American Presidents Never Cared About Afghanistan or Its People!

Biden and Trump only differ in the tone and methods they use to sell the same policies to the voting public

After 9/11 the USA went into Afghanistan to get Al Kida and Osama Bin Laden.  Ten years later Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in Pakistan, the USA’s number 1 ally and friend in the region. The purpose of the mission was simply to stop another 9/11, period. This was always about keeping Americans safe in the USA and nothing to do with making a better life for the Afghani people. If the Afghani people got something out of ‘the hunt for Osama Bin Laden’ as the operation was called and Afghan government could be turned from tribal Islamic to western democratic in the end this would justify the invasion and occupation of the Americans.

Just look at what the USA did starting with Trump and ending with Biden and tell me that either president cared about the Afghans who have helped them over the past 20 years.  Everyone knew that Trump was a noncaring, Islamophobic racist, but considered Biden to be of a different ilk. Biden proved and showed his Islamophobic, racist side which for now shows his lack of empathy and will to help Afghanistan defend itself in the same manner the USA helps Israel.

Why would a people out gunned, and faced with total anhelation and inevitable defeat dare to strike the USA on its’ own soil?


  • In addition to financial and military aid, the United States also provides large political support to Israel, having used its United Nations Security Council veto power 42 times against resolutions condemning Israel, out of a total 83 times in which its veto has ever been used. Between 1991 and 2011, out of the 24 vetoes invoked by the United States, 15 were used to protect Israel.
  • The reason for 9/11 lies in the USA’s unconditional support of Israel and the lengths to which it goes to undermine the legitimate attempts of the Muslim world to get Israel held accountable for the genocide and crimes against humanity it commits. If the Muslims cannot get justice in the courts, is it not to be expected that they will seek the accountability for such atrocities elsewhere, by any means necessary?

The USA and its allies renamed and rebranded colonialism and called it, ‘nation building’. All the Afghanis needed to do was give up who they were and adopt social and political policies and practices that conformed to western ideals and beliefs, by this I mean:

  • Allow women to go to work.
  • Allow girls to be formally educated the same as boys.
  • Allow women to be a part of Afghani governance.
  • Allow for free and fair elections to determine the governance of Afghan people taking the power from local chieftains and warlords.

Now some in the west and not devout Muslim may say great stuff, but this was not and never was the way of the Afghan people. If the Afghani Muslims were to invade the USA or another western nation and demand that its people,

  • deny women the right to work.
  • deny girls the right to education.
  • deny women to take part in government.
  • adopt governance by local chieftains and warlords and forget about free and fair elections, what do you think that the response would be?

Joe Biden is a devout Catholic who has consistently through his actions and words proven that he does not see Muslims, Black and Brown people as equal to White people. From his stance on forced bussing in the past to abandonment of the Afghanistan people today Joe Biden’s whole political carefully and skillfully made on the backs of American people. Pretending to care on campaigns and siding with the other side once elected.

Joe Biden complains about the amount of money and American deaths it has taken to prop up the Afghani government and a Muslim state, but how much has money and American lives has it cost to prop up the government and nation of Israel?


  • Since 1985, the United States has provided nearly US$3 billion in annual grants to Israel, which has been the largest recipient of annual American aid from 1976 to 2004 and the largest cumulative recipient of aid ($146 billion, not inflation-adjusted) since World War II
  • in fiscal year 2019, the United States provided Israel with $3.8 billion in military aid
  • Israel benefits from around $8 billion in American loan guarantees
  • the primary form of American aid for Israel at present is military-oriented

I could go on but that would just be redundant.

The American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has ended the same way as all previous invasions and occupations of this nation…defeat.  Every country that has tried change, reform, bring culturally and morally up to date by western standards has found out the hard way that no matter how much advanced weaponry they use, no matter how many boots they put on the ground, how long the occupation lasts, or how much money they spend, their defeat is inevitable.

e.g.: The Soviet Union became just Russia after its failed occupation of Afghanistan. The amount of money and resources needed to maintain its occupation of Afghanistan in the end just could not be sustained, and in the end, Russia could not afford to pay its soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan, or anywhere else and so began the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. This went on in the 1980’s.

My point is that democracy cannot be rammed down another nation’s throat by another nation no matter how well intentioned the act is.

  • People of a nation must fight for the rights and freedoms that democracy often offers for themselves if it is to last. Unfortunately, sometimes the price to be paid for such freedom is a people willing to fight and die for it
  • Democracy should not be used as an excuse to invade an occupy sovereign nations such as Afghanistan by the USA was, for strategic military purposes.

I believe that the USA:

  • no longer needed the security that an expensive occupation afforded since 9/11 and feeling nothing for them as a people or nation simply walked away from all of it.
  • When the USA’s overwhelming military force and weaponry fail to win victory, they run like cowards from the battlefield with their tail between their legs, abandoning allies on the battlefield.

If the purpose for the occupation of Afghanistan ever changed focus making the mission to be about making life better for the people of Afghanistan especially for women and girls what changed? Why did the price tag become too much?

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