What Does Innocent Until Proven Guilty Mean In The Me Too Era?

Is it time to take the finger of me-too off of the scale?

As a father of 2 girls now women who have given me 5 grandchildren of both sexes, I often wonder what is to become of my 3 grandsons who are growing up in the “me too era”. I understood and understand that women’s complaints of abuse were not taken seriously and often not believed and this needed to be addressed and rectified, but have the scales of justice become too unbalanced?

I have watched patiently as man after man has been accused of sexually abusing a woman and been forced to resign from his position shortly after the story of him being accused is broadcasted on television. No trial, no due process. All that is needed for the accused to lose job, position, marriage, reputation and life as he knew it is a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion.
Even worse is that there seems to be no defense allowed. If a man says that he is innocent, then he is deemed not to be taking responsibility for his actions and somehow accused of his defense as reoffending his accuser.
Society in this me-too era has decided that if you are accused of abusing a woman your only choice of action is to say I’m sorry and accept responsibility whether you are innocent or not.

When and where did it happen that women became incapable of lying on a man out of spite or vengeance? Is that what the courts are supposed to decide? If so, why are men accused of abusing women forced to resign from their jobs or positions before they are found guilty in a court of law?

Wake up call! Women lie just as much as men and are as vindictive as men are. What happens to a woman when she accuses a man of abuse and is found to be lying? What is the punishment for her ruining a man’s career, marriage, and character?
What I have witnessed happening to men is the same as deciding a person’s innocence based on torture. Keep torturing the accused until a confession is attained, or he is dead.
It would seem that the new approach to justice in this matter is that it really doesn’t matter if the accused man is guilty or not…what is important is that women who might have a valid case know that they will never have their story questioned or any denial by the man they are accusing taken seriously so that they will have no reason to fear bringing their case forward. I s that equal justice under the law? Is that innocence until proven guilty?

I would agree that all cases of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and mental abuse of women should be heard in a court of law. I also contend that the only trial where the verdict of guilty or not guilty should be handed down is in a court of law, after the evidence of the accuser and the defense is weighed and measured according to the law. A man who is forced from his position by a boss, purely because of an accusation not proven in a court of law should be able to seek retribution in the form of financial compensation from that boss and his employer, if it turns out that he is exonerated. If a woman is found to be lying she should be held accountable and put on trial herself with an option for the man to seek finical damages from her.

I think that the time has come to let the law decide once again the innocence or guilt of men accused of abuse of women as it does and can do in all crimes. If the law is to be considered equal then it is supposed to be blind to gender, religion, color, sexual preference etc. and determine one’s guilt or innocence base solely on the evidence before the court and based in law.

Would the end justify the means, if the defendant being denied due process was a their son or another person they knew was innocent? What if the person being denied to the right to defend themselves against unproven allegations was a person they knew was innocent? What if they knew that the defendant was either mistaken or lying about someone they loved?  Would this make those who benefit from this type of lack of due process reconsider what innocent until guilty means in the me-too era?

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