump started a trade war with all the USA’s allies including Canada. Forced a rewriting and renaming of NAFTA to the USMCA. Biden has not withdrawn the tariffs and has plans to try and double the tariffs on Canadian softwood judged illegal by the world court.
  • Commitment to world institutions and organizations the USA is a member of: Trump pulls back from NATO claiming other member states not paying their fair share. Ties to sell American troops like they are mercenaries to nations willing or able to pay. e.g., reassign troops from Germany to Poland. Biden rejoins NATO but upholds all of Trump’s policies.
  • Commitment to people of the world who are dying:  Trump and Biden told people fleeing crimes against humanity, starvation and death and disease not to come to the USA. Both have put unaccompanied minors in places that are both unfit and unsanitary rather than place them with family members residing in the USA.

Professing to be a champion of human rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights are important tools for all politicians who wish to garner votes from a broad base of the voting population, but the enthusiasm and political will for anything but the economy and military spending usual dwindles post election, because most old White men have been taught all their lives to believe the total opposite. I believe that Biden like Trump wants to be known for a president who made money for the country rather than peace within it for its people.

Power did not corrupt these two men it just illuminated and showed the public their inner hidden selves. How could these men be fundamentally different value wise both having raised and nurtured in the same era of White superiority. An era that genuinely believed that the poorest, uneducated White man was inherently superior to any other man?  These two men were spoon fed the same revisionist history. They were also taught it was God’s will for them to rule and run the world. Finally, they were taught that their God and their religion was the true and only God and that the tenets of their religion were the right ones for everyone. Biden’s own choice for Vice President called him out on his choice of bills he supported and senators he chose to work with and his comments on forced bussing.

These two old White men are the same because they cannot be anything else. Being kind slave master or a bad slave master does not change the fact that you are a slave master. Nice words and smiles do not make you better than the person who uses abusive words and sneers, if both of you are doing the same bad things

One is not born with political power. In a democracy, political power is given to a politician by eligible voters in and election and that power can be taken back from any politician from the voters in the next election. 

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