America Militarily Strong! Morally Weak! Legally Corrupt! Politically Un-Democratic

The United States of America is militarily strong when it comes to weapons of mass destruction but can’t win a war against their enemies because its strength in weapons of mass destruction is not unique to the USA.

  1. The USA relies on and uses its bluff of using their WMA to such and extent that other countries rushed to get them and now have them nullifying the potential threat of their use without causing Armageddon.
  2. The USA is basically a coward when it comes to war and the USA doesn’t mind dropping bombs and launching missiles on sleeping men, women and children cries outrageously when one of their paid army personnel is killed in battle.
  3. Being afraid to die and depending on weapons that allow one to fight and kill from hundreds if not thousands of miles away or using un-manned drones to do the bulk of the in close fighting has weakened the USA’s capability and will to defeat an enemy that is not afraid to die, or spill blood in up close and personal.

War was never supposed to be neat and clean. It is the ugliness of war the loss of life that is supposed to cause political leaders and people to seek its end and return to diplomacy.

The USA has proven itself to be morally weak in every sense of the word not only domestically, but in its involvement on the international stage. I believe when USA puts in place policies that demand that American interests must be the main priority on everything both foreign and domestic, including trade, health, and war, it says that the USA is a, greedy, selfish, dangerous, unreliable nation.  The USA has proven in recent years that it is:

  1. Trade: The American position in trade agreements such as the UMCA proved that the USA demands that the USA’s negotiating position is that the USA can be the only winner, legally, financially, and politically, or they will start trade wars, by illegally applying tariffs to any country who opposes them. They do this in a hope to force foreign governments to give in as their economies are crushed.
  2. Health: During a worldwide pandemic the USA’s official position was that not one drop of vaccine would be shipped before every American who wanted a shot got one. Not one but 2 presidents refused to allow the vaccine to ship going as far to make it illegal for American drug companies to ship pre-ordered and paid for vaccine medication. Even before the vaccine policy the USA hijacked PPE and ventilators destined for Canada that made stop over in American airports…redirecting them and repurposing them for American use.
  3.  War: The USA has withheld financial support to the United Nations, ignored its decisions and gone to war creating its own coalitions. Refused to be held accountable to the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity either as a nation or by justice being sought against individual members of its military or government. The way the USA decided unilaterally to pull out of Afghanistan by first Trump and the Biden proved that as a ally in the time of war because they are not reliable, only care about their own agenda and safety, will leave allies behind and in danger, will abandon allies on the battlefield to meet their political or economic agenda.

The USA is always bragging that its way of life, its very reason to exist is based on an experiment and I agree. I would also suggest that is a failed experiment. The USA experiment was destined to fail because it started wrong and continued to be wrong up to this day.

The USA:

  • committed genocide of the indigenous people inhabiting the land when they arrived?
  • used slavery of Blacks as an economic engine?
  • still allows for the ideology of white supremacy.
  • still seeks to deny or make hard the right to vote for Black and Brown people?
  • politicized the Supreme Court of the United States so that is no longer the nonpartisan guardian of the constitution of the USA it is supposed to be according to article 3 in the constitution of the USA?
  • allowed politicians and out going President Donald Trump to lie about the fairness of an election to the point where Trump follows stormed the capital with intent to overthrow the government and commit insurrection?

The United States of America is a stain on the fabric of democracy and all that it stands for. It is a perfect example of what happens when a nation starts to lead by military might instead of diplomacy…threatens instead of convinces and sees no value in honoring its word, showing compassion to others, and dealing fairly and ethically in negotiating with others.

Let me reiterate, ” In my opinion the United States of America I believe when USA demands that American interests must be the main priority on everything they do, both foreign and domestic, including trade, health, and war, it says that the USA is a, greedy, selfish, dangerous, unreliable nation.”

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