The Real Joe Biden Rears It’s Ugly Head with His Afghanistan Decision/Where Is Kamala Harris?

Maybe Biden thought this decision would get his communion rights back.

Where is Mr. Compassionate? Where has Mr. Empathy gone? Where is the campaigner, the president who said to the allies of the USA that the USA is back? All I see is a slicker version of Donald Trump. President Joe Biden has started to use and support Trumpian talking points and policies. His position on southern border control, gun control, free trade, and America first are all versions, if not the same as that of the Trump Administrations.

Joe Biden said the buck stops at him, so I ask him this question:

  1. Why was there no plan for getting people to the airport so they could be evacuated?
  2. Why did the USA pull the plug on Afghanistan unilaterally?
  3. Why did the USA leave their NATO and Afghan allies on the battlefield?
  4. Why is the USA blaming the Afghan government for this crushing defeat if the buck stops with Joe Biden?


Joe Biden doesn’t and never cared about those Brown Muslims. Joe Biden has often questioned the cost and value of helping Afghanistan and keeping American boots on the ground. Joe Biden was warned that this would happen, but he could not get by the notion that these brown Muslims didn’t matter. Imagine agreeing to let the Taliban oversee the vetting who gets to leave the country when they are the ones the Afghan helpers of the USA are fleeing from. It is as if Joe Biden didn’t think that the American people; the American veterans who the Afghan people helped would be outraged by the betrayal of our Afghan allies. Perhaps Biden saw this as a quick, easy political win that he needed. Whatever his reasoning, the truth is obvious, Biden knew that what he was doing was going to put the lives of Afghanistan people who helped the USA for the last 20 years in peril and he did it the way he wanted anyway.

Both Trump and Biden are both very old white men with old white ideas about how the USA should function domestically and in the rest world. Biden and Trumps view on what constitutes an equal partnership seems to be the same in everything.

Free Trade policy:

  • Trump/Biden the same: America First in everything and in everyway. Biden said of building back America better that “all work would be done by all American companies.” What do you think Americans would do if Canada or Mexico said that no government contract was open to USA companies in Canada or Mexico?

Southern Border Control:

  • Trump administration invoked a public health authority known as Title 42 that allowed border officials to turn back migrants encountered at the US-Mexico border, a move that in effect sealed off the border. Despite concerns over the legitimacy of the policy to protect public health, the Biden administration kept it in place and defended its use. “The only people we’re not going to let sitting there on the other side of the Rio Grande by themselves with no help are children,” Biden said in his first news conference.

Afghan War:

  • Donald Trump decided that the USA would abandon its allies on the battlefield without notifying American allies including the Afghan people that had risked their lives to help the USA. Joe Biden decided to keep Trumps negotiated deal to withdraw of American troops and personnel. If that was not bad enough he has made it clear that his only concern is the removal of Americans to safety and would only remain in Afghanistan as long as it took to accomplish that mission. Too bad for the Afghanistan people and their families who helped them for 20 years.

Voting Right’s:

  • Donald Trump started the big lie that the election was stolen from him and his followers through voter fraud and he week voting laws that allowed for it. This has caused republican governors to try to enact voting legislation that would make it very difficult for people of color to vote, based on Trumps big lie. Biden’s position is to do nothing. Biden is not interested in voting rights and his refusal to call for changes to the filibuster, or even to promise greater personal involvement proves this. If he were interested in the passing of and not just his in passing his economic plans, particularly a bipartisan infrastructure deal, he would be more personally involved in countering the red-state offensive against voter access.


In my opinion Joe Biden never really lied about who he was. He told and showed the American people through his actions, words and voting record throughout his political career. Joe Biden is driven by his ego and his main ambition was not to do good for the American people, but to be the president of the USA by any means necessary. By this I mean that Joe Biden:

  • 1972 Joe Biden switched positions on school integration by bussing and joined with the segregationist bloc of the Democratic caucus and actively worked to oppose school busing. Biden’s legislation passed the Senate on a 50-43 vote, and Biden championed his anti-busing legislation throughout the 1970s.
  • 1977, he co-authored a bill that dramatically limited the ability of federal courts to order busing. To get it passed, he actively sought the support of leading southern segregationists.
  • 1977, Joe Biden said during a Senate hearing that what he feared the most if his legislation failed was his children growing up in what he called a “racial jungle” if busing led to rapid and massive school integration.
  • 1984, Biden championed the Comprehensive Control Act, expanding federal drug trafficking penalties and civil asset forfeiture. Allowing for the police to seize and absorb someone’s property, whether it be cash, cars, guns, or something else, without having to prove if the person is guilty of a crime.
  • 1986, Joe Biden cowrites the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, creating a big sentencing difference between crack and powder cocaine. the law made it so someone would need to possess 100 times the amount of powder cocaine to be eligible for the same mandatory minimum sentence for crack.  Since crack is more commonly used by black Americans, this sentencing disparity helped fuel big racial disparities in incarceration.
  • 1989, President George H.W. Bush pledged to escalate that war and gave a nationally televised speech outlining what he called a National Drug Control Strategy. It called for “more prisons, more jails, more courts, more prosecutors,” and tougher sentences for drug dealers and users alike. Biden delivered the Democrats’ response to that speech…and said Bush wasn’t going far enough.

1993, when Democrats and Republicans try to reverse this trend, Biden gives a famous speech in which he used thinly veiled racist language to describe who he called “predators on our streets.

  • 2006 Joe Biden tells a man of Indian heritage that in his home state of Delaware, “one can’t go into a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts without having a slight Indian accent.” A reference to the stereotype of East Indian Americans as convenience store owners.
  • 2006, Biden said that schools in Iowa perform far better than schools in Washington D.C. because D.C. schools have far more Black students.
  • 2012 Joe Biden seeks re-election and tells his Black audience that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, wanted to enslave them. this comment drew the condemnation by Black members of his own party like Congressman Artur Davis.
  • 2019 Joe Biden orders the withdrawal of all American troops, all diplomates by August 31st, 2021. When asked if he would extend the timeline to make sure all the Afghan people who helped the USA in their mission for the last 20 years he replies, “We will be there until as long as it is possible to get all Americans out.  Understandable for a racist old man who has displayed little respect for the plight of Black and Brown people.

The history of Joe Biden from the time he entered politics in 1972 to today, shows that Joe Biden through words, actions and deeds has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a racist liar. Joe Biden through his bigoted comments as well as in the racist policies he creates and supports that he is not very good at hiding his racism. While his campaign people cover up and try to make him appear as a champion for racial justice, he has in fact stood for and supported obvious racisms for six decades. Kamala Harris, pegged him right during the debate and he because she did she is now the vice president of the USA. What a way to shut her up and make points with her supporters. When she accepted his offer she became a trophy on his mantel. He lets her stand behind him, but rarely does she get to speak. Kamala Harris is never front stage and is not even considered prime time news worthy.

I believe that Joe Biden should step down because he is incompetent and no longer worthy of leading the USA. Joe Biden is solely responsible for every Americans and Afghan person’s death that ends up trapped and killed by the Taliban, because of this withdrawal, ordered and being executed by his order. For the love of the country you have shamed, Joe Biden step down…This job is too much for you and you are killing people!

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