Legault Maintains Quebec Not Systemically Racist Because He Says So!

Premier Francois Legault is not only willfully ignorant when it comes to his publicly stated belief that although there is racism going on in Quebec that the problem is not systemic but is an example of the systemic racism that he denies exists in Quebec. Francois Legault in my opinion is a supporter, a facilitator, and a champion of cultural genocide and ethnocide. Francois Legault is Quebec’s version of Donald Trump and is trapped in the same never-ending cycle of lying to Quebeckers, because even if he were to tell the truth he would not be believed by Quebec’s fringe sovereigntist, brainwashed base, without whose vote he doesn’t have a chance at staying in power…so the lies continue.

Legault knows that the goal of Quebec politicians to save the French language, culture, and values died with Rene Levesque. Leaders like himself, Marois, and Parizeau, hijacked the earlier dream of equality and morphed it into the purification of Quebec movement. All their efforts have been driven by the hope that by the minorities of Quebec would be forced to pick up and leave the province of Quebec or be assimilated…like what they tried to do to the Indigenous people in the residential school system.

Legault and like-minded politicians have and still are still trying to remove all traces of linguistic, religious cultural and ethnic diversity from Quebec…not by killing them, but by:

  • Making it difficult for Quebec’s minorities to live with dignity.
  • Get educated in one of the two official languages of Canada.
  • Communicate with the government of Quebec and its employees only in French, whether they speak French or understand it.
  • Practice their religion freely and still earn a living working for the Quebec government.

This is an old colonial tactic. Assimilate or get forced out. All the money, time, energy all wasted on a lie told to turn neighbor against neighbor.

This ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious cleansing has being going on for so long and with little or no push back from the federal government that a majority of Quebeckers believe that they have the right to force the minorities of Quebec to their political will even if it means doing an end run around the Canadian Constitution by using the Non Withstanding Clause, eliminating all meaningful public debate on laws and not allowing for any legal challenges to the law. No federal party will intercede where the minority right of the minorities of Quebec rights are being taken away, because they all fear the backlash from Quebec politicians and French speaking majority could cost them seats in Quebec and as a result the chance to govern and set of another attempt at Quebec’s separation from the rest of Canada. The federal government’s solution to the problem is the same as Legault’s…If the minorities of Quebec don’t like how they are being unfairly treated in the province of Quebec and how their rights under the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms are being violated and taken away, they can move to another province. This is a clear dereliction of duty by the federal government whose main function is to protect the rights of all of its citizens no matter how inconvenient or which province they live in.

Legault knows that whether or not systemic racism exists in Quebec is not a priority of his supporters. They have been brainwashed to see Quebec’s minorities as the enemy and the ruination of Quebec. How could Quebeckers be the victim if they became the abuser? This is part of the reason that no Quebec Premiere will ever admit that there is systemic racism in Quebec, but is willing to admit that there are racist people in Quebec. I would submit that there is not one institution in Quebec that has not been contaminated by systemic racism and very little is being done to change the situation. You cannot fix a problem if you deny that the problem exists, despite how emphatically Premiere Francoise Legault says his government is working on prejudice and racism in Quebec.

Quebec politicians like Parizeau, Marois, and Legault’s pushing the lies that that anyone that is not a sovereigntist, speaks English as a first language or wears a hijab is the enemy has had the same effect on their base voters as Donald Trump’s big lie has had on his base voters in the USA. The polls show that a majority of Quebecers now believe the lies that that the minorities are:

  1. The enemy.
  2. Causing the French language to disappear from Quebec.
  3. Changing the ethnicity of Quebec.
  4. Changing the values of Quebec.
  5. Causing Quebec culture to disappear.

The forcing of minorities to learn and speak French has backfired in Quebec, because the saving of the language was never the real goal.

Under the CAQ, Montreal lawyer Azim Hussain wrote in Le Devoir, an inclusive “linguistic project” open to minorities as long as they learned French and used it in public is being replaced by an exclusionary “ethnic project.” He said that by learning and using French, minorities have helped to maintain the language in Quebec. But, he implied, the CAQ doesn’t like the fact that French-speaking immigrants aren’t “completely white and Christian.” So, the Legault government has been proposing policies and legislation based on an “ethnic ideology” targeting these immigrants. This was alienating “the people who were contributing to the French fact in Quebec,” threatening the linguistic project, which was “a linguistic tragedy.”

Legault’s base will not listen to anyone who tells them different…not even their political leaders.  Francois Legault, in my opinion is a supporter, a facilitator, and a champion of cultural genocide and ethnocide and is fully aware of the systemic racism in Quebec, because he has been tainted by it. How and why else would a political leader create and enforce such divisive and racially biased bills as Quebec’s Bill 21 and 96

I believe that Legault honestly sees nothing wrong with treating French speaking Quebeckers differently then the English and all other minorities in Quebec… in all things.

Imagine now that you are an English tourist or an English tax paying Quebecker.

Public Signage: Public signage in Quebec is paid by all Quebeckers. Quebeckers I might add who pay taxes equally. You do not pay less in taxes because the writing on the sign is smaller for you or absent from the sign altogether. The French speaking Quebeckers do not pay a premium to have French larger on public signs either, but the French language must be larger and on top if English is allowed to be used at all. This even applies where English speaking citizens safety could be at risk.

Education: Education in Quebec is paid for equally by both the French speaking majority and all other minorities in Quebec and yet Children are being forced to go to French schools and be taught in French and English schools have been closed and the English schoolboards very existence challenged. Is this what Quebec is to look like if Legault gets his way.  There is a reason that what is happening in Quebec is often compared to Nazi Germany and the Gestapo. (Quebec ha ‘Language Police.’

English Language: If not bad enough with the signage issue the Quebec government is now seeking to remove the English language as one of the official languages of Quebec by declaring itself unconstitutionally a nation within Canada where French is the only language officially recognized and used solely when communicating with any government branch, the courts, police, or employee. Hypocritically most of these leaders have educated their children in English schools and even supported bilingualism.

Religious Freedom: Religious freedom only applies to where you go to worship in Quebec. No public official or law will stop you from going to a Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, or church of one’s choosing, but that is where religious freedom ends in Quebec.  Bill 21 ignores the fact that Jews, Sikhs, and certain Muslim women wearing a yarmulke, hijab, or a turban does not come with an opt out option that would be necessary for these religious groups to work directly for the Quebec government such as teachers, lawyers, police officers and Bill 21 or lose access to their right to in-person services under the jurisdiction of the Quebec government. This not only affects people currently working in the public sector, but also the youth who aspire to those careers.

When most of the population believes that there is nothing wrong with Bill 21 and Bill 96,  it becomes obvious that systemic racism is embedded in every institution in Quebec and that systemic racism has helped to shape how and what the majority of the population thinks is a morally and ethical correct way to treat the minority.

The use of French is not on the decline in Quebec, and neither is its culture, or values.  Unfortunately, what Quebec politicians and 3/4 of the Quebec population find to be it’s wonderful, entertaining and worth fighting for culture and values are either racist, hurtful, or demeaning to the visual minorities of Quebec.

Challenging “Blackface” Is Not Quebec-Bashing

Claiming that there is nothing wrong with the continued use of Brown Face as a form of public and private entertainment and as a recognized art form in the Quebec culture of one of the ways that prove that there is no part of Quebec institutions and life that has not been contaminated by systemic racism. That this person thought that it was okay to go out in public like this shows how deep and entrenched the racism is.

Welcome to Nigger Rapids.

That 3/4 of Quebeckers believe that their culture and values are being threatened by the minority population in Quebec shows just how successful the brainwashing of Quebec’s majority is. This majority of Quebec citizens defends the right to use the word Nigger in the official names of the province’s public places like:

Nigger Rapids, tucked away behind a stretch of farmland in rural Quebec, about two hours north of Ottawa, are beautiful, pristine rapids that glisten in the sunlight. Welcome to Nigger Rapids.  Why would any government commission officially recognize the name of Nigger Rapids in 1983 unless they had been tainted by the systemic racism that exists and has always existed in Quebec?

When confronted with the fact that these sights should have a name change the people responsible for changing the names and the local members of the community said, ” Claire Hamel, who lives near the rapids, said, “The official name is not a source of controversy among locals. “Nobody talks about this,” she said. “It’s the name, that’s it. Like Bouchette, like Maniwaki, like Ottawa.” Bouchette Mayor Rejean Major told Radio-Canada he has no intention of asking the commission to change the name of the rapids. There are at least 11 sites in Quebec that have an official name like: Nigger Rock – Located near Saint-Armand, Que., 50 km south of Montreal and Nigger-Eddy, 1st rapids, 2nd rapids, 3rd rapids — Made official in 1988, The rapids begin about 115 km west of Montreal.  Politicians and locals resist changing, because they claim that the names are a reflection and memory of how things used to be…a proud part of their heritage, history, and culture.

French is not on a decline in Quebec, but it is the main justification Quebec leaders use for creating and enforcing laws which seek the ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious purification of Quebec. If this was happening any other place the federal government would be demanding that the ethnocide and ethnic and religious cleansing be stopped. The French language, culture and values are not on the decline in Quebec, but are the talking points used by Quebec nationalist leaders, like Legault and Blanchet, to drive a wedge between the French majority and English speaking and other visual and religious minority citizens of the province.

It should be mentioned that it is the province of Quebec’s politicians and majority French speaking population who are a minority in the rest of Canada hypocritically demand that all other provinces teach the French language to their students and make all workplaces and government services should be bilingual, all while creating laws to make Quebec unilingual in all ways.

The definition of cultural genocide, and ethnocide cannot be changed because a person, province or nation finds the label embarrassing or inconvenient. The only way to shake the name once you have been labeled with it is to change how one thinks, speaks, and acts.

  • Cultural genocide: The systematic destruction of traditions, values, language, and other elements that make one group of people distinct from another.
  • Ethnocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group. {Policies and processes designed to destroy the separate identity of a group.}

When the majority are okay with not treating the minority on their street, in their neighborhood, in their city in their town, in their province, or in their country with equality under the law, but would seek to make the minority second class citizens under the law, because of their color, religion, ethnicity, language or sexual preference, that majority are not only supporters of cultural genocide and ethnocide, but are also racist, whether or not they acknowledge it.

I reiterate, the definition of cultural genocide, or ethnocide cannot be changed to accommodate the province of Quebec’s French majority’s acceptance of Quebec’s  laws Bill 21 and 96.  If as the majority you support, or do not try to stop politicians who create and enforce racist and divisive legislation that have the express intent to demean and lessen the rights culture religious habits and culture of the minority, then you are by your actions or inactions practitioners of cultural genocide and ethnocide as the politicians that you vote into office.no matter how much:

  1. It offends the people of Quebec to hear themselves being called racist.
  2. Most citizens of Quebec, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Erin O’Toole, consider such truthful labels, Quebec bashing.
  3. Legault, Blanchet, Trudeau, Singh, O’Toole, say that to label Quebec’s Bill 21 and Bill 96 racist is Quebec bashing.
  4. Quebec tries to justify its racist behavior arguing that the provinces Bills 21 and 96 are necessary to protect the French language and culture in Quebec.
  5. Premier Legault, calls anyone who refers to Quebec as a province that has systemically racist issues and continually creates and enforces racist laws, “Woke”.

Francois Legault’s government has been warned by the executive director of the Native Women’s Shelter and the director of development and philanthropy for the day shelter Resilience Montreal, (Nakuset), that Bill 96 would add to the barriers indigenous Quebecers face in the health care system, causing the needless deaths of indigenous people. Nakuset also said that “If this bill goes through, he is implicated in the number of deaths that rise, because he is forewarned.”  Nakuset, feared that the law would restrict access to English-language services to the point that if people call 911 and speak in English, they will “have the phone hung up on them.” Still Legault pushes on not caring how many people die, because he believes that the ends justify the means.

Francois Legault has already stated publicly that:

  • He does not recognize that there is systemic racism in Quebec.
  • He does not believe in that most Quebecers want an inclusive province/nation that has as a core value multiculturalism, inclusion, and equality for all.
  • He believes that those who complain about racism, in equality, loss of religious freedom and or all fundamental rights are, “Woke”.
  • He believes that the federal government has no authority to dictate or intervene in how Quebec deals with its citizens, or else.
  • Francois Legault is a want to-be dictator, who uses the notwithstanding clause to do an end run around the courts and deny Quebecers the right to challenge Bill 96, effectively overriding civil rights protections of Quebec’s minorities.

Quebec did not to officially support the statutory holiday created by the federal government, named, Truth and Reconciliation Day. The first time that the holiday to for the first day in honor of lost children and survivors of the country’s residential schools, the last of which closed in the mid-1990s. When asked why, Legault told reporters it would be too expensive to give Quebecers another paid day off work. He went on to say that Quebecers have a duty to remember how residential schools damaged Indigenous communities but said that there are less costly ways to commemorate the past. “To have another statutory holiday – regardless of the subject – is very expensive,” Legault said. “I don’t think it’s necessary to have a cost this high to do this commemoration.” Legault stated the competitiveness and productivity challenges facing Quebec and all provinces. “In Quebec, if we look at the number of hours worked per year, there is work to do,” Legault said.

The only way for the province of Quebec to be seen as a nonracist province, is for the French majority of Quebeckers to stand up to government of Quebec and say no more with their votes. If enough Quebeckers said they don’t support racist, divisive laws, that seek to marginalize and make second class citizens out of its English, ethnic, religious minorities of Quebec, they would be taking the first step of many needed to change how the province is perceived ugliness’ of spirit both around the world and in Canada.

If all the rest wasn’t bad enough Legault showed once again that he only has one priority, and it is not the well being of Quebeckers. Legault’s priority is his fanatical dream for a French only Quebec.

  • Even as Legault tells the provinces nurses in the middle of a pandemic that Quebec has no money to give them a pay increase and pushes for more money for healthcare from the federal government with no strings attached, the Legault government announced that it would provide $17 million in funding for eight projects aimed at promoting the use of French.

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