Quebec Is Canada’s Mar-a-Largo so Legault Must Be Canada’s Trump

Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh have fallen all over themselves to kiss the ring and the proverbial ass of a man who not only supports but is the creator and enforcer of Quebec’s most divisive, racist and non constitutional laws in all of Canada. The only leader with a spine and found the courage to call out Yves-Francois Blanchet for supporting Quebec’s racist and divisive laws was Annamie Paul.

Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh have no right to be critical of Donald Trump’s willingness to do and say anything to stay in power. (Be it the leader of the country, or the controlling force of their respective political party) Donald Trump has been criticized for not caring about his country or his people and his willingness to  sacrifice them both for the greater good of Donald Trump…I submit to you that Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh are guilty of the same thing when it comes to sacrificing the rights of the  English Canadians, religious, and visible minorities living in the province of Quebec.

All these leaders have stated publicly that Quebec Bills 101,21,and 96 are divisive, not constitutional and are in themselves racist, but have all also said in one way or another that they will  allow the voters of Quebec to decide the issue. This is a nice way of saying that we are sorry that your rights are being denied you, but you must be sacrificed so that I can win the election and do good for most Canadians.

I was not surprised as a Canadian living in the province of Quebec to watch English and minority rights being sold for separatist’s votes in Quebec, because this type of political pandering has been going on for years. What surprised me was how quick it was for Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh to throw the moderator of the English debate under the bus for asking an honest question of an arrogant, willfully ignorant Yves-Francois Blanchet.

After watching the debate and then listening to the cringe worthy bootlicking of Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh I concluded that none of the three deserved the right and honor to be the Prime Minister of Canada, because none of the three were willing to stand up for all Canadians rights as written. The Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms no matter what province they lived in. It is the primary function of the Prime Minster of Canada to protect all Canadians; to promote and assist in the maintaining and creation of laws that promote equality, justice, and freedom for all Canadians. Using the English, religious and visible minorities of Quebec as a bargaining chip to get the majority separatist vote in Quebec I submit is a dereliction of a Prime Minister’s obligation and duty to all Canadians.

Let us get a few more facts on the table since those we elected to protect us, and Canadian values seem unwilling to do so:

  1. The statement being thrown around by Legault, Blanchet and reaffirmed by, Trudeau, Singh, and O’Toole that, “Quebec is a nation,” is a big lie. This lie is as big and as dangerous to Canadians and the fabric of Canadian democracy, values and global image as Donald Trump’s, big lie that the election was stolen from him was to the USA. Quebec is not a nation no matter how many federal politicians stand up in parliament and say that it is. This is simply the truth. To watch Blanchet, stand on a stage and point to all the other party leaders and say that they all agree that Quebec is a nation and to watch as they said nothing was something to behold. There are two official languages of Canada, English and French and it is the federal government’s duty to protect the guaranteed rights of all Canadians whether it is convenient for the governing party or not. What Trudeau’s failure to act and Singh’s, and O’Toole’s silence said is that they were willing to allow Quebec to become an apartheid state to get elected Prime Minister of Canada. A Canada with no morals, honor and no equality and justice for all its citizen’s. A Canada where each province gets to determine at the whim of it’s premier who is entitled to what rights and when, because they declare themselves independent nations within Canada.
  2. Not all Quebeckers are racist, but most of them are and that makes Quebec a racist province. Legault is very popular in Quebec according to the press and the polls because of bill 21. An Ipsos poll found that nearly two-thirds of the province’s inhabitants do support the bill. Racist bill makes politician popular with two-thirds of population makes for a racist province, people, or nation…after all what is in a name.
  3. The moderator of the English debate never said or implied all Quebecers were racist, what she asked was why Blanchet supported the racist laws of Quebec such as bill 21. The sad part about this is that the press helped if not pushed the false story that allowed Blanchet and Legault to spin the story into a Quebec bashing lie.
  4. Trudeau is a disgrace to his father’s memory.  Trudeau is constantly saying that he is a Quebecer and that it is wrong to label Quebec and all Quebecers as racist and we all know why. To admit that Bill 21 is racist might make certain people remind him that throughout his life Trudeau has seen nothing wrong with supposedly good people doing racist things. Like dressing up in Black Face which two-thirds of Quebeckers think is part of their national heritage and alright.
  5. Erin O’Toole is a smiling, lying Harper loyalist. O’Toole is the same guy that voted in favor of all of Harper’s anti union, anti help the poor, anti immigration policies. O’Toole like his party and former leader Stephen Harper has always been an anti climate change and pro fossil fuel supporter. Do not forget that the Quebecois nation motion was put forward by Harper on November 22, 2006, and approved by the House of commons on Monday, November 27, 2006.  Although O’Toole wasn’t a politician at the time it is clear from the debate and the cozying up and support from Legault that he sees no problem with Quebec being a nation within Canada if he gets the separatist seats in Quebec. Erin O’Toole was not there at the beginning of the MV Sun Sea tragedy that saw 492 innocent Tamil men women and children seeking asylum in Canada were transferred to jails in the lower mainland in BC, but he was sure there the following years to lend his support.
  6. Jagmeet Singh is the surprise for me. The leader of the NDP himself a visual and religious minority seems to think that it is wrong to out Quebec for the racist province that it is. Singh says and I believe him that bins for certain jobs faced discrimination growing up on a regular basis and it is this that makes his refusal to stand up to Legault and state the obvious that Bill 101, Bill 21, Bill 96, and all Bills like them are divisive, and racist pieces of legislation and has no business becoming law in any part of Canada. Sikhs are now allowed to wear their kirpans in the House of Commons and in the Supreme Court of Canada, but not in Quebec.  Yet still he says nothing to see in Quebec where racism and prejudice runs rampant, and ethnocide is a priority of the politics of Quebec.

At the end of the day the minorities of Quebec are left waiting for a party leader who will stand up for Canadian values. A Party leader willing to fight for the rights of all Canadians. It is time to decide whether the federal government’s priority is to be the protector and deliverer of equality in all things to all Canadians no matter what part of Canada they live in, or simply to use some Canadian’s rights as bargaining chips depending on where they reside.
I will say it one more time, what Trudeau’s failure to act, along with Singh’s, and O’Toole’s silence said is that they were willing to allow Quebec to become an apartheid state to get elected Prime Minister of Canada. A Canada with no morals, honor and no equality and justice for all its citizen’s. A Canada where each province gets to determine at the whim of it’s premier who is entitled to what rights and when, because they declare themselves independent nations within Canada.

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